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Hey everybody! My podcast and this blog is about really challenging the way that you think about your career in every aspect, whether it be making money, creating health, or treating patients. You’ve got to tame your brain and start taking a better look at how you are being in your practices every single and get really clear on your role, but not the one you’ve been indoctrinated to believe is limited in scope.

As a long-time student, with multiple degrees and certifications, always chasing the next one and thinking that I never had enough, I always approached it from a place of lacking. Seeking solutions as an autoimmune patient, I learned that too much of the time we get bought into the dogmatic ways of doing things, just because that’s how it always has been done. Nobody wants to step forward, be courageous, and do things differently.

Through my platforms, I want to attract those of you who are willing to be rebels and challenge the status quo of what’s not working and do things differently. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is absolutely possible with all of the platforms that connect the world, especially after COVID. I hope you are seeing that should should be challenging the beliefs that you hold. The beliefs that you hold are not really true. There’s different, reputable ways of looking at things.

Staying in Your Lane Gets You Nowhere

Many of you are standing in your own lanes of profession, of what you went to school for, indoctrinated to do the things the way you’re taught. But, let me tell you, whatever you’re taught is all wrong if you’re thinking that you have an ability to heal your patients or treat them. Healing and wanting to get well is not something that we do for our clients. It’s something that we mentor and coach them through, so that they can do it for themselves. It really lifts the responsibility away from you.

I’ve been in practice for over 20 years, both as a patient and a practitioner in functional medicine physical medicine, physical therapy, registered dietetics, medical nutrition therapy, psychology, yoga, pilates, eastern Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, among other things. Within all of these areas, I’ve always asked myself better questions about the way you have to do things. Every step of the way, I’ve always had to step into doing a certain thing a certain way, which is the way I was taught.

If I ever tried to veer off and combine and integrate other facets of my education, I was boohooed, ostracized, and slapped on the wrist, told that it was outside the scope. You have to stay in your lane. They didn’t want anybody to think outside the box. They were just willing to be excellent in their trades, by staying in their lane. But, that’s incremental, if you ask me.

Tame Your Brain Through the Alkaline Method

In order for us to expand our lives and the way we do things, elevate our consciousness, expand our minds to new possibilities, and truly be empowered to be the change that we want to see in the world, we have to step outside of our comfort zone and start asking better questions. Those questions will dictate your quality as a practitioner.

The first thing I want to introduce you to is my unique solution, the Alkaline Method. It’s all about you doing the work to tame your brain. It’s the transformational psychology, from an unconscious, subconscious mind state, shifting into the conscious mind, modern medicine, as well as timeless wisdom. Most of you are focused on your trade, which is the modern medicine, whether you’re a yoga teacher, personal trainer, functional medical doctor, physical therapist, or registered dietician, you are so hung up on what you’re expected to do by the legalities of scope of practice. These are dictated by whatever organization trained you.

Disempowered Health Technicians

You’re busy playing by the rules, never mind the impact that you make. You just do the same thing over and over again. That’s why I call it being disempowered health technicians. You are never really making true impact, but rather rinsing and repeating every day without progress. I want you to step into being the powerful health mentors that you are and really re-identify your role in our marketplace.

Every single one of you, whether you’re a personal trainer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor, nutritionist, registered dietician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurse practitioners, psychologist, or medical doctor, I want you to take a bigger approach. I want you to look at a bigger aspect, because too many of you are highly specialized. You think being specialized protects you, but what it really does is defend your limitations.

Tame Your Brain to Release Your Limitations

When you defend your limitations, you keep your limitations. That’s not what the Alkaline Method is all about. Alkaline Method brings together all of the fragmented pieces of the puzzle that we all want to hold onto. Nobody wants to put it together, because their identity of who they are in the marketplace disappears. So, instead, everybody’s defending their own limitations and that becomes a turf war.

I’ve been in the middle of it both as the registered dietician, trying to combine it with physical therapy and told no and slapped on the wrist, and as a functional medicine practicing registered dietician, in the marketplace with MDs, who really wish they got the RD degree, who know more about nutrition. But, guess what they do, They superficially try to understand the lifestyle. All of a sudden, because of the MD hierarchy in the conventional medical system, they think they’re better. Many of the ancillary service providers cower down and the bureaucracy leads, never mind the impact that you’re making in the lives of your patients.

So, through the Alkaline Method, I really want to get rid of all the boundaries, limitations, and bureaucracies. I want to pull together, once and for all, all of the pieces of the fragmented puzzle in order to make it whole. That way, our patients start shifting from disempowered victims to the self-empowered healers that they are. Let me break the news. You’re not the healer. They can only heal themselves.

Being a Powerful Mentor

That’s good news for you, because it lessens all of the burden on your shoulders of being the best we can and getting criticized. When our work doesn’t necessarily produce the change in the lives of your patients, they complain. You know what it’s like to be criticized for the work that we do. It doesn’t feel good, but I just want to let you know that it’s not our responsibility to heal them. It’s our responsibility to mentor them, so that they can heal themselves. When you think about it in that way, you are really serving them in a way that they can fish for the rest of their lives, versus giving them the fish and telling them to return.

That’s a power struggle. You’re too focused on protecting the ego around what you do. It’s when we let go of those identities that we hold that we let go of the limitations and start to look at the person as a whole being. We need to be able to combine the psychology, nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, energy medicine, and all of the things through the Alkaline Method, with its four essential elements.

The first element is the subconscious mind, which is really the topic of today. It’s the habituated thoughts and feelings and the identity of who you are. It contains three central pillars, which I will come back to. The second element is the conscious mind. Third, is the modern medicine, neuroscience, and functional medicine piece of the puzzle. It’s only 25% of what you do. Finally, the last element is the timeless wisdom. Every element has three essential pillars.

Our Brains on Autopilot

Let’s come back to the first element, the subconscious mind. It’s subconscious, meaning that every day that you wake up, you are being who you are without even thinking about it. It’s automated. 90% of what you do, think, and feel, and the results you’re creating in your life, is subconscious. You’re on autopilot. You have to start looking at the things that you’re holding to be true. What are some of your limiting beliefs that you believe? We have to really discredit them and understand the limits of thinking like this.

When we hold onto our limiting beliefs, we forget how we can produce better results. We forget to think outside the box of the bureaucracies and all of the dogmatic ways that we’re taught in school. They no longer serve us. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense. Everything that we do is a turf war, between occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, etc. Just with your certified nutritionists, nutrition counselors, integrative nutrition coaches, and health coaches, there’s different names. But, what’s the difference? Nobody really knows.

Then, there’s energy medicine, healers, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, and yoga. Who cares, as long as we’re able to make an impact? What’s the difference? It’s between naturopaths, functional medicine, integrative medical doctors, and conventional medical doctors. The difference with all of those things really doesn’t matter. It matters that we’re able to, as health-promoting practitioners, connect the dots and truly integrate the person that we’re serving in front of us, as a whole being.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Being subject to this integration for so long as a lupus patient taught me that I really wanted to create a new generation of practitioners who are able to expand their minds to new possibilities, elevate their consciousness, and empower themselves to empower their patients and clients to be the self-empowered healers that they are. It makes your job so much easier. It allows you to scale your business to new limits. Don’t set limits to how much money you can make or the impact you can make. It allows you to really enjoy what you do as well.

Until you can really embrace the whole Alkaline Method, you’ll only be playing of the pieces of the puzzle, which will never amount to anything. That’s what’s missing. If you’re a yoga teacher, focused on yoga, why do poses? Poses are to connect the mind, body, and spirit. That way, they can really read into the receptors by connecting mind and body, so that the mind finally takes seat in the body. That’s when you’re able to be a self empowered healer. This switch is why I love yoga so much. The breath with movement, the core activation through pilates, and energy medicine are all timeless principles, the last element of the Alkaline Method.

Tame Your Brain to Do Work That Matters

So, coming back to having to tame your brain to tame your life and success in your business. It’s all about you re-identifying your role in the marketplace, as well as in life. Those two things are blurred these days. We all are so heavily connected unless you do work that matters and makes impact. Then, you’re always going to feel this void. You’re not here to be a health technician that you’ve been taught to be. You need to step outside that to become the powerful healer and mentor that you are.

That’s what this work is all about. I really want you to ask yourselves these questions. Why do you do what you do? What is the impact you want to make? Don’t say it’s physical therapy or teaching yoga. I want you to think about what happens when you get your clients connected to their own bodies. You make them whole again and teach them how to live the solution every single day.

Don’t limit what you do. We say “I do physical therapy” or “I teach yoga.” Think about the results you’re creating. If you’re a nutritionist, you don’t teach people how to eat. You help people transform their minds to make better choices of foods that nourish their bodies. That should be internally guided, not just because you tell them that a vegan diet is the way to go and give them an exact protocol to follow. That will always require you to give them a fish, rather than have them fish for themselves. Why do you want to disempower them?

The Business of Empowerment

We should be in the business of empowering our clients every single day. It’s all about doing the work to tame your brain to tame your life and your health. That starts with you. I want you to understand that you have also gone through some traumatic events in your life, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. No matter what it was, we were taught to shake it off. If you’re fine, then shake it off. Move on and go about your business.

As a physical therapist for over 20 years, I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve seen that had motor vehicle accidents 20 yeras ago that comeback to haunt them. Trauma, myofascially and psychosomatically, resides in the body if we do not learn to metabolize, nurture, and take care. That’s what’s lacking in the marketplace.

Every single one of you struggle with not feeling good enough about yourself. So, you hide behind the work, the limits, and the bureaucracies of your title, as if that makes you a better person. Your title doesn’t make you worth more. You’re worthy no matter what you are. We have to start there. I want you to understand, whether you were emotionally abandoned or neglected, mentally abused, or had physical accidents, those things may have kept you going to strive to accomplish more, but it’s not about your accomplishment.

There comes a point where you truly have to step into serving your clients. That means that you have rid of your ego and let go of your self-importance, enough to focus on their wellbeing. Their wellbeing is about how they live the solution every day. Unless we’re in the business of empowering them to be self-empowered healers, we’ll always get them marginally well and have them be dependent on us.

Tame Your Brain to End Unnecessary Suffering

That will always produce this cycle of sickness, dependence, and lack of self worth in this world. The greater work that I’m trying to call you to is to end all of the unnecessary suffering in the lives we impact. It really starts with you and me. The work is what we have to do to elevate our consciousness , expand your minds to new possibilities, refute what’s not working, and be really honest and truthful about what does work. What works is the true integration approach, utilizing the Alkaline Method. That’s what this work is all about.

I want to leave you with some questions to ask yourselves. What are you tolerating in your career, your life, and yourself? Who are you? Not who you ought to or should be, not who you’re expected to be in your career or role in life, but who are you really? Spend some time pondering these questions. Does your work really matter? Does it empower your patients? Or, does it perpetuate disempowerment and dependency on you, in order to make yourself feel important?

Ask yourself these questions. This will enable you to become better practitioners and better health mentors. For those of you who don’t know, we’re starting our Functional Yoga Medicine Workshop this Monday, April 19. If you have not done so, you can sign up here. I’m going to go more in depth about exactly how we can be, to truly connect the dots in a very broken sick care system, to really allow our patients to be empowered. Self empowered healers are what we are in the business of promoting.

Get on the Journey With Me

I hope you are on this journey with me to really start being part of this greater movement to end all unnecessary suffering once and for all. The more you get clear on this, the more you can help your clients. Make sure to join me in my private Facebook group, subscribe to my podcast, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to hear more from me. Thank you for being here. Make it a great week, and I will speak to you soon.