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Hey everybody! I have a really exciting topic for today and I have so much to share. I know I give you a lot of things to think about in a way that you’ve never though about before, but you know that this has been something that’s been gnawing at you for so long. Today we’re going to be talking about the most important ingredient to the success of your business and career: having confidence in who you are and what you do.

The fact that healing is an inside job is something I’ve discussed before. A lot of the practitioners are going at it from a place of wanting to be the healer who does the healing for their patients. It’s all about them, and how good they are. But, that model is broken. I am telling you from a patient and clinician standpoint, if you become the healer and have dependent patients, it’s not fun working like that. You want to be a powerful health mentor. You want to shift that ideology at the identity level.

Having Confidence in Your Vision

I’ve also talked about having a vision for your life and your career. If you don’t know clearly how much money you’re making, question if you can make more. It’s not about the money so much as it’s about the thoughts and beliefs around the money that we hold. If we want money and talk about, it’s like the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it. But, if you’re not clear about what it is and don’t have a clear vision for what your life looks like, how you spend your days, and the kind of people you want to work with, you become at the mercy of the people. Others dictate what your vision for your life is, versus you living your life. So, you’re doing the opposite thing.

I think that the more educated that you are, the more indoctrinated you become. We’re trained to conform and for mediocrity. The most important thing that you can consider is the fact that if you can’t fathom what you life looks like, how much money you make, the kind of relationships you have, and the kind of patients you serve, then it’ll never serve you in the way that you want.

Why do you want to live a life and have a career that’s so stressful, just in exchange for money? It’s a different way to look at it. We live in different times now. I want to talk to you about really revealing what’s available to you today.

An Upside Down Model

I’ve talked a lot about the Alkaline Method, which puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s a framework that I created that really allowed me to put together all of my education together. I really had to go and do a deep dive into my experience as a lupus patient over the last 20 years, with all of the failures and broken strategies that I tried to implement but didn’t work. Finally, our Alkaline Method is all about the integration of them, being focused not so much on what you do, but really stepping into being the person that you need to be. That way, you can do the thing that matters to you to have the life and career you want.

We are working with an upside down model. If you are thinking you’re a healer and hold the belief of something, it’s really hard for you to change and shift. I’m really flipping the broken strategy upside down for you to clearly see, “Oh my goodness, you mean to tell me I’ve been doing this all wrong?”

Many of you are struggling and frustrated. Some of you study yoga, and then decide to go study integrative nutrition therapy. Others are like me, a physical therapist with tons of continuing education. You feel like there’s still something more. Many of you have dual degrees like me. I have a psychology degree, nutritional degree, and a physical therapy degree. Then, I have so many certifications to tout, but they all gave me what? Each comes with its dogmatic points of view, but I was never taught how to put it all together.

Self Confidence is Key

I’ve met have studied shoulder to shoulder with so many clinicians at the Institute of Functional Medicine and in yoga, pilates, physical therapy, nutrition, and all the things. They graduate, get the certification, and do the hard work of knowing or gaining the knowledge. But, they don’t know exactly what to do with the patients. There’s variables that come into play with every patient. It’s not about the diet, movement, or therapy. My “being” changed when I turned in to me.

So, getting back to today’s topic. If you have a business, or even just in your career, success is all in having confidence in knowing who you are. From that place of being yourself, you can then cultivate self confidence. I will tell you, many of you have a lack of self worth and self confidence. Honestly, I didn’t know that my lack of self worth was what was driving me to gain all the certifications and education. I was full of doubt, and what I searched for was what I got.

It amplified more of the deep-seated problem. Nobody asked me the questions that I ask in my Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program. You can only do who you are. I want that to really sit with you. If you are insecure and have lots of traumas from the past, you have stories and limiting beliefs that run your life. It doesn’t matter what kind of degrees you have or what kind of success on the exterior that you achieve, if you have this deep void on the inside.

Starting with the Subconscious

So, this work is all about really cultivating individuals, like you and me, to go deeper at a humanistic level to really bring forth all of the things that are running your life. That’s why the Alkaline Method starts with the subconscious mind, subconscious reprogramming, and bringing awareness to these things. 100 percent of the time, each and every single one of you are operating in this life from what you’ve been indoctrinated to believe. You’re doing things based on expectations set by your patients, employer, spouse, parents, and kids.

It’s all the things you think you have to do, or you should do, or you ought to do. You just keep doing and doing and doing. But, you know that something’s missing on the inside to tie it all together. You’ve lost meaning, and that’s why many people have midlife crises. When you have emptiness, or you look at the spouse you’ve been living with, and you realize you don’t know that person, or yourself, you have this disintegration anxiety.

So, it really requires you to go get still and know who you are at the core level. That’s what this work is. I know, from 20 years of clinical experience, what works. It’s in putting the pieces together. It’s not in the individual subjects, topics, or buying into the dogmas. People want us to buy into education.

Education Cannot Produce Confidence

My bachelor’s degree is in psychology. I learned a lot during that time, all theoretical, interesting things. I got my paster’s in public health, in nutrition, and then I got the RD internship. That’s a process for that and, for those of you who don’t know, it’s pretty extensive. Then, you have to sit for the boards. Even after all of that, did I feel ready? No.

Then, I got my doctoral degree in physical therapy. I did clinical dissertations, research, all the things. Then, I had to sit for the boards and pass. Even then, I still didn’t know anything. Then, there’s functional medicine. I spent a decade being a sardine in a room, packed up full of MDs, RDs, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and everybody who wanted to know more. Then, you had to sit for the case presentation and the certification examination.

Getting yoga certified took about seven years, because I’m certified at the highest level. That takes a lot of work and time. I’m double certified in pilates, certified in energy medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, but everything kept me from putting it all together while I got these separate degrees and certifications. I didn’t know how to put it all together. I know in my program right now, many of them feel the same.

Confidence is Not Hiding Behind the Credentials

We have our pharmacist, who learned the melt method, a yoga teacher, a physical therapist who’s fallen in Christ, and a pilates teacher, who have all studied it all. We have a nutritionist, who is back to doing the job because she didn’t know how to put it all together. I have a physical therapist who is also a yoga teacher and has her own company, but she knows that it’s killing her on the inside because she’s not making an impact. Also, I have a yoga teacher in the program who wants to make a business doing what she loves, but she’s in a different field right now. I have a massage therapist who came on board from all the way across the globe, who’s all about knowing who she is in what she’s doing.

Confidence is everything, but confidence is not hiding behind all of the degrees or certifications. None of that gives you the confidence. It’s in knowing who you are and what’s really important to you. The vision for you life, income, wealth, health, and relationships really do matter. These are all stressing factors that really dampen your ability and degrade your confidence. The key was putting it all together.

My ability to transform my patients today goes way beyond my knowledge in yoga, physical therapy, functional medicine, etc. I can teach you how to tone your belly and adapt the diet. That’s going to make you lose the weight. But, I know if I don’t help them shift on the inside, at the identity level, then they will never fully transform from the inside out.

Identity is Everything

For example, Oprah has the of the money in the world to transform and lose the weight. She keeps going through all of the personal trainers and nutritionists, since she can pay for anything, but she still struggles with the weight. This is because, at the identity level, she is a person who is obese. There’s a lot of things. The trauma that’s dealt with, nobody teaches you how to work through it and clearly identify who you are, because we can only do who we are.

So, if you are seeking for that one more level of education, that’s going to change you, you’ve got another thing coming. It’s not going to work. It’s only going to be marginal. I have so many patients who come to me, saying that they’ve tried functional medicine, holistic medicine, acupuncture, and all of the things. Nothing really works, because nobody addressed them on the inner core, identity level. Unless we can shift and change that, it’s not going to do any more.

So, the Alkaline Method and the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program really aims to pull it all together. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, functional medical doctor, physical therapist, pharmacist, or whatever you are, it enhances everything you do at the core level. It gives you all the tools and framework to finally be able to put it together and learn how to apply it in real life and real time, when the patients is sitting right across from you. You can be focused on them, not what you know.

Knowledge is Nothing Without Confidence

Knowledge only goes so far. You all know that it’s marginal. Everything is incremental. Why not aim for exponential impact in this world? It’s really not about what you do. It’s about who are are being in doing what you do. Then, how you communicate that to your clients is another thing that you have to consider. Many of you might be thinking, “Oh my gosh, marketing and sales?”

You have limiting beliefs about how salespeople are sneaky and sleazy. We have these ideologies, but how can we be successful if we can’t market and sell ourselves, our business, and what we do? We have to fire up, with a moral obligation to reach as many people as possible. You have to be shameless about it. If, at the core, our intentions are in the right place, our confidence comes from helping them reach a higher level of consciousness and expanding their lives. Then, selling is a requirement.

You have to think differently about even the sales process. Without sales and marketing, nothing else happens. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do. If you’re stuck, not being able to serve the people, nobody knows about you. You’re an unheard of healer that can help, but are unable to help because they don’t know about you.

Confidence is What You Need

So, it’s about the art and science of putting it all together. You have to be a different type of person that you are being in your life. Enough of the “doing,” and hoping for the best. If and when you get that next certification, it’s not even about the certification. As I mentioned, most of us hide behind our degrees and titles. We live in a world where we no longer need to wait to be chosen. When I was growing up, we had to wait. We had to raise our hands and be chosen by the publishers, TV producers, etc.

But, today, it’s easy for you to create a YouTube channel or speak your mind through Instagram posts and be heard. You know what you need. You need the inner confidence in knowing exactly who you are. There’s an echo chamber within the Internet, and you can’t just add to that, regurgitating information like a robot. It’s not authentic.

That’s why you’re not able to cultivate the confidence that you need. Our Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program helps you to build that confidence. We give you the tools you need to transform at the root level, in order to ultimately acquire that confidence. You’ll be able to help as many people as you can, shamelessly and authentically being you. No longer will you be scared of the judgments and opinions of other people or conforming to the ideals of these organizations. You won’t be keeping yourself so small anymore, because you’re better than that. That’s a broken strategy and model.

Have Confidence in Your Connections

When I was growing up, we didn’t have the connections that we have today. You have the ability to connect with so many people on so many different platforms. I’ve had to spend so much time and money on training programs and coaches just to learn all of it. When you focus on the external validation, thinking “If and only if I have those certifications and start to do this or that,” nothing on the inside will ever shift. You’re so focused on the outside, while who you are on the inside isn’t changing.

What you need is the inner confidence in knowing who you are and what you stand for. When you have that, you can finally step up and be powerful. I want you to adopt the identity of a powerful healing mentor. When you see yourself this way, you get to stand for what you believe. But, many of you don’t know even know what you believe. That’s the work we’ve got to do.

I graduated with my master’s degree in nutrition in the 90s. Back then, it was all about fat-free. SnackWell was all the rage. They sucked the fat out of the foot, thinking that was what was making people fat. Fast forward to 20 years later, I’ve seen the pendulum swing back and forth a lot over time in the field of nutrition. I was chasing the science, but science is 50/50. It’s not absolute. It really depends on the patient, because healing is an inside job.

Confidence in Tying it All Together

Today, it’s all about keto. But, you know what, many people don’t do well with all fat. Especially those who have an autoimmune condition. So, it depends. You have to learn all there is to know within the context. You need content for the context. It’s the two sides of the equation. Our Alkaline Method and Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program has the modern medicine, including nutrition, functional medicine, supplements, herbals, testing, etc.

It’s broken down into a framework that you can really comprehend and make logical sense of. That way, you can use it and apply is from day one, dollar one, knowing exactly what to do and how to help you patients. But, know that functional medicine is only effective to the extent that you apply the other elements of the Alkaline Method. Otherwise, you’ll always be spinning on the hamster wheel of incremental growth. You’re going to be doing the same thing that the other functional medical doctor, yoga teacher, or physical therapist across town is doing.

You need something that ties it all together. It’s not just about the practice either. Our program incorporates what I call “impact business coaching.” It’s all about learning how to sell yourself, so that you can create a lucrative business. But, you need a clear vision for where you’re going. That’s why you need to be very clear about what life you want to live.

Leaving Surface Level Behind

Who do you want to serve? I know, and if you’re a clinician you know too, that it’s very exhausting when you have a patient that doesn’t want to get well, yet you get referred. I get referrals all the time from medical doctors. Patients come because they have to. As an RD, diabetics were huge in the field when I was in school and in the hospital. But, they’re notorious for not following through.

So, if we’re doing skim work and superficial work at the surface level, knowing that that’s only the tip of the iceberg, we’re doing a huge disservice in the field of health and wellness. That’s why I’m calling on you to step up and be more than that. We tie together the subconscious mind and all of the subconscious reprogramming and coaching tools, to shift their identity from sickness to health, from unsuccessful to successful. We do this at the inner, core level, because you can’t be a second-rate version of somebody else. You have to be the first-rate version of you.

So, the key, missing ingredient has to stem from the inside out. That’s your confidence. I talk about the 4 C’s, based on what I’ve learned from my business coach Dan Sullivan. First, you need an unwavering commitment. Many of you pay lip service to wanting something, but wanting is a passive act. Many patients say, “I want to lose the weight.” They cry, saying that their health depends on it. They want, want, want, but still, it doesn’t require them to take action.

Unwavering Commitment

So, they can want all they want, but that unwavering commitment, no matter what, is what they really need to get the thing they want. They need to know that obstacles will come, and plan for those challenges and refute them. You get to be the guide that mentors them through it, at a higher level and with full confidence in knowing exactly what journey they’re on. That is priceless. Then, you bring in your knowledge in functional medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, and all of the other modern medicine pieces.

You apply this knowledge to all of the shifting that’s going on at the subconscious and conscious mind level, the first two elements of the Alkaline Method. The framework provided by the Alkaline Method gives you the tools needed to shift their mind, along with the language patterns. I’ve been asked about neurolinguistic patterns. Everything is brain-based. This is the hardware, and the software that’s been installed must be uninstalled. This is what happens in the first element of the Alkaline Method, the subconscious mind.

The second element is the conscious mind. That’s where we get a little bit more into the prefrontal cortex. There’s different levels of the brain. The primitive brain really traps us in our primitive, reflexive cycle. Then, there’s the mammalian brain, which is all about the emotions. As smart as you and I are, we think that we make choices from the prefrontal cortex, allowing us to think, plan, and make logical, well-thought out choices.

Limiting Beliefs Destroy Confidence

But, we make our choices before they’ve even been presented to us, at the primitive brain. It’s the reptilian brain, the fight or flight, that gets us stuck and makes all of the decisions. So, we’re very much habituated creatures. But, I teach in my program that you are not your thoughts; you’re the thinker of your thoughts. We seek to lift all of your limiting beliefs, which keep you in a cycle of suffering. These beliefs keep you limiting and preventing yourself from truly stepping up in your power to address the necessary changes in the lives that you serve.

When you become fueled from the inside, let the world watch out. Then, you can be just like me, coming forward before you, having no shame in what I do. I welcome challenges. In fact, I welcome being ridiculed. Our program is not for everyone. It’s my life’s work. Really, it’s 20 years and over $200,000 over my education, all wrapped up into one program. It’s a year-long incubator that’s really going to shift you. My unique approach is the true integration of all the elements within the Alkaline Method. The bonus is that impact business coaching, which is outside of our Alkaline Method.

Having Confidence in Stepping Into My Power

My clinical life and practice looks very different than it did before I was able to step into my power and decide I was going to do something about it. What will it cost you if you do nothing? If you keep circling around, doing the same thing, you’re quickly becoming a commodity. Yoga teachers are becoming a dime a dozen and they’re quickly becoming commoditized. People don’t even know what yoga is, besides being flexible. If all you do is teach people how to do Warrior 1, you’re not helping them shift from the inside out, utilizing the transformational psychology to work through their past traumas.

That’s keeping them in this cycle of fight or flight at the basic, reptilian level in the sympathetic nervous system. You have to really get to know the depths of what their thought process is, which is keeping them stuck in the sickness. Then, address all of the things that you can, through the functional medicine and the didactic stuff, which is only 25% of the bigger picture. You have to do it from a place of understanding where they are and guiding them through all of the coaching. You have to make connections, do it with compassion, and become the powerful health mentor that you are. Step into that role.

When you do this, your clients will be invoked to you, as the trusted advisor that they’ve never had. You and I both know, there’s a lot of experts saying a whole lot of things, which are untrue, conflicted, contradictory, and, ultimately, confusing. Many of you, in fact, are sitting there in analysis paralysis. How do I know that? I was that person.

Turning Self Betrayal into Self Confidence

If I go back to about a decade ago, I thought science was the answer to everything I needed. “Evidence-based” is what we talk about in physical therapy, through the American Physical Therapy Association. What I learned is, it’s not about what I do,if I can’t get the patient to follow through and show up for themselves, with full self love, regard, and respect. I have to help them stop the cycle of self betrayal and show them how to show up for themselves, because I care enough about them to let them see that aspect.

If I don’t do that, I keep them in this cycle of sickness. It becomes everything you do. If it comes from that place, you patients will take notice. That’s why I have two different podcast. Mind Your Health is for my autoimmune patients and clients, and Functional Yoga Medicine is for practitioners. I care about those of you who are circling around, lost and wanting to do more. It’s always all about doing more and getting more, and then, only then, can you be more.

But, no, that’s the broken strategy. I wasted so much time and money doing that. So, our Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program is about putting everything together. A year from now, five years from now, 10 years from now, what will your life look like? I am guaranteeing you, that if you apply all of the things I teach you within the program, you will make back the investment, in one client that you sign up.

The Price I Paid for Education

Remember, I have so many years of education. I felt like if I could do more, I could be more. That was operating from a place of insecurity. I was scared of my lupus and didn’t have my health under my own control. So, I always struggled with a lack of self confidence. I went and got my psychology degree. It took four years and $50,000. Then, I got my master’s degree in nutrition, which took two years and another $50,0000. After that, I got my doctorate in physical therapy, which took 3.5 years and cost $100,000.

Then, I got my IFMCP through the Institute of Functional Medicine. I studied with Dr. Hyman, Dr. Amy Myers, and all of the celebrity doctors. If you look at all of them, though, they don’t even practice anymore. They’re all about marketing their services. You really have to understand that. That IFMCP took seven years. I started a decade ago, but it took seven years to really buckle down, get enlisted, and do the certification. It took $30,000, which doesn’t even include travel expenses.

Then, you have the yoga teacher training programs, 200 and 500 hour. Collectively, even though it took about 10 years, it was comprised of 2.5 years, which cost me $7,000. Again, that excludes the trips that I had to make to North Carolina from Georgia. Then, I got the NCPT, which is for Nationally Certified Pilates teachers. It took two years and cost me $10,000, because I had to go through two programs. All of the continuing education in physical therapy and RD that were required in over 20 years, easily amounts to $30,000, probably way more than that. If you come to my office, you know how many plaques I have up on my wall, which really means nothing.

Committing to Lifelong Growth

Then, there’s all of the business coaching. That cost me a lot. I wasted a lot of time and employees in marketing and sales, because I just thought that if I could get the certifications, the patients will come. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was just another physical therapist on the block doing the same thing as everyone else. I’ve spent $300,000 on the business coaching. If you’re on my team, you know that I continue to invest in myself and my business, in order to be the best.

So, everything together took 30 years and $667,000. I want you to learn from my mistakes because success leaves clues. I want you to leverage over 30 years of my knowledge, in just one year. Knowledge worth $667,000, for only $10,000. That price will go up, and has been steadily going up. It’s 30 years of knowledge in one year. You might be asking, how do I do that? Well, I took all of the unnecessary fillers out of the program.

You have to commit to the lifelong work of growing and evolving, which is part of the first element. Vision, focus, drive, and evolution is required in the program. That means you have to constantly want to grow. Your investment is only $10,000. We have six month payment plans for this. It’s going to be about five to 10 hours per week for about a year, depending on your learning style.

Looking Beyond Income Caps

You can make double, triple, or even 10 times your current income. You can make that seven figure income easily, if you can fathom it. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. Scalability is built into the program. As I discuss in the impact business coaching portion, towards the end of the program, the lifetime return on investment can be over $1 million easily, for just a $10,000 investment. This is not an expense; this is an investment. That’s the way I want you to think about it.

So, let’s talk about what practitioners usually make working conventionally. Nutritionists, RDs, and health coaches will typically make $90-120 per hour. MDs, holistic doctors, nurses, and psychologists will make about $499-650 per visit. These numbers are based on having your own business. But, if you’re an employee, it’s much less than this, because, of course, the business owner takes all of the risk and feeds you the clients that you need. Rehab professionals typically make $50-170 per visit. In health and wellness, we see $25-70 per class, if you’re teaching or doing personal training.

You can leverage your revenue streams through this program, as it has the scalability aspect built into it. You do the work once, set the curriculum, create the programs, sales funnels, copywriting, Facebook ads, etc. There’s many different moving parts. Right now, I can tell you that my year-long Autoimmune Health Transformation program was $7,200, and we recently raised that price to $8,200. And, yes, the patients invest in it.

Having the Confidence to be a Health Mentor

They look to me as a trusted health mentor. They ask me for everything and trust me, wholeheartedly. We also have our monthly Alkaline Transformation Method program, which is just $299. It’s all the health coaching, which I deliver on a month to month basis, with its pre-set curriculum. Then, I do live coaching as well, so that there is that connection, which includes yoga, provided through the digital platform. We’re able to have patients all over the world.

We also have the Alkaline Detox Protocol, which I created. It’s $2,495, done for you. It’s a straight up protocol, complete with supplements. We sell supplements too, averaging $1,000-5,000 monthly in sales. Then, we have our virtual yoga, which totals about $4,900 per month. As many of you know, I have my brick and mortar yoga, where we charge $119 per month. These numbers are pre-COVID.

So, it’s easy to make the money, if you can think outside the box. Remember, as business owners and entrepreneurs by virtue of what you do, this is what you’ve signed up for. Are you in the business of innovation, or justification? That’s the question you need to be asking yourself. The quality of your life has a direct correlation with the questions that you ask yourself. The questions you ask yourself create what you see in your life. You might be asking, why can’t I make any money? Why am I sick? Why am I so unlucky? Or, why is life so unfair? Why aren’t patients getting better? When will I be chosen? If that’s what you’re asking yourself, that’s what you’re creating in your life.

Improving Revenue

Instead, change the questions. What is his or her success strategy? How can I make this work? Who am I? What really matters to me? What goals can I achieve and what options can I take? This is not something that you can just do on your own. You’ll need coaching from someone like me, to pull you out of your own thought processes and beliefs. That way, you can step into becoming a powerful entrepreneur and health mentor who stands for what they believe. You can be a leader the innovates, improves, and asks questions.

You will become leveraged, aligned, and preeminent in your industry. When this happens, you stay consistent and disciplined, because you’re committed to your growth no matter what. The alternative, is to be a struggling health entrepreneur. In this state of being, you’re always stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, insecure. You’re just like everyone else. You’re a low hanging fruit.

There are three ways to improve your revenue, as taught to me by my other business coach, Jay Abraham. Most of you probably know him. Number one, he says, is to increase the number of clients. Turn more new prospects into paying customers. Number two is to increase the average transaction. Get each client to buy more with each purchase. Finally, number three is to increase the frequency with which the average clients buys from you. Get each customer to buy from you more often.

Riding the Bike, Rather Than Learning About It

These are all of the business strategies that we don’t learn in school that I teach you in this program. Business entrepreneurship is like riding bike. You can’t learn how to make an impact from a place of knowledge. You can’t read your books and go teach somebody. If you’re going to ride the bike, you can’t just read about doing it. You have to actually get on the bike and risk falling. Only then can you learn how to ride the bike.

You and your clients need transformation. Degrees and certifications teach you about riding the bike, but not how to actually ride the bike on flat and rough terrain. When things get tough, you become mentally resilient and know how to pull your clients through, without getting frustrated at the same level. You’re able to be the mentor that elevates their consciousness at a whole different level. You can make them think “My gosh, after I talked to her, I can.” Then, they keep going.

We give you practical tools that actually matter. They’re right under your nose, but not taught in school. Examples include applications from failures, asking questions, hindsight 20/20, continued education, and leveraging my experience and knowledge. I put it all into our Alkaline Method. It’s the methodology that I use.

The Triune Brain

Let’s talk about our Triune Brain. It’s one mind, comprised of three levels. The reptilian brain is down at the bottom. It’s the brain stem – basal ganglia. This is the part that produces our instinctive responses. That’s where most of you are operating from. It’s fear-based. That’s the language of the body, sensation, and impulse.

The limbic brain is the mammalian brain. That’s where the language is of emotions and feelings. It’s somatosensory. Somato meaning body and sensory meaning sensing. It’s where the emotional experience and implicit memory come into play. Then, the neo (frontal) cortex is the prefrontal cortex. This is where intellect comes in, with executive functioning, verbal language, conscious thought, and self awareness. It’s the elevated state of being.

You can’t force yourself up to that top level without addressing the bottom layer. That’s why we work our Alkaline Method from a place of deep inner limiting beliefs, brining them to awareness. We can only change something once we become aware of it. That’s what we shift and change through the coaching paradigm.

You know that there are four elements to the Alkaline Method. The first element is the subconscious mind, which encompasses the subconscious reprogramming. The first element is comprised of three distinct pillars. Then, the second element is the conscious mind, also with three distinct pillars. Next, is the third element, modern functional medicine, which also has three pillars. Finally, the fourth element is timeless wisdom. This is where I bring in yoga, your opportunity for growth and abundance, as well as energy medicine. This is where everything comes together.

Changing Who You Are Being

When you change who you are being, everything else changes. Everything you do comes from a place of being. When you’re being and have a clear cut vision, you gain the focus and drive necessary to implement all the things. You become committed to evolution and growth, and the cycle repeats over and over again.

Our Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program is the only one that unifies all that you think you know. No matter what background you come into it from, you will be a better practitioners, knowing and applying all of the elements of the Alkaline Method together. You’ll understand how to coach your clients so that you can shift them from sickness to health, powerless to empowered. Ultimately, you’ll help them go from a helpless, frustrated, and disempowered victim mindset, to stepping into the self-empowered self-healer they can be.

First and foremost, you have to learn to do it yourself. You must get clear about the life that you’re creating and leading. Recognize that this life and career of your’s is not promised. Nobody has a guarantee over a job. Doing the work, simply because that’s your job, in exchange for money no longer serves you. You know, the first to this online platform has been drastic this past year. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or functional medical doctor, you know there’s a huge opportunity. You just don’t know how to put it all together.

Confidence in Tying it Together

I’ve had to invest in the programs, with Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Jim Fortin, Jay Abraham, etc. I’ve purchased the courses about Instagram and social media marketing. But, none of those things allowed me to put it all together. Everything is so chaotic. They all want to stand on their own platform, telling you that they have the missing piece. Everyone is talking about the pieces of the puzzle, but nobody is putting it all together.

Our unique mechanism, the Alkaline Method, allows you to pull it all together. It allows you to become empowered from the inside out and gain so much confidence. That level of confidence and vision that you gain allows you to establish the focus and constant drive. This now drives your life and commitment to evolution. There is no other program like our’s in the world. It presents you with the opportunity to become part of something so much more.

Every student I work with drives from the soul. I push you to your limits to make the best income. Without income, you have nothing. We all want to make more impact in the world. That’s why I call it impact business coaching. I am there because I know all of the pitfalls. I know all of the insecurities you hold. Despite knowing all of the gaps in the industry, I’m able to tie it all together.

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