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If You’re here, you’re one of the expert practitioners of wellness and health who want to uplevel your game by genuinely learning how to integrate all aspects of the broken puzzle model of our current security system.

Making All the Effort

Today, I want to talk about being a Jack of all trades and an expert of none. And this used to bug me, but my curious mind never stopped learning. When I look back as an immigrant, I have to think about my insecurities. When I came to the states when I was just 11 years old, I didn’t speak English. I remember the time they are making fun of me. 

In my mind, I don’t know when it was programmed or conditioned or etched, but I told myself I have to work twice as hard as anybody else to catch up with the lost times of not knowing how to speak correctly. I would try my hardest not to miss a beat with my pronunciation with my verbiage, so I made it a habit at an early age to wake up early when everybody else is sleeping. When my classmates were sleeping, I would be up to doing the work again, putting in the time. It’s not because I’m trying to be better than them or be an expert, but I was always missing the mark because I was inadequate. 

What an Overachiever Can Do?

What a way to think just set me up for failure, but that’s the way I was thinking. And I see this a lot in overachievers and expert, like advanced degree practitioners, medical doctors, physical therapists or nutritionists, or people who are always in the pursuit of something. 

Sometimes I want to ask you, as an expert practitioner, is that coming from a place of insecurity? Is that coming from a genuine desire to help other people?  What you find, if you’re anything like me? Even as you’re going through the motions and getting all the expert certifications and the degree? What you’ll find is that practices of many of the disciplines will shut the door on you to say that’s outside the scope.  

Staying In Your Lane

It would help if you stayed in your lane here. If you’re willing to put this hat on, come on in, but we say no to Jack of all trades expert of non-impact. If you don’t specialize, you don’t get to come through these doors. But when you specialize as a patient, living with an autoimmune condition for 20 years, you only know a small particle. 

You fail to see the giant puzzle as if it’s an honorary contribution you’re making to the medical society to specialize in a tiny thing. My ex-husband used to say, why can’t you specialize and do what you have with your degree?

I Used to wonder that myself, “why can’t I just be busy doing a physical therapist doing? what physical therapists do?” Because in essence, physical therapists, medical doctors. Even in the subspecialty of medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, optometry, physical therapy, all the disciplines, we all have a particular way of doing things. We are highly skilled and trained technicians at best. 

We don’t think outside the box. We’re not asked to think outside the box. We’re asked to stay in the lanes, always paint within the lines, not outside. And if we do want to paint outside, it’s frowned upon because we’re not following the rules. There are definite rules and regulations.  

Frozen in Time

Over the 45 years as a professional student, I now understand the importance of thinking on my terms, putting things together, and learning to apply and truly integrate the concepts and theories into bite-sized applications that my patients can live and use every single day. As opposed to me being on an elevated platform with all the degrees touting, theoretically, what might work? 

I might look bright for a moment, but it doesn’t change lives. And that’s the work of functional yoga medicine because I know one too many expert practitioners who are stuck in the cycle of this, the hamster wheel, their heart’s in the right place, but they only know what they know. And they’re taught a certain way, and they’ve indoctrinated. They drank the Kool-Aid, if you will. 

They all want to stay within their scope of practice. And, when we have open discussions, they want to argue against it, and then they want to say for the sake of their limitations. And I know that if you argue for your limitations, you’re going to get to keep them. 

The Way I Treat Patients 

And I know that I don’t want to treat patients. I want an elevated way of connecting with my patients, really providing them with what they need. And you and I both know if you’ve been in this field for a long time, whether you’re a nutritionist, physical therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor, or what have you, the essence of what your patients need is in the coaching.

It’s the mentoring, and it’s the connection. It’s recognizing your patient, looking at them in the eye, and recognizing them as human being that they are with all their shared struggles. All their traumatic pasts, all their stuck limiting beliefs, it’s up to us to challenge. And uplift them in an elevated state of being. Paint a picture for what’s possible for them than doing what everybody else does because that’s how it’s always been done. 

What Success Looks Like 

And as professional technicians, if you’re honest with yourself. So I was hoping you could think about what success looks like for you because success comes in all forms. And for me, it used to be the degrees and certifications. If only I can get this, I’ll do that. If only I do this, I’ll do that.

Like I used always to do that because it was coming from a place of inadequacy all the time. And I needed to make up for the lost times, and I was chasing something, and I didn’t even know what success looks. 

How it Looks Like Today

Today, I approach it differently. Knowing enough, and I can refute enough. I understand theory enough, the contraindications and contradictions enough. Why things are being said, and there’s no one size fits all. I know all of those things in psychology and nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, energy medicine, yoga medicine, all the stuff on top of all the other things that I’ve studied. 

I now can tell you there’s no right or wrong. It’s just what’s suitable for the patient. But what we need to focus on is the premise by which they stand. The context for the content is much more critical. And that being aligned is much more important than us just sharing our knowledge for us to feel important because that kind of work will never last you a long time. 

People are looking for a drastically different approach to handling better, and they want a clear-cut path forward to know how to do that. Every day, they want to feel empowered, and they don’t know what they’re looking for, but they’re your truth. And your intention comes through the work that you do.

And I know, you know, you’ve been around very egotistical physicians or very well-to-do people, and they’re all about them. Their ego so loud speaks so loudly. I can barely hear what they’re saying.

Role of Expert Practitioners

Then I have to run because I know that I and my wellness is not of interest to them. It’s the physician’s power and interest in their prestige. 

I believe patients buy into this, and they feel intuitive and more people are waking up to listening to their gut and listening to their body. Our role as expert practitioners is to bring the patient back to their own body and connect with them because there’s no way. 

Serologically can measure the labs. We might do a small window of EKG readings or any other fancy tests that can take up to many thousands of dollars. But unless we teach the patient how to connect with their own home. 

Having A Lot of Skills Than Focusing On One

They’ll possess the only house in their lifetime and know precisely what it needs and how it reacts, what their food sensitivities are, all the things without relying on you to determine what they should feel.

It’s a backward way. It’s a broken strategy. Teach them to connect with them, teach them, self-confidence teach them to trust themselves, teach them self-care, self-love and self-regard is the crucial missing ingredient in what they’re doing. 

So in the name of this Jack of all trades expert of none, you have to understand the essence of nutrition if you’re in human wellness and health. You have to understand psychology, but subconscious and conscious. You have to understand modernized functional medicine and timeless wisdom to understand how to tie it all together. 

What We Do in Our Group

Our functional yoga medicine certification program. We are doing a Free Functional Yoga Medicine Workshop for a week. Join me in my functional yoga medicine group. I share with you different ways to think about your career, give you the tools and tips on integrating all the broken pieces of the puzzle truly. 

In that way, you can wholeheartedly start to help your patients to move the needle forward so that they may transform from the inside and out because it doesn’t matter what you do externally to them.

 Practitioners Who Want What’s Better 

You might want us the feeling self-important. But if you’re listening to me, I know you’re a different breed of the practitioner who is an expert and who wants what’s better for the world. We want to end all unnecessary suffering in the world. And we don’t want to perpetuate the self disease process because they are so malaligned with who they are on the inside who can’t align with the core truth of who they’re being. 

It’s our job to mentor them through their healing journey, to become self-empowered healers that they are on their own. And our role is to shift from disempowered, powerless health technicians to powerful expert health mentors who can shift their perception to a better way of being it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about helping them see the more significant aspect of their role in their sickness and health.

And to shift their perspective enough to begin to help themselves from the inside and out really empowering them. One patient at a time is really what this work is all about for you to do that. You need, you need a clear-cut pathway on knowing how to do that.

Alkaline Methodology™

I called that the Alkaline Methodology™ for functional yoga medicine. There are four essential elements with three pillars in each of the elements. It sounds a lot more complicated, but it’s a way for us to tie everything together. 

Subconscious Mind 

So the first element of the Alkaline Methodology™ is the subconscious mind with its three pillars. And the three pillars are the foundation, the premise, and the identity and its alignment and its core values. You have to work on three things where you are aware of, where you are, and who you indeed are.

It’s that shift you can make at the subconscious level. Most doctors don’t do the work because it’s unseen, but that’s the most powerful driving force of all your patient’s behaviour. And if we don’t help them there, we’ve lost everything.

Conscious Mind

The second element is the conscious mind element of the Alkaline Methodology™. That’s where we show patients the three essential pillars there again, the first one being the polarity that life is full of good and evil. We experienced both 50, 50 into the yang. 

And then to understand the second pillar is to realize that we need to let go of the past except for the present and be present at the moment by breath. And then that future, knowing that tomorrow is promised to no one. So all we have is now breathe. And so breath is the second pillar of the second Alkaline methodology™.

The third pillar of the second element of the alkaline methodology is balance. It’s about self-love, self-regard, self-respect. Unless we cultivate that in the lives of our patients, they can only look to us for the next step. They’re like robots dependent on us to make them feel good. We, as human beings, are the only ones who can feel good on the inside.

We can’t feel good by other external factors. It will be fleeting at best. And that’s why patients still get healthy long-term. And this collectively, the first two elements are the transformational psychology piece of the puzzle. 

Modernized Functional Medicine

The third element of the alkaline methodology is all about modernized functional medicine. And I broke it down into three essential pillars. Number one, being the stress brain axis, which is the hypo pituitary-adrenal axis. We deeply learn about the stress response and all the things that come along with it: endocrinological disruptors and sex hormones, everything in chronological. 

The second thing is that gut health. It is the enteric nervous system and gut permeability. It’s learning all about the gut and how it impacts all the organs and leaky gut and its implication supplements and all the things that you need to know. 

The third thing is the immune brain and how neuroinflammation can affect your thought process and your thinking. And psychoneuroimmunology is an emerging field that I incorporated within the training of the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program to give you the tools in a very streamlined way for you to understand how everything fits together. 

Timeless Wisdom, Peace, and Yoga

The last element of the Alkaline Methodology™ is timeless wisdom, peace, and yoga. Yoga stands for your opportunity for growth and evolution. So, I want you to think about yoga in a very different way.

And it’s becoming aware of who you indeed are. Utilizing all the timeless principles in getting physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Also, to use the energy medicine and silence the mind, understand who you are, be, what your life is meant for, and tap into the truth of who you are. 

Business Mastery

And that’s what we learned. And that’s what we know about, as well as the last little piece in the Alkaline methodology™ that I provide you with is business mastery. Because a lot of the people and I made this mistake too. Even if I had a medical degree or a doctorate, I thought I knew a thing or two about business because I’ve seen my dad bring something, nothing, into massive success in business. But when I got, when the rubber met the road, like I knew nothing. 

I needed to learn sales and marketing and all the systems. And it’s the scalability you have to learn. You have to be smart. You don’t have to work hard, but you have to be smart about building your business. So business mastery is of utmost importance. And I don’t let you guys shy away from my program about not talking about the money you want to make because money is wealth. Money is freedom. Money affords you a lot more opportunities to help as many people as possible. 

And so I need you guys to have a different relationship with the money element of it. And so this is collectively all come together through our program. It’s a revolutionary program that ties all the missing pieces of the puzzle together. Whether you’re a physician, a dietician, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, or anybody in wellness, this will take you over the edge it’s a year-long program, but you don’t have to buy into anything. 

A workshop that will Bring the Better Version of You

I’m hosting a free workshop to equip you with all the knowledge you need to be a better version of yourself to truly elevate your consciousness to a level where you can truly help people without feeling like Jack of all trades expert of none. However, no, you are what most people are looking for, a true integrator.

And you will never be without patients because you will be a highly sought out after practitioner who is an expert and truly helps the patients in need. 

Getting In Touch With Us

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Sign up for our FREE Functional Yoga Medicine Workshop, where you can experience all the things I mentioned. I’m not interested in any of the things I work very differently. You can also find us in our Functional Yoga Medicine Group on Facebook.

This Alkaline Methodology™ will pave the path straightforward path for you to apply everything you thought you could but couldn’t because of being stuck with dogmatic approaches in your speciality and your niches. 

And I give you so much clarity around what you want to do, but more importantly, I get you centred on who you are to be true to who your core values are and step into your power in everything you do. I want to take a moment to thank you for listening.