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Hello, everyone. Thank you for reading my blog today, and welcome to the Functional Yoga Medicine Show blog. I’d want to discuss Attachment to Pain and Suffering Is this what keeps us sick and scared. And why are you guys so attached to pain and suffering? vs. focusing on one’s own health and healing.

Fight Your Fears

What does health mean to the people who are enrolled in my year-long program? And I got extremely mediocre responses, such as being symptom-free, waking up without discomfort, ceasing meds, and possibly traveling. It wasn’t like it was anything major. So I encouraged them to consider that being healthy does not imply the lack of symptoms. Running a 5k Altria marathon or even climbing Mount Everest are examples of what being healthy means to different people. As a result, I urged them to think big about their health goals. The loftier the goals they set for themselves, the better the outcome will be since your mind needs to be expanded.

That’s where we’ll be if we’re always just existing in the status quo. And, when it comes to our health.  We’re all plagued with dread: fear of incurability, fear of the unknown, fear of healing, fear of relationships, and even fear of money. Fear of everything that can go wrong is usually what we are afraid about. Living with sickness comes with a lot of unknowns. I understand. But let’s talk about what fear is if we’re talking about two things at the same time, shall we? Fear is the sensation of having had false experiences that appear to be true. And what did, what do I always say about fear is that fear is what creates a parasite at the end of the day.

How Fear and Stress Shape the Mind

In terms of our health, it’s like a parasitic impact. So it’s something I’d like you guys to learn, to master, to ensure that you’re not kept hostage by your anxieties. Because it’s entirely unneeded, because fear is a sensation, and it’s a really terrible feeling. Fear simply amplifies all of the negative frequencies. It also produces vibrations that have a physiological influence on our endocrine system, gut, brain, And the immune system, altering metabolism, detoxification, and even elimination.

So it’s all about how you deal with and control your fear.   Because, first and foremost, it adds stress to our lives. Stress also has an effect on our brain through the HPA axis, or hypopituitary, adrenal axes. And this has a cascade of negative consequences, such as endocrine disruption. Thyroid, adrenals, insulin, progesterone, cholesterol, estrogen, and testosterone are all part of the endocrine system. And it’s no surprise that many of my patients have had hypothyroidism for years, before being diagnosed.

I want you to really understand the impact of stress in our brain and in our health because when stress degrades our ability, it affects our gut-brain. Now, the statistics are in the upper nineties that anyone with hypothyroid has Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune thyroid issue. I want you to really understand the impact of stress in our brain and on our health because when stress degrades our ability, it affects our gut-brain. And our Enterra nervous system is essentially gut-brain. It will impact our gut permeability. Which allows hazardous chemicals, fragrances. And other pollutants that we should be able to defend ourselves from entering our bodies.

Understanding Brain, Mind, and Thoughts

As a result, this creates a problem for us. That’s why so many patients have food intolerances, scent intolerances. And all of us who are intolerant to so many things at work. We also break out in hives and have dry patches. We have eczemas and all the other symptoms. All of the symptoms are the outcome of a more serious problem. As a result, I’d like you to consider how fear might contribute to stress. Then we got down to business, you know, figuring out what had happened. It produces inflammation in the brain, through the stomach brain, axis, and other organs. And you’re familiar with the symptoms of brain inflammation. It doesn’t appear to be the case.

Brain inflammation is difficult to detect because it does not appear as pain. It seems to be the case. Brain fog, memory loss, weariness, sadness, focus difficulty, and so on are all symptoms of this condition. It isn’t exactly remuneration. It’s not life-threatening, but many of my patients report having similar problems, and this does play a role. Then what occurs, you know? His brain is inflamed, triggering our immune brain axes.  

 And that, if not properly handled, disrupts our metabolism, detoxification, and elimination by influencing our neurotransmitters, hormones, central nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. And now it’s a poisonous pond.  What if I told you, what if you were to entertain, what if you were drawn to sorrow and agony because it’s what you’re used to? I see it all the time, people’s subconsciousness and their attachment to sorrow.

Three Essentials Things in Life: Wealth, Health, and Relationship

Even when given the chance, we all know that if we do these things, we can get rid of a lot of our symptoms, but we get caught up in our negative thoughts and find ourselves in a vortex. We can’t seem to get out of it most of the time. And all this truly accomplishes is to keep us in a state of fear. What did I say about the fear? And you know what? When fear strikes, it begins to damage our relationships, not only with EV but also with our health, and it makes us unwilling to take care of ourselves. It has an impact on our relationships with our spouses, children, parents, coworkers, and, of course, our health, because we refuse to help ourselves.

After that, it will have an impact on our relationship with our wealth. Wealth, health, and relationships are the three most essential things in life. And then the grade begins to deteriorate. It’s like a never-ending loop of stress since that kind of stress breeds more stress. And many of my patients are unable to recover. All in the name of Functional Medicine and Holistic Medicine, they seek an expert practitioner. But all they get is a tactical approach to modifying their diet that hardly scratches the surface. Being afraid to eat, taking a bunch of vitamins, and paying for pricey testing were all band-aid solutions. But not with drugs, because it’s a holistic approach.

Emotions and Decision Making

However, because you’re not addressing yourself as a whole, it doesn’t have a complete influence on you in your system. We are multi-layered beings. You have the physical layer, which is where the systems are breaking down. All of this is due to our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being, which has been deteriorating for a long time. How many of you have had specific anxieties, and dread has become second nature to you as a result of the trauma you experienced as a child? And this is exactly what I’m finding hundred percent of the time.

When I use the app line approach to get to the root of where the trauma came from, everyone realizes that it was all the past that they recreated over and over again to have this physiological consequence. Remember that fear is the ultimate parasite to your health and life, and it’s what makes diseases deteriorate. But did you know that due to your lack of self-respect, you may be subconsciously tied to your misery and suffering to the point where you’re entirely surprised by your own tendencies?

And self-respect, because when you have physical traumas or emotional and mental traumas, and you have this blindside that’s been firmly ingrained in your system and you harbor it in your body as a vibrational frequency, it’s never processed. Food isn’t just something we eat, you know. Our emotions guide our food choices, but our emotions are preceded by our thinking, or the concepts we hold, all of which are optional.

The Benefits of Being Open-Minded

And until we really work with you to look at what’s going on and get to the bottom of it, not to wallow in self-pity, but to acknowledge it and become conscious of it so that you may transition from sick to healthy, which is what our Alkaline Method allows you to accomplish. Because there is a significant amount of subconscious and conscious mind training, as well as the application of modern medical and ancient wisdom.

And because all of the essential and fundamental parts of our well-being are addressed in real-time, the circle of life continues. And I treat you as if you are a human being. So now is the moment to reveal your attachment so that you can finally detach and be free of unneeded anguish and suffering once and for all. And that’s it. And I can assure you of it because I, too, am a patient. This is something I’m familiar with.

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