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Shifting from Powerless Practitioner to a Powerful CEO As healthcare practitioners, we tend to be “boxed” into whatever specialty we choose. If you are a physician, then you have to choose a specialty. As a physical therapist, nurse practitioner, or PA...

The Difference Between Medical Treatments vs Healing   Hey everybody. Welcome to our Functional Yoga Medicine blog. I can't believe it's already the middle of September 2021. As I look around at our lives today, I realize how different everything is. I had always hoped to...

Why Wealth Should Be Your Top Priority Wealth makes a difference in entrepreneurship. By virtue of being in the holistic space, we’ve signed up to become an entrepreneur. However, this identity does not come easily for us clinicians. As over-thinkers...
The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation Hi Everybody, Welcome to our Mind Your Health Show Podcast. Today I want to talk in this blog is about The Power of Meditation. I’ve been studying and practicing some form of meditation for over a decade now and I have to...

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