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The Education System is Making You Broke Hey, everyone! I want to talk to you today about why education is making you broke. My older son is a senior in high school, and I'm so sad that he missed out on his senior year. He's at home doing digital learning. He's...

Are You Postured for Optimal Health? Hi everyone! There are many elements to optimal health and I feel often we overlook some in search of something more complex. Today, I want to talk about something we often overlook but is important, basic element of health...

Why the Alkaline Method™ Was Created

Hi! I hope you are having a great start to a new year. It's year three into our pandemic. There are many things that are unknown to us, and I think we're all navigating this crazy time together. But I think everybody would agree that we are evolving, growing,...
We’ve Been Programmed To Be A Technician

We’ve Been Programmed To Be A Technician Hi everyone! am going to discuss about the whole concept of being a technician in your trade. Being a technician means that no matter what industry that you come from, we're all taught to do the same thing....

Why Your Career Is DOOMED for Failure

Why Your Career Is DOOMED for Failure Hey everyone! Our topic of this week's blog is “Why your career is doomed for failure”.But before anything else, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect and be thankful for all...

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