Ever since the world of the internet opened up, all gateways to success were open for all. Business opportunities to leverage the power of the internet were recognized by the early adapters. Fast forward to today, and we have the big mega conglomerates like the Facebooks, Googles, and Twitters of the world.

This world wide web created explosive information sharing like never before. When I was first introduced to internet marketing in 2006, all internet platforms were only an emerging idea. Facebook had just begun to make headlines and I remember not taking this new marketing avenue so seriously.  

Blogging became a thing but I still didn’t understand where it was headed.   By 2009 I began to take notice and started to invest in some training to understand how I too can leverage this new way of marketing for my business. What sparked my interest was the health and wellness sector, where personal trainers, sales and marketing experts were selling health programs online and getting raving reviews.  

A New Form of Education

I began to defend my education and was boohooing what was going on, but could not deny the success stories that were being gathered.  At the marketing conventions I attended, they talked about how the information is free and one can educate themselves in just about any topic without a degree or formal education.

This is true today. From Coursera, Harvard, and most Ivy Leagues, you can learn about any topic completely for free.  But, we are all conditioned into believing that we must apply and pay for our education with time and money.  

A Business Opportunity

If you are reading this, you are feeling the shifts in the marketplace and you know that there’s a huge opportunity.  But, because of your formal education, time, commitment, and money, you end up defending your profession, even though you know that it’s fast becoming a commodity while someone online is meeting the needs of your clients or patients.

So, if this is you, I want to open your mind to the possibilities.  What used to be so impossible a decade ago, is absolutely possible.  My goal in life is to help as many health practitioners as possible to bring their best sleeves to the market to reach their clients and transform lives.

Finding meaning and purpose through your work means that you’ll be able to blur the line between work and life.  When work doesn’t feel like work, you’ve got the secret to success in all aspects of you life.  

Gain Clarity on Your Mission

As I’ve said before, the secret to success in life lies in your relationship with yourself.  If you can cultivate self awareness, then you can gain clarity over your mission and vision in life so that you can then have healthy relationships with your health, wealth, and others.

A healthy life starts with you and gaining clarity.  

Rather than getting stuck in a 9-5 job with the max earning capped, you can truly create an impactful healing business to help your patients become their healthiest selves.

First, you must get clear about your niche.  Define who you want to serve, is it middle aged women going through menopause, baby boomer aged man who struggles with mobility, young women struggling with weight gain, low back pain, etc.

You need to fall in love with your clients which means you need to get clear about their age, gender, characteristics, life issues, phases, and the problems that they struggle with so that you can provide them with a solution to change their lives.

Then, you need to create an offer.  Is it a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month program where you can curate a step by step process to get them from point A to point B?  

Once you are clear, you can then begin to list build, getting people to opt in to your Facebook page, group, and an email campaign.  This is a funnel.  You are casting a wide net to attract the right people with the right offer to reveal their problems. Then, providing them with a solution they can implement to make necessary changes.

Then you begin to nurture the relationship.  We buy from those we know, trust, and like. You keep providing them value through media channels, such as podcasts, YouTube, blogs, Instagram, or LinkedIn.  The platform matters less; it’s more about the consistency in how you show up to deliver value. 

Health Practitioners Need Business Knwoledge

To be an expert in your field is one thing, but we also now need to be aware of business strategies we can use to create the life and health of our dreams.

I truly believe that if more authentic practitioners are out there serving by leading with empathy, humility, and compassion, we can create a truly healing world.  Today we all need healing more than ever before.

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