This week’s blog is all about integration principles for healthcare practitioners to be the best you can be. You can be empowering to your patients because it’s all about self-empowerment. We utilize the true meaning of integration in our Alkaline Methodology to help practitioners uplevel their practices and to have greater results.  Your clinical knowledge is only as effective as your ability to empower your patients to help themselves. Meaning, knowledge alone is useless. Applied knowledge is what it should be. You have to keep in mind that knowledge is only as effective as your ability to elicit in your patients or clients that desire to take action. 

I want to emphasize that knowledge again is meaningless unless there’s application. We have to sort of digest all the knowledge because that knowledge is very different from understanding the concepts.

We’re not sharing the concepts, we’re sharing how the concepts can be applied in the lives of our patients. Not only to empower them but to be able to take action.

What Really Matters In The Aspect of Coaching

A lot of the practitioners practice as they say. We can give them all the good information, but unless they use it in their lives, it really doesn’t really matter. They might know what healthy nutrition looks like from their knowledge, but to really understand what it feels like, and to really apply it in their lives, it’s quite a different matter.

At the end of the day, if you’re in clinical practice, we’re all about increasing compliance in our patients. Thus, they do what they’re supposed to do at home to make the gains from our knowledge. And that’s only when they can utilize and apply the knowledge that we provide them by coaching them. Not by sharing our clinical knowledge, can they really benefit and gain the results. So I am really emphasizing my Alkaline Method Certification for Practitioners. The aspect of coaching and through transformational psychology involves two essential elements, both inner awakening, as well as outer manifestations; these allow the patients to take responsibility for their health. 

We Are Multidimensional Beings

There are layers to our beings and oftentimes didactically, I believe we learn two or three dimensional. We need to understand all angles at multidimensional up to like 60 dimensional ways.

We need to have a greater perspective in order for us to eat effectively. Also, for our patients to move from knowing and understanding to actually taking action, to gain the benefit so that they have this sense of responsibility. In that sense, they can be empowered to do anything they can to preserve and prevent illness as well as optimize their health.

The Knowledge We Should Share

As healthcare practitioners, we tend to dig a rabbit hole holding onto what we know. We’re trying to fit everything into the box of knowing. For example, if I’m a physical therapist, I look at everything about the human body from the perspective of a physical therapist. If I’m a registered dietician, I would look at it from the lens of a nutritionist or dietician.

You end up with this fragmented perspective of the patient. 

We’re all clinically trained in our expertise, but that expertise further sort of divides the patient. Until the patient is left with limited perspective with understanding of how things come together in their messy lives, that involves a multilayered approach to their living. 

Nobody really sheds light on whatever it is that they need to be doing to manage their thoughts, their feelings, and their actions in a way to suit their needs and regain their health. Hence, it’s important for us to take a step back and choose to have a bigger perspective. Also, to understand that the person that we’re trying to treat right in front of us, is whether they have a chronic illness or they’re trying to optimize their health.

A Lifestyle Solution

It’s our role to look at their whole being like their relationships in their close circle, as well as their genetics, their lifestyle habits and their stress levels. Then, make sure that we’re able to suit our care towards their needs so that they can really navigate theirs, utilizing our knowledge as an understanding to apply it in their life.

Basically, we’re giving them a lifestyle solution. They have to live it every day, and not just for an hour when they’re with us. Whether it be a nutritional consult, a yoga class, a physical therapy treatment, or a consultation with a physician, we only have limited time. Thus, it has to extend above and beyond our clinical practice in order for it to have impact in the way that we’d expect and want for our patients. 

Sometimes, we have to sit with the discomfort of not knowing. We have to truly understand that we don’t always understand everything that the patient is going through. Therefore, we have to kind of be inquisitive about where they are and sensitive about. 

We Are All Human Beings

We should honor, and respect their being because we’re trying to tailor whatever we know into the lives of our patients. We need to modify the way our patients move so they can connect the breath with their physical body. 

For example, in order for them to start to slowly see the gains and understand the body-mind mastery. In this way, they can elicit and empower themselves to feed their body and understand the importance of eating healthy foods. Also, to regenerate the areas of the body that they need and how it can extend in their lives. 

If they’re the cook as the mom for their family, you can teach them how to separate the needs of their family in their eating habits with themselves. Cos if we don’t like to help them navigate all these issues, then they’re just going to do what’s convenient.

Those are the multilayered approach that we teach in the outgoing methods and certification practitioner. We do not send them by referrals, to all these different practitioners where the patient has to now connect all the pieces of the puzzle together.

But you, as a practitioner, can do all these things. 

The Framework

Alkaline Methodology was founded from the desire of my personal experience as a patient. I tried to connect all the puzzle pieces together. As a clinician, I tried to refer them out, always feeling disconnected and ineffective. 

Until I put it in all one framework to empower each clinician, as opposed to just doing their own expertise or part and staying in their lanes; giving them a limited perspective to the patient and leaving it up to them to figure things out. 

Remember, we have different layers. Human experience is not just one dimensional. It’s not black and white. It’s not like algebra, a crazy equation. There’s no right or wrong. It’s very messy and confusing. Sometimes, we just have to flow with it. 

We have to understand that there are many gray areas and it can get very messy because there are layers to our being. There is no physical aspect, which involves food physiology and biochemistry.

Physical Aspect of Knowledge

If you have pathology or disease, it further breaks down human physiology into systems. Whether it be the endocrinological system, GI system. hormones or immune system. It’s broken apart to understand and to go deeper into the rabbit hole. However, we must understand how the layers affect each other. 

Then, we need to really focus on the yin, the details; the specialty to the yang, the bigger picture.

Emotional Aspect of Knowledge

Beyond the physical aspect, we have the emotional aspect too, and it’s complicated. 

Did you know that humans are right when they did the research?

There are three common vocabulary words that we really feel like we resonate with, such as anger, happiness, and sadness. 

All the feelings that we feel are complicated. Therefore, we have feelings, but we don’t put meaning to them because we don’t understand them. We just know that it feels bad, but we feel it. But remember the feelings are highly complex based on experience and interpretations with many variables. From person to person it’s highly genetic, it’s highly experimental or experiential. It all depends on what they experienced in their life. However, emotions precede thoughts.

Mental Aspect of Knowledge

The next layer is the mental aspect, our thoughts. Our thoughts allow us to put meaning behind the feelings. When you fail, you sometimes make it mean that you’re unworthy and you’re not likable. Sometimes, we kind of ingrain that as our belief. When triggered in life, you constantly feel unworthy. We don’t, if we don’t understand it. 

Spiritual Aspect of Knowledge

Then beyond the mental, there is a spiritual component. This is based on spiritual orientation and beliefs that you hold onto as far as the higher power. It’s easy for me to talk about this, but there are layers. 

We have the physical layer — our physical body. There are the emotional, mental and spiritual layers too. We, as practitioners, are typically focused so much on physiology. We understand and we talk about psychology. 

Perhaps, it involves the emotions and the mental piece as well. However, we have to really understand how we feel, what makes us feel, what beliefs we hold onto and what the circumstances make us feel. Those things are what I call the inner awakening processes. Understanding that whatever we think is what we’re producing in our lives or manifesting in our lives. 

What is Outer Manifestation?

That’s why we have the second element, outer manifestations, collectively transformational psychology. In this element, we can understand ourselves. So that we can extend our understanding to the outer and understand that whatever we’re thinking and feeling is what we’re manifesting in our lives. Hence, that we can take the power back so that we can optimize our lives.

That goes for you as a practitioner. For you to understand that that’s how our human brains work for our patients. You can create more impact through the layers that include psychology. Then, you’ve got nutrition, fitness, movement, health, and wellness, which can include yoga bootcamp.

If you have musculoskeletal issues, then there’s the sickness, which is where the specialists come in to break further down and go into the rabbit hole. You have to understand all the layers of the services that we offer. You have to make sure that everything needs to be put together to make sure that we go from sickness to health. 

If you are healthy, you can optimize your health going forward. You will need to learn to put the pieces of the puzzle together because we can’t move and exercise without good nutrition and diet.

How We Are All Interconnected

We can’t really do nutrition and diet if we don’t have an understanding of our thoughts and emotions that play a part in us, showing up to be able to apply nutrition and movement into our lives. 

Everything is so interconnected. It’s actually the fundamental piece to our profession, but the fundamentality is not something that we’re taught. We just pick up two dimensionally. It’s all about us portraying what we know and what we lack. 

Why Empowerment Is A Necessity

As practitioners, the importance of us doing that is for us to have a greater impact in the lives that we serve. We ultimately want health and prevention. Remember, humans are dynamic in nature, meaning we’re constantly changing. We’re aging, we’re changing, we have different needs and all our layers need different things at every phase of our lives. It can change from day to day, week to week or month to month. So we have to really lean into that and understand this dynamic aspect. 

Empowerment is necessary for everyone in order for us to preserve and optimize our own health, as well as the lives that we serve. As practitioners, we’re sort of sharing the lifestyle intervention and the solution that we understand by applying it in our lives. Therefore, be the example in order for us to mentor our patients through. This is why I called empowering practitioners to be in the apply method certification program.

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