Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we want patients to be compliant. We only see them at a short time per week, month or year. Most of the work that they do is a lifestyle, it’s what they have to do. Whether it’d be taking supplements, changing their diets, doing better, exercising, or meditating — all those things are up to them.

There’s no way we can be there to make them want to do it. It’s almost like that old saying, “We can take the horse to the water, but to drink it is on their part.” 

Hence, we can’t force anybody to do things that they don’t want to do.

Healthcare Has Its Limits

With that being said, I want us to keep in mind that healthcare has its limits. It has its advantages in the healthcare system. 

We have the practitioners that are divided into a hierarchy of goal structures. While, we have the physicians at the top and are debited up into different specialties. Then, underneath that, there are ancillary services which include nutrition, diet, all sorts of therapy and even nurse practitioners. 

At the end of the day, all of those are designed to cut costs. All sorts of medical systems, regardless of their status, are driven by its executives who have no healthcare-related background. Along with the pharmaceutical companies, dictating what physicians and practitioners can or can not do and what can be an unnecessary service or a necessary service.

Never Be Sick

A lot of documentation really needs to be applied in order to validate the needs of the patient. In other words, physician offices and hospitalists’ goal is for profit enterprise which leads them to want to do the high scale things. 

Sometimes, abuse occurs. This checks and balances system is adequate in certain instances, but there is no trust in the healthcare system on behalf of the patients. 

There’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes. My advice to you, going through many times as a patient, is to never be sick. 

Prevention is the way to go. But we have a whole new business for people like you and me who are practitioners of health.

The Truth About Being A Health Practitioner

Most health practitioners do it just because it’s the way it’s always been done. They don’t question the efficiency or the cost, they just do it because that’s the width. 

As somebody who’s worked in the hospital and in the private sector, when asked about these questions, all they do is to just shrug their shoulders because the big men up in the corporate buildings dictate exactly what’s going to be paid or not. This is the way they’d like to see the bills come through in order for us to get paid. 

Thinking outside the box was completely forbidden for me. From there, I thought of exploring the different aspects of it in a deeper sense. There was a gatekeeper keeping me in my own zone or scope of practice that significantly limited my ability to use my skills in a way that’s going to leverage it to best help my patients.

Our Empowering Healthcare System

But what I did is to experiment with my own money, setting up my own practice. First, it was Novo Total Wellness. Second, it was Alkaline Wellness, which still exists today. Then, I created the Alkaline Method to try to tie the gap between sick care and health care, calling it preventative lifestyle management called the Offline Method.

We certify practitioners today and that is why I have Functional Yoga Medicine. I integrate all the missing pieces of the fragmented puzzle together. I have an autoimmune condition and a lot of patients have puzzle pieces that they come with.

Each piece of the puzzle represents a specialty in our health care/sick care system. 

Whatever your specialty is, you have the tendency to think that that’s all that you are. But the patient is just like you. You’re the whole puzzle. Patients are the same thing.

The Frame Foundation On How To Be An Empowering Health Practitioner and Mentor

Therefore, we must look to our wellness practice as the whole patient because if the compliance needs to be there for them to get well, we need to teach them the ways to connect and integrate all aspects of their being. These aspects include mind, body, emotions and spirit — all those things need to be stacked. 

That’s why I gave you the frame foundation, which is the Alkaline Method.

I want you to envision a complex piece of a puzzle that you’re trying to put together. First, you’re going to need a map. You need to figure out what the whole puzzle piece looks like. 

The patients and practitioners have no idea of what the whole piece of the puzzle should look like. Eventually, you blame the filling and the gaps thinking that it’s never going to work. After we do our part, we let others finish the remaining tasks. Then, we go home and repeat the same routine. 

Four Corners of the Puzzle

However, the Alkaline Methodology gives you the four corners of the puzzle with the frame all laid out with the pillars that connect the elements of the puzzle.

The first upper left corner is called the Inner Awakening with the three pillars going across the top. It’s called Foundation, Alignment and Core. 

Then, we come to the right upper corner, which is the second element, wherein we call it the Outer Manifestation. Its three pillars going down on the right side are named Polarity, Breath and Balance. 

Next, on the right lower corner is Modern Medicine, which includes your Stress, Brain and Pillar. These pillars are divided into what we call the gut brain and the immune brain pillar. 

Lastly, in the lower corner is the Ancient Wisdom element. Going up towards the left wall is going to be named Yoga, Meditation and Energy that kind of gives you the medicine. 

The frame in the middle is all the compounding variables in each patient’s lives.

That makes it so much easier when we really tap into what they can do and will be doing every single day. This kind of approach sets you apart as a practitioner to level up the game of this so-called secure system and to really take a valid part in their lives in order for them to elevate their health in ways nobody has done before. 

Is It Your Responsibility?

It’s a really good feeling and good framework for you to have. That’s what we teach within the Alkaline Methodology for health practitioners — Functional Yoga Medicine. In order for you to be an empowered health mentor, you should be their guide through what they need to do. 

If something goes wrong and they blame you because you’re the expert, that’s not your responsibility. You already showed them the way so it’s now their responsibility. 

This kind of an empowering practitioner is what we practice today within the given conventional model with the fast paced and changing environment.

Empowering the Technology

With technology development, everything’s being decentralized. Therefore, even though it’s ineffective and it’s not as results oriented as you know, that’s what we’re still going to do because that’s what the insurance payers are going to pay. 

The sad news is that most of the patients are losing confidence because of the system. 

Hence, the time is now for you to elevate yourselves while the opportunities are out there with the technological developing systems. They will really support us in every way to be scalable so we will not be tied down to the scope of practice and locked down to the third party system payers, and be locked into the conventional model. 

It’s Your Time To Be An Effective Health Practitioner

It’s for rogue practitioners like you and me, who really want to make an impact and be a part of the change and elevate the consciousness in the overall healthcare system. 

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