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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Functional and Yoga Medicine Blog, where I talk about functional and yoga medicine. And today we’re going to talk about how health practitioners’ education is overrated. I recently received an email from one of the functional medicine, integrative practitioner doctors that I used to see, and they’re now doing practice management stuff, and they’re doing all the things about managing the practice and all the things, but they didn’t look like the epitome of health that I would choose, which is one of the things that deterred me from continuing.

Actions Matter More Than Words

Theoretically, they instructed the patients, told them what to do, and told them to return in three months. And, to be honest, I’ve encountered a lot of patients over the years who are utterly unsure of what to do because, when it comes to our health, we need a lot more than being told what to do.

I believe you and I would both agree that we have a general understanding of what we should or should not do, but the question is whether or not we do it. That is more crucial. So I want you guys to understand what the difference is, right? And that’s something I want you guys to start thinking about because how you’re being in your practice is just as important as what you’re doing in your practice.

It’s not about having more knowledge; knowledge will only get you so far, and you can be the smartest person in the room, but what have you got to teach your patients about health and wellness? Because many professionals seek numerous certificates and degrees to feel qualified to do what they do. And I concur. I wouldn’t have received all of my degrees if it weren’t for education, and I’m still studying now.

Commit to Make Decisions 

However, the inside knowledge, yes, the inner knowing, is far more significant. As a practitioner, experience and application are even more vital. And I just want to say that the days of the patient-physician connection based on respect and knowledge are long gone. Patients do not appreciate you solely because of your credentials. They’re looking to you to set an example, they’re questioning everything you say, and they couldn’t care less about your degrees and credentials. Right now, they want to know if you can assist them.

Do you follow your advice? Did you exemplify health and well-being? Do you genuinely comprehend what your patients go through daily? Do you know what they’re going through, or are you in the best shape of your life? Is that your practice, or do you hide behind anything you do? Because I’ve witnessed a lot of my colleagues and practitioners do this behind closed doors, they not only do these things, but they also tell their patients to do them.

Isn’t it almost like they’re living two lives? They might suggest that the patient meditate. They may advise the patient to perform yoga or exercise, yet they gain weight and get inflammatory themselves. And it doesn’t add up. I’d like you to consider whether you are an example of health and longevity because I just completed another discovery call for one of the possible functional yoga medicine students.

Embrace The Beauty Of Uncertainty

And she was telling me about how, even after receiving her 200-hour yoga certification, she didn’t have the confidence or knowledge she needed to truly get out there and teach because she felt like she didn’t know enough to be able to teach people without inflicting injury. And the reason I came up with the idea for my Functional Yoga Medicine Program is that, on the one hand, the medical level instruction I received from the Institute of Functional Medicine was extensive.

I mean, there was a lot that the application lacked. I had to really take my time, digest the information, apply it, and truly understand what worked and what didn’t because I felt like I was being puked on, right? There was so much data that I had to go through it all to extract exactly what I needed, to simplify and magnify what I needed to apply in my patient care to really, truly grasp what worked and what didn’t, and what the variables were.

Only then can I move forward to do this. On the other hand, the quantity of knowledge in the Pilates, fitness, and yoga worlds was utterly inadequate. It was all esoteric and spiritual, which is fine, but I believed there needed to be a spirit spectrum of east meets west science with intuitive and spiritual activities.

Visualization Process 

We needed to include everything because piecemealing, putting all the parts and pieces together to make it meaningful for me was the word cut for me as a patient. That was not being done by any of the practitioners, and as practitioners earning degrees and certificates, we’re taught to really drink the Kool-Aid in a certain way of a certain school of thinking, as you and I both know. And we can’t stray too far from that bounds. 

So, rather than trying to fit in, I want you to think about how much I’m showing up to simplify for my patients so that they can get the best game, that they can pick up the pieces to be the best version of themselves because that’s really what they’re looking for. Right. Is this something that any of the applications you have allow you to do? Or are you looking for something that binds all the pieces of the puzzle together so you can finally make sense of the complete picture?

Because I believe that you and I, regardless of our backgrounds, are taught small pieces of the puzzle. But no one tells us that this is the full puzzle and that this is what we’re going towards. Right. That is, after all, the purpose of Functional Yoga Medicine. The east meets the west in terms of science, intuition, and spirituality. It’s about appreciating the complete range of human experience on all levels, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Join Us

As a result, keep in mind that your actions speak louder than your words. Instead of trying to fit into the mold of what you’ve been taught, how to be or do. I want you to challenge yourself to be the change you want to see. In the lives of those you serve, or you serve.

And so, when everyone else is going left. You’re always going right. And I want to push you today to figure out a better method to view the bigger picture. So, I hope you found this informative and useful. Please listen to our podcast it’s available on Spotify and iTunes.

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