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Today’s blog is all about Business Mastery Bootcamp for Health Practitioners. There are going to be a lot of things being shared today. A lot of the things are not analytical concepts that you have to understand. A lot of it is going to resonate with you right here, and you’re going to be able to really tap into it. 

So don’t come in here with expectations, just be open to the experience of the information that I’ll be sharing with you. Because this really is about a movement that I want to create. The grander vision, the deep purpose for why we do what we do is to change healthcare for generations.

I’ve been complaining about what’s wrong with the system for so long. And we are so good, you and I, healthcare practitioners, to put our nose in the grind and do what we’re told based on the regulatory things that we’re taught. To stay in our scope of practice even though we’re no longer serving our patients.

I’ve been watching the business side of things to understand the technological advancements and progressions that’s been made in the last two decades. When I finished graduate school, computers were emerging. Back then AOL was the only browser. But today it sort of exploded. There are lots of opportunities. And I have seen a lot of people who don’t have this education but are doing different kinds of things. They have become online moguls today with huge amounts of success. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

So as I watched that and the opportunity, especially in the last year and a half, I thought a lot about why couldn’t we, educated health practitioners, take advantage of the same platforms.

What I realized is that the more learned you are, the more fearful you become. We feel like we have so much more at stake, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a lot of ingrained beliefs that are limiting us and confining us to the system. In actuality, our titles or degrees keep us confined to do exactly what we are taught to do. 

When we see on the internet those without even education, giving medical advice or health advice, you wonder to yourself “Why them? Why not me?”. Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about. No longer do we complain about that. 

Sales and marketing aren’t all about getting your message and fine-tuning, but it’s more about serving people and providing value. That’s what those marketers are doing. They so deserve the success that they are enjoying today.

We tend to overthink and we overthinkers tend to be overanalytical. And in that cycle of overanalyzing, we overwhelm ourselves and then we get burnt out and tired. As a result, we don’t do the thing that we want, and then so many lifetimes later, we’re on our deathbed having so many regrets about what we didn’t do versus what we did do. 

So I want to start out this conversation by asking you, why are you here? What made you click and read this blog? 

It was business mastery for health practitioners. I never talked about business. I used to always talk about alignment, posture, physical functional medicine, and specific analytical things. Then I found out everywhere I looked in the holistic space, that’s what everybody’s talking about. We’re all vanilla. How we stand ourselves apart is going into ourselves knowing who we are. Do the deep work of self-exploration to bring the gifts that only you can bring to the world. 

What do you hope to gain out of this? 

Today I want to shift your identity. The identity that you hold and so ingrained in you, that you can’t even see that’s what’s limiting you. Many of you have self-confidence and self-worth issues, myself included. I had to work through so much baggage.

But today I want to help you to have a breakthrough in your limiting beliefs that is perpetually limiting you to say I’m not good enough. I want to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. That’s number one. 

Never be Afraid to Talk About Wealth

I teach business mastery because a lot of health practitioners are like martyrs. They would say, “Oh no, don’t talk about money. I’m not in it for the money.” They want to help but they also want to be poor and don’t look greedy. But if you’re helping and there is no revenue being generated, you won’t be able to support your team. You couldn’t also expand your services to your targets. 

This idea and the concept of abundance and success is not about “give me money.” It’s what money can buy you. That’s what we’re after, and here’s no shame in that.

Get Over Imposter Syndrome

Many of you struggle with imposter syndrome. So don’t ask if you’re good enough. Ask what the world needs. Get out of self grandiosity, because that contracts us to be in this cycle of self-pity and negativity. As if we’re so important, but we’re not. We lack the confidence to do the thing. Then we hide and bury all the gifts that we bring to the world for the fear of the unknown. Sometimes it’s the fear of success, failure, or judgment. 

But these are all illusions. I want you to get over yourself and be open to the idea of what the world needs. What’s working and what’s not. Deep inside, a lot of the things that you do are tactical. Repetitive things that require no skill from you whatsoever. And you know, at the end of the day, as you rest your head down to go to sleep, you haven’t helped a single being. You were just frustrated and rinse and repeat every single day. 

Why do we do what we do? We want to have healthy relationships. We want to support our family and our own health. 

If you’re not able to do any of those things because of stress, it’s not worth it. It’s time to self-reflect. I want you to ask yourselves, where will you be in a year or 10 years from now? Having been in business for over 16 years, being in the clinical space for 21 years, and being an autoimmune patient for 21 years, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. 

I know all about imposter syndrome. I know all about not feeling good enough ever. It’s like you have to get outside of your head and focus on what the world needs versus I’m not good enough. If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone to make a mark in this world, that’s what this work is all about.

The Importance of Streets Smart

I’ve created the Alkaline Methodology for healthcare practitioners. I have a Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program that I do run, which has students from all over the world. I have physician assistants, nurse practitioners, yoga teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and nutritionists, all in the program. They are loving it, and they are making some transformative changes. 

That opportunity will be available to you as well. But even if you don’t do anything with me, I just want you to know that today’s blog is going to provide you with a lot of things to kickstart your success. 

So again, I believe in today’s world we must be highly skilled at what we do. But many of you guys are so busy learning the skills that you forget the street smarts that are required. We need knowledge in business and finance.

I made this mistake when I went into business and I thought as long as I’m good at what I did, and I have a waiting list for patients to come to see me, I’m going to have a successful business. That couldn’t have been the truth, because I had to quickly learn “leadership is everything.” You need to run your business with Profit and Loss statements. You need to know your numbers, how the metrics work, and always have a pulse in your business. And you want to make sure you support your employees with leadership, but you also want to create an avenue for them to grow with the company. Without your strong confidence in leadership, who’s going to come work and believe in what you’re doing?

All those things were hard lessons for me. I wasted so much time, money, and energy in grief and struggles. A lot of lost employees and confusion to learn that business smarts are absolutely necessary. You have to inspect what you expect. 

You can’t abdicate all the things to the manager, which I wanted to do so badly, but that is going to be a disaster. Why? Because it’s your business. In the same way, even if you don’t want to have your own business, I want you to step into the role of being a CEO of your own life. Because nobody’s going to live this life for you. And if you live at the mercy of what everybody else wants you to do, you’re going to feel this void. 

In fact, you’ve been feeling this for a long time, but you know what we do, we put our nose to the grind and ignore those things. We rinse and repeat in our safety. And we become complacent over time. So the older we get, the harder it is to change.

Step Up Your Game and Be Confident

You and I both know we live in a tumultuous time. We’ve witnessed some crazy events in the world. There is a lot of polarities. A lot of struggles. I don’t know about you, but for me, it really shed light on the fact that we can’t trust the systems. 

So I started to ask better questions. What does the world need? How can I do better than this? Not because I’m better, but because we need a better solution. 

How can I help my patients instead of complaining about why they aren’t compliant with whatever I want them to do? What’s the missing piece, the coaching piece, or perhaps clinical skills that are going to get them to the next level? It was the true integration that was lacking in our system because we’re so taught to specialize. 

I believe that we’re individually super powerful. It’s in my life’s work to make sure that you understand that you are powerful as well. It’s time to get empowered with our lives and our career. Step up our game to truly be confident in what we’re doing. 

So as far as time is concerned, I want to put things in perspective for you. A brilliant journalist named Oliver Burkeman made a keen observation. He observed that the average human lifespan is absurdly brief. Assuming you live to be 80 years old, you have just over 4,000 weeks to live. Many of you guys are middle-aged so you only have less than 2000 weeks to live or even less than that. This really hit me hard to think about my life – how I’m choosing to do it or what I’m choosing to do with it.

Many of us are experiencing inner me assessment or great reassessment. How do I really want to spend my time? Do I want to keep burning through eight to ten hours a day doing the things that don’t really matter just to get a hustle trophy at the end of my life? How about that book I wanted to write? The trips that I wanted to take or spending time with my family and friends. What happened to all of those things

We think it’s going to happen. But is it going to happen? If all the things that you’ve always wanted to do haven’t happened already, what makes you think a year from now, three years from now, or five years from now, anything is going to change?

I just want to share that this is a magical opportunity to reassess where you are. The faster you get to that point, the faster you can make the transition into the transformation.

Reassess Yourself

We only have 4,000 weeks left. Many of us have already burned through at least half of that. So I want to know, what do you want to do in the time that you have left? Do you really want to spend it doing what you’re doing? Just living in mediocrity, not knowing where you’re going. Fulfilling the expectations of others, knowing that there is a deep void. So whether you have 500 or 2000 weeks left, I’m here to challenge you to be intentional about how you use your weeks left.

I did this Business Mastery Bootcamp because I believe you need simple, practical, and functional lifestyle solutions to be the CEO of your life. You know what your patients need is not highly skilled, complicated jargon, proving how smart you are. What they need is the inner transformation to step into their own lives, to be compliant, full of self-love, and to be able to do these things so that they can be self-empowered from the inside out. It makes your job so much easier. And it edifies you to know that you’re helping everybody. 

Identity Paradigm

If you’re a human being, you have the need for wealth, health, and healthy relationships. And then if you look at the triangle down at the base, the foundation is your identity. Because your identity creates beliefs and thoughts that you think every single day. You might be thinking a lot of negative things based on the identity of who you think you are. A powerless practitioner will be overwhelmed with victim thoughts of “what I can’t do”. While a powerful CEO is always thinking about how he can be better. How can I do this better? How can I help that patient better? What does the world need? 

Ask high-level questions and then from that place of thinking, we create these feelings. Feelings are the vibrations in the body and it affects our physiology. We look at physiology as pathology and optimizing physiology for those in the health and wellness space. But it’s really behavior that we’re after. As you can see, behavior is highly dependent on the feelings that you feel. 

For example, if I think I am overweight. Then I go on a diet. I try to lose a bunch of weight thinking, struggling, and white-knuckling through to lose the weight. But then I’m still going to revert right back to where I was. 

The identity of themselves is not petite or lean or muscular. They think that they’re obese. So they always revert back to their programming. Their identity plays out over time, no matter what. That’s the default state of being. It’s a program state. 

Unless we reveal the identity of how you’re living this life, we can’t really affect change in the lives that we serve, like our patients. We’re always doing superficial things, always just tackling the tip of the iceberg versus getting deep within, to look at the foundation. Patients really appreciate these inner awakening processes because nobody asks you what your vision is. The most important ingredient in your career success is clarity of who you are. 

YOU Are the Secret for Change

The education system and our upbringing have essentially programmed us into who we were taught to be versus who we truly are. We even want certain things based on what the culture demands of us. It’s not truly what we think we want. This creates a dependency on the external world to dictate our path. 

The healthcare system is failing and it needs change for the next generation. In order for us to change healthcare for the next generations to come, it needs you. You need to shift your identity at the foundational level. From powerless practitioner to a powerful CEO. 

A lot of people think being a CEO seems so grandiose, but it’s not. It’s the chief executive officer, not only of your business or a company but of your life and your career. You’re the captain of the ship.

I also want to ask you some questions based on the surveys that we’ve taken. I know that many of you feel this way. 

Are you tired of feeling constantly overwhelmed and stressed? Are you always busy with nothing but a small bank account to show for it? Do you feel exhausted from trying to keep up with everything? Are you disappointed in your career, but you feel so stuck because you’ve got to pay the bills? Do you constantly feel like you’re playing catch up with all the things in your life?

Are you ashamed of your secret addiction to social media like that’s how you waste your time knowing that you’ve got other important things to do? But secretly you don’t know what, because your priorities aren’t straight. Do you find yourself putting other people’s needs before your own constantly? Are you depleted because your mind never turns off from work? Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Do you feel fearful that the stress in your career is slowly killing you?

I used to feel this way, and I know many of you feel this way. My name is Dr. Connie Jeon. I have had many didactic pieces of training. I studied psychology in my undergrad, master’s in nutrition, and a doctorate in physical therapy. Then I went on to study holistic medicine because, with psychology, nutrition, and physical therapy, I thought I was going to be the health and wellness queen. 

Then I got auto-immunity, specifically lupus. I got really sick. I’ve had it for 21 years. So I’ve personally experienced our broken medical system, and how it perpetuates sickness.

It might tap into the sickness and acute care setting. It does help, but it’s not a long-term health-promoting system. Many of you don’t want to perpetuate disease or focus on the disease itself. You want to ask better questions. How can I prevent that from happening?

Before my doctorate degree, I studied Pilates. I’m a master certified in Pilates training. In yoga, I have ERYT 500 hours through the Yoga Alliance. I’ve been studying and practicing yoga for probably close to 30 years now. And I went through the whole IFMCP (Institute of Functional Medicine Certification Practitioner) program which took about a decade and all their modules. Only to find some gaps. And again, my question is always, how can I integrate that amazing information with all the other pieces of the puzzle? That’s how my program came to be. 

But more importantly, my background is that I’m an immigrant and came to the US when I was 11 years old. English is my second language and there’s a term fresh off the boat (FOB). I can’t tell you how much I hated hearing that in middle school. I had a thick accent and I vowed to myself that I would perfect it with pronunciation. 

So in my mind, I was never good enough for not knowing the language, never mind that I had just immigrated. I never gave myself a break because I grew up in a culture where we’re always pushed to do better. We’re never praised and always criticized. I learned early on how to hustle at a young age, watching my parents do so. They had four kids, including me, who came to the states with just $800. After many decades, my parents grew their million-dollar business. They did really well for themselves, but I knew the hurdles that they had to go through. 

Because I was afflicted with never-good enough syndrome, I knew that I needed to work twice or three times as hard as others. I know many of you can really resonate with those who had an advantage on the language and the understanding. I would always feel like I have a chip on my shoulder when people would comment on certain things like music in that era, or sometimes sitcoms that I had no idea that would make me feel so small.

Self-Empowered Healing Journey

So, as I said, I studied psychology in college, got my master’s in nutrition, which then allowed me to be a Registered Dietician. Then I realized I don’t want to talk to my patients because I was not making an impact. Patients were rolling their eyes. You can’t talk about nutrition and hope the patient understands. 

In order for us to change the behavior, we need a transformative coaching process. There has to be a self-empowered process that needs to be triggered in your patients. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how much you know unless the patient follows through with what they have to do.

So my parents believed that entrepreneurship is not a go for their kids because they thought it was super duper hard. They wanted us to become doctors and of course, get a job. So I did just that to equip myself to be employable, but I quickly realized that I was extremely unhappy in the medical system that limits my ability to truly help my patients heal. I was working 11 hour days pushing papers. Even after my shift, I would go home and do clinical notes. 

Then I got really sick with lupus. I went through the diagnostic process with my rheumatology and dermatology, infectious disease, oncology, you name it, I went to every doctor. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. All they can give me is corticosteroids, shrugged their shoulders, and said, “I feel like I need to run a lupus panel.” And so he did and sure enough, I was tested positive.

I just want to let you know my story. I’m not saying that the doctors were bad. It’s just, our medical system is so confining. I just want you to be aware of that, which many of you are, but many of you don’t know exactly how to help yourselves to get out. Cause all you know is what you know. We all have limiting beliefs that tend to keep us stuck in the cycle of suffering. Unless we’re able to shift our paradigms, it’s hard to expand beyond our own limits. That’s exactly what I had to do and realize that the skills that allow us to succeed in business and in life are not really taught in school at all.

I had to learn the hard way through a lot of loss, suffering and struggles that it’s not as easy as it seems. We’re taught exactly how to follow directions and be technicians who are obedient to the rules and regulations that keep us up from forwarding progress. But our educational system is not designed to have us think critically on our own two feet.

Commit to Being the Change That You Want to See in the World

We have a problem in the medical system as well. The healthcare system does not heal. It’s really a sick care system that perpetuates sickness. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to depend on that system, because I don’t want to be sick ever. We’re part of a system that is ineffective and inefficient. It’s time to step out of your comfort zones. And if you’re reading this, I know that you want to do that, but something is pulling you back.

I hope that through my messaging, you’re able to stand up and decide, “I’m going to do something about it and be part of the bigger picture.” Commit to being the change that you want to see in the world. No more complainers and whiners. We don’t have time for that. We need to move things forward because we have lots of boulders to move and we have to hustle in that way. It’s time to step out of our comfort zone and begin to ask better questions to find better solutions.

Many of you are burnt out because our medical system breeds burnt-out practitioners doing inefficient tactical tasks that have very little to do with improving lives. It’s a failed strategy. When you’re living out of alignment, you tend to get sick, complacent, and tired. The key is to gain clarity in who you really are and understand what matters to you so that you can stand up for what you believe.

There are many of you who are insecure about your skills and your self-worth. Most health practitioners are insecure about their competence. This is a result of the ongoing need to keep up with ever-changing science, research, and technology that robs practitioners of their confidence.

Remember, healing is an inside job. If you can have the intention to heal your patients, help them heal and empower them. That’s all that is required. That’s the number one ingredient. The human body is miraculous and can heal itself if given the right conditions to do so.

Healing is an Inside Job

Many of you have witnessed somebody go through a surgical process, right?. The doctors go in, whether it be orthopedic, cardiology, or cardiac surgeon, they cut you open, they fix and remove whatever, then they sew you up. That’s it. That’s very technical. Smart. 

But who does the healing? Your body does. Do you sit there and say, “Okay, heart heal the incision.” Do you tell it to do that? No. 

But when you get a cut, your body just knows exactly what to do to heal. That’s what I mean by inherent intelligence. Our bodies are smarter than what we can comprehend. There is an element of miraculousness to our bodies. You are truly a miracle in this world. And the more you don’t know it, the more you’re working against who you truly are. Appreciating the full spectrum of science and miracles is key to helping patients heal. 

So again, chasing scientific data only confines and limits the healing process because there’s so much we don’t know. I want you to get comfortable with saying, “I don’t know.” Because you and I, with our ego, we don’t want to say we don’t know. 

Your Relationship with Money

The other thing that I see health practitioners, myself included, that I had to really work on is my relationship with money. Because I was taught from an early age there’s never enough money. Money comes and goes. Money is hard to come by, and very difficult to earn. These are all things that were ingrained in me. 

That really limited my relationship with money. I wasn’t attracting all the money because I made it so hard. Because of my lack of self-worth as the CEO of my business, I’ve never done that. The confidence was lacking. I was trying to bury out all the insecurities that I had, but identity always wins. Doesn’t matter because it dictates my thoughts, feelings, and actions. So even if I take action and do this, do that, take this course, they take that course, or get this coach, it doesn’t matter if my identity is not fixed. It’s going to always revert back to who I am. 

Most practitioners avoid sales and marketing. But without sales and marketing, we can’t make business. In order to succeed in this space, you must be a marketing and sales ninja. New generation practitioners need much more than clinical skills to survive. They need sales and marketing skills to thrive in their career. 

You know what? Money should not be feared. It’s something that we all need to provide for our families, afford healthcare and secure our future. In order to ignite generations of change from sick care to healthcare, we need a different framework. This framework needs to be holistic and integrate our body, mind, and spirit. So I really want you to start to tap into your inner wisdom.

When you are living out of alignment with your core values and who you truly are, you tend to get stuck, sick, complacent, and tired. Everything is effortful. The Key is to gain clarity in who you truly are and understand what really matters to you so you can stand up for what you believe. That’s where we need to go.

Einstein said it best “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Master Your Mind to Step Into Power

So let me ask you, what’s your vision for your life? If you’re like me and most people, this question will make you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know quite how to answer it. Most of us are scared to reassess our lives for the fear that the gap between where we want to be and where we want to go is too great.

We also feel that there’s nothing more we can do to change. So might as well put the nose to the grind and do what you know is causing your misery. You might think that the alternative is too scary to find out. But what if the alternative is full of joy, abundance, and prosperity? Will you let your fear of the unknown keep you from achieving exactly what you want in life? 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that your beliefs and identity keep you stuck. It’s the simple shifts in your beliefs and identity. Mastering your mind is all it requires to step into your power.

While I used to approach business from the 3d understanding of doing, serving my ego, and getting disappointed and hard on myself, that’s because I regard myself as important before the needs of the people that I serve. That includes my team as well. That understanding at the physical level, it’s superficial and people really read into it. It’s the energy. 

Business or career growth is more about self-exploration and evolution because you can grow your career or business without your growth mindset. Expansion of your mind is required. That requires you to step out of your comfort zone and leave your confining ego to the backdrop. 

Shift Your Practitioner Identity

Let me help you to identify your self-identity. The question is, are you a powerless practitioner? Is that where you’re comfortable feeling like there’s nothing you can do to change your world? Or do you want to be a powerful CEO knowing exactly what you want to create?

At the end of the day, unless there is a shift in this identity at the foundation from a powerless practitioner to a powerful CEO, nothing else will ever happen because you can’t hustle to make a change.

An internal shift is necessary for everything to align in its direction, for energy to flow, and to create the best life that you want. The potential impact you can make is greater than you think. You just don’t have self-confidence in the faith. We need that, and you’ll have that once you know exactly who you are. We tend to avoid the challenge for the fear of judgment or failure. Remember our fears are false expectations appearing real. It’s an illusion. Failure and judgments really are illusions. 

We only have so much time in the world. Why live a life in mediocrity when you can make a lasting impact in the world? You and I both know that healthcare is really sick care. And if we come together as one, we can make generational changes in the healthcare system to empower future generations differently.

The Alkaline Method™ for Practitioners

That really is the vision I have for the work that we do at functional yoga medicine, using our unique methodology, the Alkaline Method™. This is the Alkaline Method™ for practitioners. I created this as a framework for all the practitioners to use and plug and play with all the tools within the program so that you have all the parts and pieces. 

The number one element of the Alkaline Method™ is a self-healing journey. That’s where we start. It’s all about the three pillars underneath each of these elements. A self-healing journey requires inner awakening. 

Then there is outer manifestation. It’s a process. Create an expansion into the ancient wisdom piece, where we study all about energy, thoughts, meditation, hypnosis, spiritual health, and yoga – your opportunity for growth and abundance. You actually get RYT 200 or 500 hours through our training program. Plus the Alkaline Method™ practitioner certification. 

Then from that place, apply modern medicine, the third element of the Alkaline Method™. Modern medicine is nothing more than including Nutritionals, herbals, and understanding pathology prevention. It’s functional medicine in a nutshell, but I divided it up into three easy, simple, practical, and functional ways to understand without complicating it. 

It is stripped down to stress-brain, which involves all the endocrinological systems. The HPaTG axes, which are hypo pituitary-adrenal, thyroid, and gonadal hormones. 

And then it’s the enteric nervous system. The gut-brain, which then leads to the immune system and inflammation. 

We then go into the last part, which is business mastery. It requires marketing and sales, program development, and systems and processes so that you can scale your business. There’s a lot of repeatable things that you’re doing in your business that you can automate. That’s exactly what I want to share with you when I teach you how to automate your email sales funnel.

You are taught to stay in your lane practice, what you went to school for, and abide by the system, but that’s no longer serving you or your clients or patients. At the end of the day, you’re just busy trying to pay your bills. But on the topic of paying for the bills, we all worked in exchange for payment.

I can’t tell you how many practitioners that I’ve met that can’t be honest about the fact that they want to make lots of money. As if they’re a martyr. Then they would probably tell me, “Oh, this outfit is a hand-me-down from a friend because I don’t spend money. I never got into this for the money.” When you have thoughts like that, do you think you’re going to be attracting wealth? Or are you going to be repelling the abundance to come into your life? I never understood that.

I want you to say, “I want to be successful!” Stepping into a powerful CEO means you know exactly what your goals are and why you do what you do.

You don’t have to explain why you might want a Tesla or why you want to drive a Porsche. There are no apologies. Many shy away from talking about money. It’s as if we, as healthcare practitioners have signed up for martyrdom. We’re convinced that it’s not about the money when it’s really significant. It’s why we do what we do. It’s how we make a living. 

Money Isn’t evil. It’s what it affords us to do, we can use it for good. Money really brings out who you truly are. So if you were a bad person before money, it’s going to be amplified with money. But if you have a pure heart and you have a lot of money, there’s a lot of good to be going around with the resources that you have.

We attract money. We don’t make money. It’s no longer about exchanging time for money. We live in a very progressive world. 

The Importance of Sales and Marketing for Your Business

I want you to get with the program and understand the scalability of what I’m talking about today. Money itself doesn’t mean much. It’s what it affords us in our lives. Let’s admit that it’s an essential element in our lives. Remember the three things in the alignment diagram, health, wealth, and relationships. If any of those things fall apart, your patients get sick. And remember your career and business growth is in direct proportion to your spiritual growth. I run my business both ways and I can tell you running it from a standpoint of a 3D physical world is really egotistical, it’s really a hard way to live.

You have to surrender and allow the lessons to be had. Go at it with a pure heart to serve other people. Make transformative changes and serve by giving them lots of free resources.

The business really is about knowing your numbers. There’s no drama with numbers. It’s just the number. It’s irrelevant. The amount of money in your bank is just a number. It’s simply where the numbers guide us. That’s how you want to operate a business. If you’re thinking about going into entrepreneurship, you want to be making offers every day. That means you’re going to need a number of signups. And for that, you’re going to need a sales funnel where you can get opt-ins, then have checkout pages, and make sure that you understand how this all feeds into the greater picture. You want to make sure of the profit and loss. There’s profit coming in, and then there’s a loss. That’s the expenses, taxes, goods, employees, supplies, and platforms. 

People underestimate how much expenses that they have in the business. It can be astronomical. That’s why that risk is on you. But with the digital space, it’s become so much easier. Remember, sales and marketing are something that you and I do. We’re selling our patients on their own health. We’re selling them in order to get them in the door. We have to market to the right people, to work with them. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of the process. It’s an absolute necessity. 

So you want to be really good at sales. I like the online platform because I can build an automated funnel where I don’t have to feel like I’m constantly selling. I can write the piece, record a video, and commence them. It’s like education, connection, making thought reversals, training them, establishing rapport, and showing them how to do something.

Those are things that you want to constantly be thinking about. What do they need? What do they mean? I used to think that I’m not a good salesperson either. Because in my mind, the image that brings up is a used car salesperson. I’m like, “I didn’t go to school for sales.” But it’s essentially what you really do. As I said, we are constantly selling a better way to health. If you don’t know how to sell and market your own self, then you’ve got some real issues. Remember, I’ve had a lot of wasted time with everything that I’ve tried. So I’ve done all the work for you.

I wish I had something like this. This whole process comes from inspiration for me to think about what Connie needed 15 years ago. What would I have loved to see? Because I had to get bits and pieces on the business and clinical stuff over here. Because of my multi-dimensional and multi-pitch pursuit, they say Jack of all trades, expert of none. 

So can we get rid of the titles, and think about the end goal in mind? That’s how the Alkaline Methodology came to be. I hope you are seeing how everything comes together. It’s in the integration that we can make an impact. 

Simple Funnel Creation to Build Your Email List

Here’s the simple funnel creation. Simple funnel creation to build your email list, because you need an email list. That’s your asset. It’s a great way to start building an audience so that you can market your services to create and build an email list. If you have an email list, you can send out a weekly newsletter to this list so that people can start to get to know more about you, your services, the specials, and how you can potentially help them. 

Step 1: Create a Lead Magnet

It’s important that you provide a free lead magnet in order to entice people to sign up with you. Because they’re not going to just part ways with you and give you their email. There’s a lot of spam and it makes me angry sometimes when people send me stuff, without my permission, I’m like “don’t spam me!” It really makes them mad. 

So you want to give them something of value. It’s a free item or a service that is given away in exchange for the recipient’s contact information such as their name and their email. When creating a lead magnet, it’s important to create something of value. Think about your target audience. What’s something you would like to know if you were in their position? A lead magnet should trigger people to want to obtain whatever you’re providing. Something that they badly need enough to give you their email.

Because they’re trusting you to provide them with exactly what they need without heavy sales. They want something valuable. You don’t want to provide them with all the answers either because you don’t want to overwhelm them. The idea is to get them on your email list so that you can nurture them to a point where they are interested, ultimately signing up and work with you. 

Remember you’ll want to create a lead magnet that specifically resonates with your target audience while also promoting your business. Here are a few magnet ideas or lead magnet ideas. Ebook, downloadable guide training, webinar templates, quiz, poll, survey, product samples, et cetera. 

Step 2: Set Up the Opt-In Form For Your Lead Magnet.

In order to collect people’s emails in exchange for your lead magnet, you must set up a form in which they can opt-in to receive the lead magnet.

Then this form is where they will input their information. Once they provide their information, they should automatically be added to your email list. To do this, you’ll need to subscribe to an e-marketing service. This can cost a lot of money. A lot of practitioners use Constant Contact. I don’t like it because it doesn’t allow you to do it all in one. You will need lead pages where you can check out and build landing pages. And then you need a page on the website. There were so many log-ins and it was getting so out of hand. I was spending so much money that it was just not worth it. 

I’ve found so much integration from this one program called Kartra. This platform contains everything I need for my online business in one place. You don’t need a whole lot of experience with digital stuff, Kartra is done for you.

If you get into my program, then I will give you all the templates that can help you to get started easy as just plug and play. We use Kartra for collecting leads, building email lists, sending emails to my list, creating funnels that helped me nurture my lists, creating pages to promote various services, and creating the entire checkout process. So it’s like a business platform for when someone signs up to work with me. It also allows me to create membership portals for my paying clients. 

Step 3: Send an Email That Includes Your Lead Magnet to Those Who Opt Into Your Email List

Once someone signs into your email list, you want to s. You want to provide them with a free item or service, and you have to think about how they’re going to download that. In Kartra, we’re able to set up a form for people to opt-in and provide their information. And once they submit this form, Kartra automatically sends them an email, which we’re able to edit and fit into our branding, which contains the lead magnet they opted for. If your lead magnet is a free download, you can simply add it as an attachment to the email, so the person can download it once they open your email.

Step 4: Regularly Nurture Your Leads.

After you get somebody to join your email list, you can’t just stop there. Based on your business if you’re providing high tickets, high-priced items, or services, people are not going to sign up with you or purchase from you right away. You have to warm them up to trust you. They need to be able to know you, like you and trust you before they’re willing to spend money on what you’re offering.

So you want to regularly nurture the leads. Regular means weekly newsletters. It’s a great way to begin to nurture and share your philosophy and vision and give them nuts and pieces.

I do a podcast live. It then gets translated as an MP3 file as well as gets uploaded onto my YouTube. Then we create some things so that they can subscribe to my podcast, listen to it, or watch me. We also airplay it on our Facebook pages as well as groups and utilize clips of it throughout our marketing and our social media feeds. 

This is how you can regularly do things to streamline the process for yourself. When you can provide value to someone without asking much in return, then they will start to trust you. 

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