In the name of holistic health, many practitioners are busy looking for different ways to treat and heal their patients. However, there lacks a truly integrative approach that aligns and connects the ancient wisdom with the modern medicine; the yin to the yang approach where all the pieces of the puzzle come together to finally make patients WHOLE again.

This is what Functional Yoga Medicine aims to do with its four essential elements and 12 pillar approach. You can expect to finally understand the bigger picture while expertly mentoring your patients through the intricate details of their healing journey.

In this blog, I will discuss how Functional Yoga Medicine serves as a truly integrative approach through the Alkaline Methodology. I created this to provide practitioners with a powerful healing tool and clear blueprint. This is to finally blend theory and miracle together harmoniously to help patients heal once and for all.

The Systematic Flaws

I’ve been a health practitioner in the rehab and nutrition industry for over two decades. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about the “systematic” flaws that are pervasive in each industry.  

The problem is that each industry exists as only a piece of the big puzzle. But the piece of the puzzle can’t serve its true purpose without the other missing parts of the puzzle.

That’s the medical system in a nutshell.  Each piece only exists with a dogmatic view that it stands on its own. When in reality, it can’t exist without the other missing parts.  The flaw in the system also is perpetuated by the division of each industry. Resulting to a turf war on what the boundaries of each industries are.

For example, a physical therapist cannot give nutritional advice and nutritionists cannot give physical rehab advice because it’s considered outside the scope of their practice.

Why Patients Are Far From Healing

Same is true in the medical system.  Endocrinologist won’t give digestive advice and GI doctors refuse to give endocrine advice.  Thye are separated by their training vs looking at the patient as a whole being.

This ego driven practice of healthcare is why we have such a problem in our patient population today.  Increasing number of patients are sick with autoimmune conditions and chronic illnesses.  

I have experienced the medical system as a complex autoimmune patient and the truth is that there’s a clear divide in the medical system based on the physician’s expertise vs making me feel whole again.

When in the hospital for over two weeks recently, I was seen by nephrologist, rheumatologist, internist, GI docs, and hematologists.  I felt so fragmented and broken while the “experts” were only focusing on their piece of the puzzle not even thinking to put the pieces back together.  

My autoimmune condition  was overseen by my rheumatologist, the kidney issue was overseen by my nephrologist, anemia by hematology, constipation in charge by GI doctor, and the internist was making sure I had all the meds to manage all the symptoms.

It was far from “healing”, it was simply symptoms control enough for me to be discharged to go home.  Home was where I began to recover.  

Goal As Autoimmune Patients

In the hospital under the care of all the “experts”  I felt so broken into pieces while I myself felt so sick everyday.  I wanted to know how the kidneys affect my anemia, and how anemia makes my thyroid issues worse, and how my thyroid issue can affect my kidneys and non of the experts, I mean none, had answers for me.

In fact, they dismissed my question and responded with “it’s not my area of specialty” and “I am NOT trained to answer that” and asked me to refer the question to whoever the specialist was.

This made me really uncomfortable.

But in retrospect, it makes sense.  As an autoimmune patient, my number one goal was to get well by supporting my body to heal naturally.  So I sought out functional medicine, functional nutritionists,  exercise programs which included Yoga and Pilates, and tried every diet under the sun including supplements to help me to heal naturally.

I, as a patient, was responsible for my own health and the “experts” responsible for managing my symptoms.  

As a patient, I needed to understand this divide so that I can be clear on how to navigate the medical system to suit me the best.

It is for the Patients

This is why I created Functional Yoga Medicine.  

Because I had to put the pieces together to where it made practical sense for me to finally get well and stay well.

With so much abundant information out there which all has valid evidence both scientific and anecdotal, it was up to me to implement them in a way that made sense for me as a patient.

Because patient compliance is about the patient’s willingness and commitment vs the experts recommending their treatment protocol.

Aim for the Long Term Solution

The number one obstacle to healing in the conventional medical setting is that the foundation by which a disease is treated is all wrong. They take an upside down approach starting from the expertise of the physician or practitioner and try to fit the patient into their “trained” paradigm.  It’s like trying to fit a round peg in a square peg. It’ll always be out of place.

It may work short term but its not the long term solution that it requires.

The Four Essential Elements of Functional Yoga Medicine

  1. Inner Awakening
  2. Outer Manifestation
  3. Modern Medicine
  4. Ancient Wisdom

Each element has its three pillars which make up 12 pillars.

Inner awakening:  Foundation, Alignment, Core 

Outer Manifestation:  Polarity, Breath, Balance

Modern Medicine:  Stress, Gut, Immune

Ancient Wisdom:  Yoga, Energy, Meditation

Each element with each pillars provides a complete framework for optimal practice. We’ve also included the business mastery module to help our practitioners leverage the online platforms to scale their business in ways they couldn’t imagine possible.

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