Today’s topic is going to shift your perspective in the way you talk or think about healthcare in general. I want to talk to you about the gap between sick care and healthcare.

Setting Goals

I can’t believe we’re going to be celebrating New Year’s pretty soon. 2020 has completely shifted the way I think and who I am. It shifted how I show up to you guys and all the things I do. I hope you guys really do take the time to think about it. This time of the year has always been my favorite time of the year because I love reflecting on the things that I learned and then planning more resolutions. I’m one of those people that stick to their guns and is typically able to be disciplined enough to accomplish my resolutions. I set goals in a wise way that allows me to keep up with as well as achieve them by the end of the year.

I’ve sort of exceeded my expectations from last year’s goals. Although it looks very differently right now, I was able to achieve lots of things in my business, as well as in my education. I was able to create a lot of things. So I want to thank you for listening, watching, and for just being here and supporting our endeavors.

You know, my goal is to really shift the way you think about healthcare and the way you show up in your own practice, whether you’re a medical doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, registered dietician, or even a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, or any fitness professional. Whoever you are, I always say you are a health promoting practitioner. That means you’re always facilitating, promoting, and empowering your clients to do better so that they show up to embody health and wellness in everything that they do.

Our Feelings Drive Us

Remember, you’ve got to start to bull from the tools of your toolbox, which means you have to think about and understand how the human brain works, thinks, behaves, and feels. You must also understand the implications and the impact that feelings have in our physiology to create vibrations. We’re not magical creatures; we are, by far, driven by our feelings.

If we can just feel our way through and understand our feelings and understand that, at the end of the day, what we fear most is just a feeling, we can lighten up the load and the fear and heaviness that goes along with whatever it is you aim to do. I’ve realized this year that I tend to have a very tight grip on the things that I’m busy achieving. My goal for next year is to just ease back and let everything flow and be easy. My goal is to practice what I preach.

I’ve been a clinician for over 20 years, but I didn’t realize that I was really in sick care, not healthcare. We only get patients in when they’re sick and substandard. We’re not really preventing. We’re not really promoting health. It’s almost like their threshold has dipped and we need to get them back to the baseline. We think of health as the absence of disease, but it’s really not. You can do better that.

Sick Care vs. Healthcare

Sick care is when you have ICD-9 codes. You’ve got some symptoms that have a threshold, but it’s crossed the line into disease and you’ve got some imbalance in your system. Sick care needs a healthcare system. But being in sick care means you now have to go take some medications, go for routine visits with doctors, and measure your serology to measure the progress of your disease and to keep things stable. Sick care is also hospitalizations. Having lived with an autoimmune condition for over 20 years, I intimately experience what sick care has to offer, and it’s not where you want to be.

So, then what is healthcare? In healthcare we’ve got fitness instructors, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, nutritionists – people who want to optimize their health. Healthcare is good. If you are healthy, it all works really well and everything is easy. It’s all about shifting your mindset from sick to health and getting the drive and motivation.

There’s this stark contrast and spectrum between sick care and healthcare and more and more people need our care. Most people stand at the bridge between sick care and health care. It’s post rehabilitation, pre health and wellness, and pre optimal health. Most of our population is in that gap. So how do we serve the gap between sick care and healthcare?

Serving the Gap Between Sick Care and Healthcare

I created Functional Yoga Medicine to better equip you as practitioners to serve this gap. Don’t just settle to be a yoga teacher or fitness instructor. You’re much more than that. If you’re a healthcare practitioner, forget the scope of practice. You do sick care, but you want to bridge the gap between sick care and healthcare so that your patients can have and maintain the gains that they’ve made with you. So much so that you empower them to not come back to sick care.

But think about the business model of sick care today. Hospitals, surgeons, physical therapists, medical doctors, we all need sick patients for the world to go around. Typically doctors make a lot of money – the income levels of healthcare practitioners and the stability of the job is all there. But do you, as a clinician, really want to be in sick care?

Really, if you call yourselves the yoga teachers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, you want to be able to fill that gap because you don’t just go from sick to health. There’s a gap. Where do these patients go after discharge so that they don’t go back? That is the art and science that you need to bridge. All the things from orthopedic conditions, from lumbar herniation, to disc herniation, discectomy, solaminectomy, and cortisone injections, or even ACL repairs, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, carpal tunnel release, or whatever orthopedic condition, you need to rehabilitate them to get them to a level where they’re functional again.

That’s the physical realm, and then there’s psychiatry and psychology. A lot of people fall prey to depression and depression is real. Sometimes we need medications to pull us out. Some people have suicidal thoughts, which can be very dangerous. Some people are beside themselves, and they do have a chemical imbalance to perpetuate that.

A lot of of the times on the healthcare spectrum, you have no knowledge of what happens in that spectrum, even though of a lot of these people in that gap are not in the hospital or in routine visits or the doctor’s office and most people are not flocking to the yoga studios. Most people are going to the personal trainers. They are seeking to get healthier on their own terms, reading books, and seeking nutritionists.

That’s why I’m saying the bridge is where it’s at. It’s where you can build your business so that you can not only elevate your clients to be their best, but you can also empower them to do their best by the things that you share with them, as well as enable them to embody health and wellness in all that they do.

Functional Yoga Medicine Certification

I recently finished up a workshop called the Functional Breakthrough Formula workshop in my free Facebook group, Functional Yoga Medicine. We held this workshop for over 10 days and it’s not too late, if you request to join, to see all of the units from the workshop. We also just opened cart for our Functional Yoga Medicine Practitioner Certification program. This is the last time that you can opt in at the current price. If you are interested, please join our group and check out the units and the other information in the feed. We had a very focused and engaged group where we were able to make serious connections. Everyone that came together was super happy and walked away with a wealth of knowledge to be their best.

I’m hoping that, as we approach 2021, we can certify more practitioners to bridge the gap between sick care and healthcare in a real way. This is my goal. I just really want you to understand what that gap is. A lot of people might have have metabolic dysfunctions, like diabetes and high cholesterol. They might have hypertension. They might be at the brink of heart attacks. Many people have autoimmune conditions. Others are pre-cancerous. Breast cancer is rampant. There’s a lot of mysterious illness going on because our stressors are on the rise financially, economically, and due to the worldwide pandemic that has caused a new level of stress in our lives.

With that all being said, you really have to meet the need. But how do you meet it? A lot of patients are flocking to the internet for answers and there’s a lot of people giving free advice, or sometimes charging for the advice. This advice is coming from somebody that may not necessarily understand the full spectrum of what they’re delivering and who is consuming their content in that way. So, you really have to be responsible with knowledge. Responsible enough to provide the right kind of information so that the consumers are able to utilize that information.

Putting the Pieces Together

Bridging the gap between sick care and healthcare is where it’s at. That’s where we, as Functional Yoga Medicine Certified practitioners stand. It’s all about bringing the piece of psychology, all the mental aspects of health, the relationships with self, as well as the relationship with wealth, health, and other people to understand our driving motivations. It’s also about understanding the antecedents, triggers, and perpetuating factors in their lives psychologically to really understand the choices that they may make. These are good choices sometimes. But sometimes they are bad choices. It all depends on where they are psychologically. It goes into the foods we choose, going into the psychology of nutrition.

Then we have physical medicine and physical therapy, because people need to move. Human beings are designed to move. If we don’t move, we don’t function. If we don’t function, we die. We have a lot of inflammation. Our bodies are meant to move, so I want you to focus on the movement piece.

Then there is the functional medicine piece. I’m Institute of Functional Medicine Board Certified in that, so I have a lot of things to share with you in a way that makes sense for you to apply the concepts you learn in real time. Energy medicine ties it all together and the umbrella holding all the things together is yoga.

Yoga is really a journey to self. It’s a self-healing journey. We believe that if the individuals can be empowered to heal themselves, that’s the best way to be. So, we’re all about elevating those to be their best, so that they can be empowered to do their best, so that they can embody health and wellness in all aspects of their lives. That’s really the bridge between sick care and healthcare.

Sick Care or Healthcare, Where Do You Stand?

The question is, where do you want to be? Are you in sick care, being commoditized by the insurance payers and the patients? The patients are now looking for those that are in the health and wellness industry to better serve them because they realize that sick care is perpetuating. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, registered dietitians, and medical doctors are in sick care. So, you really do need to bridge the gap.

Bridging the gap is what the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification program is all about. All of the trainings necessary in psychology, nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, and energy medicine, all under the umbrella of yoga, are shared in this comprehensive program. This program makes bridging the gap super easy and applicable. You’ll have all the tools and tactics at your fingertips, as well as the strategy by which you’re going to take your clients forward. It’s principally oriented so you have a strong, foundational knowledge to create art that matters and impacts client’s lives in a deep and meaningful way. All of a sudden, you get to enjoy what you do. We teach you all the business aspects of it, too. Understand that this world needs a lot more of you, who can bridge the gap between sick care and healthcare.

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