Today I want to talk to you guys about a revolutionary approach to healing and how applying the Alkaline Method™ promotes self-empowered healing. As one of the health practitioners for over 20 years, I’ve learned that science is not always black and white. I’m learning more of this to be true post COVID with all the things I’m seeing in my patients. 

Each Person is Different

There are so many gray zones when it comes to the symptoms that patients experience. Gray zones have variables that are different for each patient. Some examples are severity, chronicity, epigenomics, lifestyle, eating habits, general habits, and stress levels. The stress in your life, toxic exposure, life circumstances, allergens, life trauma, etc. All has an effect on how your disease plays out.  

There’s a lot of things that can impact us in different ways. We know that there’s a threshold for disease, and the line between health and disease is increasingly becoming blurred. In fact, most patients live their lives with substandard health. They are barely getting by, thinking that health only means the absence of actual disease.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. All serological lab work can be absolutely normal, yet the patient may have symptoms. And in contrast, labs may be abnormal, but the patient feels fine and does not have any symptoms.

At the end of the day, the lab markers are just a small window to show what’s happening in us. There are acute phase reactants and other markers that can fluctuate. Sometimes those levels have to be so bad in order to show up in the lab work. Also, there can be an extended amount of time for the levels to reach the point where you start to have symptoms.

So do we twiddle our thumbs and wait until we have abnormal labs or a diagnosis? Or do we get busy doing things that are going to improve the way we feel? Better yet, learn to read your body and understand what it’s trying to tell you. It’s constantly giving you signals, so begin to pay attention because this is something your doctor can’t do.

Healthcare System: It’s Just For Profit

Our healthcare system is run by an underlying medical-industrial complex. It is run in a way that economically, it’s in their best interest to keep patients sick. This is really where the problem is. 

The medical-industrial complex consists of more than a dozen major components. This includes hospitals, nursing homes, physicians (both salaried and free for service), home health agencies. And also, supply and equipment manufacturers, drug companies, insurance companies, and managed care organizations. 

One thing is for sure – we have a pervasive systematic problem that is wreaking havoc in the lives of so many of us. Personally I, as an autoimmune patient, know that we need a new methodology may be from a health practitioner. One that can flip the broken model upside down. And can provide the ultimate healing for patients that will put them in control over their longevity and health. This would allow patients to stop being dependent on the doctors to “fix” us. This is a broken model.

Responsibility of Practitioners

Us health practitioners are not the healers for our patients and clients. We’re the Powerful Health Mentors who can guide our patients through their own Self Healing Journey. 

As a health practitioner, I don’t want the responsibility of healing someone. Because that takes all their independence, their will, and their awareness away from them. 

I don’t want to play God by acting like I am the one who heals them. Rather, using my knowledge base. As one of the health practitioners, I aim to mentor them. Then make sense of the gaps in the system that nobody else is making sense of. This is necessary because healthcare in today’s society has become so compartmentalized.

The biggest systemic impact of our culture is deeply rooted in marketing manipulation. It tends to be for profit. We wake up everyday bombarded with other people’s agendas. What we should eat, where we should live, what exercises to do, and all other things bidding for our attention.

Listening to Other’s Opinion

But as we get busier doing those things, we get further and further away from our biological receptors. We no longer tune in to our own bodies. Now we rely on other people to tell us. How we should feel, how we ought to do things, and seek external validation, rather than making decisions from the inside-out. 

We need to change this. All of us are so wired and tired from distractions that most of us have become puppets. We become stuck in a cycle within an already toxic system that keeps us from thinking for ourselves and finding our truth. The same is true for practitioners. My Functional Medicine Show podcast is aimed to help you all in your ability to become the best versions of yourself. 

I just want to make sure that you understand the importance of being health practitioners for your clients or patients to make decisions from the inside-out. Finding the truth of who we, the health practitioners, really are starts with awareness. It’s when we understand the habitual nature of our existence that we can move forward to a better place to understand the role that each of us individually plays in our own health and longevity. This is taking our power back.

This is where I felt compelled to create an ultimate blueprint for doing so that both health practitioners and patients can use. This blueprint aims to apply a truly integrative approach to healing that empowers people to heal from the inside-out. 

Tune In and Take Responsibility For Your Health

Our bodies and minds have long lost touch with each other so much so that we don’t know how to gauge the constant signaling that our bodies provide to us every second, minute, and hour of every single day.

We don’t pay attention, but yet we’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Google, or even asking doctors in an attempt to find an answer.

Doing so doesn’t give us what we need because we’re looking for answers from the outside-in, rather than the inside-out. We have developed an inability to read into our bodies and get the message we’re looking for. This is because we’re too busy looking outside of ourselves – asking health practitioners what’s wrong with us on the inside and expecting them to know. Many of us try all the lab testing, diets, programs, treatments, etc. but fail to look within.

A Healthy Tree Relies on a Healthy Trunk, Roots, and Soil

Think of our bodies like a tree. The roots and soil is our genetics, or where our genetics are programmed. It’s under the surface where we can’t see or measure. This is something most health practitioners and scientists completely ignore because it’s not something they can measure or see. It’s often dismissed as there’s a lack of scientific evidence. We know that we were born with genetic programming, and epigenomics can modify our gene expression both positively and negatively.

Let’s move on to the trunk of the tree. The trunk is where we see the effects of our thoughts, emotions, and the choices we make daily. This is in large part dependent on the roots and soil. But because we’re conditioned to look for answers outside of us, we seek medical care to try to feel better. 

The branches then represent the result of the health of the trunk. So we have the roots the soil (right under the surface of what we can see), the trunk, and then the branches. What we think, feel, and do dictates the health of our branches. Everything is interconnected and has an effect on one another – the soil, roots, trunk, and branches.

The tree should be looked at as a whole system. The ecosystem within and outside of the tree has a collective impact on the health of the tree. When medical sciences view the body in different systems, often they miss the big picture. 

The Way Practitioners Think

They miss all the goodness between the lines as they fail to connect the dots. Yet, they’re so compartmentalized that they’re busy being “right” in their own scopes. And that’s where we’re failing our patients. The system keeps them compartmentalized to make sense of the coding when it comes to payments. At the end of the day, it’s designed for economic benefit. 

This is not always in the best interest of the patients. It best serves for-profit systems that have no bearing on forwarding the progress of medical sciences. It’s highly profit-driven. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if it takes away from our choice and our self-empowered healing, then I have to take a stance.

Knowing this, the premise of all that we do within Functional Yoga Medicine is to promote the message that healing is an inside job. The more we can shift disempowered victims toward becoming Self Empowered Healers, the more we can eradicate excess spending and perpetuation of disease, thus changing the trajectory of our so-called healthcare system. Our current healthcare system is more like a sick care system. 

True healthcare starts with each patient. We need more informed healthcare practitioners who are committed to empowering their patients. Those who understand that they themselves are not the healers. They are Powerful Health Mentors that can help their patients shift from sick to healthy. 

You’ve got to get out of this “technician” mindset. Start stepping into becoming the Powerful Health Mentor that you are. Your patients need guidance, accountability, support, and mentoring, and that’s what they desperately need more than superficial approaches. We need a truly integrative approach that is capable of transforming pain, fear, and suffering into freedom, courage, and joy. 

The Four Elements of the Alkaline Method™

We do this by applying the Alkaline Method™ which I developed based on my experience over the last 20 years as both a clinician and patient. It was a realization I made with my background in psychology, nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, yoga medicine, and all other things I’ve learned. I learned that you can’t compartmentalize. You can’t keep staying in one lane. You need a comprehensive approach.

There are four elements that make up the Alkaline Method™ that I came up with to help as many health practitioners as a possible step into becoming the powerful health mentor they are. But this does require you to be more business savvy. It does require you to be a conscious transformative coach. My Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program is a 12 month program that guides you in mastering all elements of the Alkaline Method™.

The first part of the program is all about understanding Timeless Wisdom, which includes three pillars: yoga energy, and spiritual health. 

The second part of the program and second element of the Alkaline Method™ is Transformational Psychology. This is where you’ll learn to understand the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, which collectively play a role in the health of the trunk of the tree. You’ll also learn coaching tools to tie everything together so you can effectively guide your patients or clients through making necessary changes.

The third element is Modernized Functional Medicine. With its three pillars: stress-brain, gut-brain, and immune-brain. 

Lastly, you get to learn all about business mastery. Economics drives everything that we do. You need to learn sales and marketing, program development, systems and processes, and how to scale a business.

Boosting Our Lives

At the end of the day, we all want improved quality of life, doing things that we love to make this world a better place. When we get hyper-focused on expanding the lives of those we serve, we gain so much more edification and joy. And when you’re edified and joyful, this world starts to become a better place. 

I believe we need a new generation of healthcare and health and wellness practitioners who are ready to stand up for what they believe. Those who refuse to give in to the status quo and are willing to trailblaze through roads less traveled to actually make a difference. Because those of us who are crazy enough to think that we can, always do. 

Come and Join Us

I want you to join me where we have elevated conversations about what we can do to make a difference. Join my free Virtual Healing Retreat for Autoimmunity to learn more about how I’m empowering my clients on their Self Healing Journey. I also encourage you to join my private Facebook group called Functional Yoga Medicine. At the end of this month we will be hosting a free Functional Yoga Medicine Workshop. You can click HERE to register today.

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You’re meant to be a Powerful Health Mentor because you’re here reading this. You’re meant for more than what you’re currently doing. I hope you guys stand for what you believe and make a difference. With that said, thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys all next week. Bye for now.