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Hi everybody. This is Dr. Connie with functional yoga medicine.
I just came back from a business mastery in California. A fully immersed with powerful entrepreneurs talking about messaging for an entire week.

A Transformative Conference

And it was the most transformative experience ever. Why? Because it wasn’t so didactic. It wasn’t the information-filled like drink from a fire hydrant type of a conference with really uncomfortable seats. But, it was a very engaging spiritual sort of a Mastery Bootcamp among entrepreneurs from all over the world. And think about heart-centered businesses. We want to create and ask more profound questions because we can’t be superficial and do things to make money. This is what everybody else does and regurgitates the same old information. You’re just going to drown out in a sea of noise.

How can you be impactful so that you have preeminence in your field. Develop a new field on your own with your new methodology and proprietary method by which you do things to stand apart from the rest. So Zig when everybody’s zagging. I believe this is the topic we have to have in the healthcare practitioner industry. Because we learned how to be indoctrinated. We learned to be conditioned and work hard, play hard, and, more importantly, get the expertise we need in our respective fields and stay in our lane. So don’t cross the lines. Play by the rules and regulations that seem to increase for our benefit.

Creating A New Method

In over 15 years, I’ve slowly started to create a different methodology. I just lacked the self-trust that I needed and the confidence to step out of the box to push forward. But my struggles as a lupus patient with a lot of ailments came my way. Experiencing the perils of the medical system. How it was taking me nowhere in terms of long-term health put me in a place of, “Okay, I need to be asking better questions for myself. What’s the long-term solution? Why am I sick the way it is? What is my autoimmunity trying to teach me? What’s the lesson behind my suffering?”

From that experience, I created the Alkaline Method™ Academy for Practitioners. To have like-minded practitioners who are spiritual in their orientation to want to do good in the world. And mastery with who they indeed are, authentically shamelessly stand for what they believe. Also, do what matters the most to them: to make an impact.

Talking About Money

There has to be a monetary conversion to make sure that you do seek financial freedom and growth. And there was nothing to be shy about doing that or there’s nothing evil about talking about money. We’ve learned that even though we’re entrepreneurs or business owners, talking about the money is like the dark side. It’s a topic that everybody avoids because they think it’s disrespectful. They believe this, and they think that we’re thinking is your belief system.

As long as you hold onto those limiting beliefs, you’ll never be free of them. So face your fears and ideologies and unravel all the pieces like peeling all the layers of an onion. It would help if you were unchanging all the conditions, beliefs into stepping into your true power. So when they talk about my Functional Yoga Medicine Program, I know that they want a mastery with the biggest entities like the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve gotten the full board certification through those means. And I used to think I needed to have all these letters behind my name to feel qualified. But the more I learned, the more I realized, the more I didn’t understand. So I wanted to seek my orientation and my mastery towards the deeper roots that will not be changing with the times that will not be wavering between research and reliability. And the control studies are a little bit more reliable, and it’s not all about evidence-based. It’s not all about science. It has to mix with the more miracles as somebody who’s gone through the whole transformation process and the required healing. Not just require taking medications. It wasn’t just a simple shift in the diet.

Trust Your Inner Self

It’s not something that any doctor knew better than me. Learning to trust my inner guidance and intuition allowed me to go above and beyond my expertise. So if you’re still struggling with your business, even with so many letters behind your name. Because of fear, judgment, and failure, or whatever the case might be, you’ve come to the right place to stand for something.

I will also tell you that we are the classic victims in the online space because so many business gurus, supplement companies, and testing companies that want our business. If we don’t know enough about the business aspects, the things that we don’t get taught in school, even though we’re expected to be very analytical and super smart on the left brain side, there is an art piece to this.

It’s the yin to the yang. We need a way for us to realize all the unseen things of the patients rather than diving into the analytical. Because nobody lives their lives out of logic. Human beings are not logical creatures. We’re illogical. We operate from our reptilian brain, mammalian brain, and neocortex, the most developed brain for analytics, which most of you guys are. We don’t act that way. And that’s why many of you struggle with your dietary habits. Yet you tell your patients what you learned in whatever program you graduated from, and it doesn’t work that way.

Two Different Concept

I want you to understand the difference between mastery having masterful skill in something versus expert. Most of you guys are operating from a stand of or from a place of expertise. Expertise is an expert skill or knowledge in a particular field, whether ear, nose, throat, cardiology, internal medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.

And even then, there needs to be expertise in women’s health or orthopedics, or there’s a sub-category breakdown of becoming an expert. And the deeper you go, the more you don’t see the bigger picture. I have an ENT brother-in-law who only knows this part of the brain. And you ask him about everything else. He has no idea. He wants to stay within the scope of practice, super smart, but not good in expansion. Because he knows how to stay in the lane and be compliant means you stay in your lane, and mastery is having comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.

You’ll have to look at the yin to the yang. You have to look at the science and the evidence and be able to refute those things. But also understand that the body’s miraculous, giving patients hope and understanding and trusting in intuition and self-empowerment is 50% of the equation you can provide.

So no more feeding your ego so much because you have so many letters behind your name. That’s not going to sell to the patient. A patient wants to know, can you help them going into your inner knowing intuition, instinct, and energy. It’s the ignored and uneducated thing. It’s what the patient looks for, needs, and wants. And guess what, everything is nuanced for the patient, whether a diet supplement or anything else. So we have to start with the patient. There is individual diversity. And unless you go through the process of a path to self-transformation, self-evolution, self-exploration, self-growth, and how can you teach that to your patients. It’s a much better way to handle your practice and business in a long-term way to heal the world, really go after the more profound purpose.

The Alkaline Method™ for Practitioners

How do you do that? Well, sounds all good. That’s why I created the Alkaline Method™ Academy. That’s where I teach certified practitioners to be certified in the Alkaline Methodology. We divide the Alkaline Method™ into four frameworks. Where you can plug and play to integrate truly, no matter what background you come in with. And to understand what health and wellness mean. It’s a way of being. Not a way of doing anymore and anything we’ve prescribed.

It’s all about the doing at the simple tip of the iceberg, but I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to keep doing the same thing and being a technician and expert at something when I’m not making a more profound impact. So the shift is completed. We’re going to zag when everybody is zigging. Going to dare to step out, stand for something we believe because we know change is necessary at this time.

We’re standing at that transition. And we’re going towards the deeper purpose of healing the world because so many people are sick today, and that’s the vision that I have for the Alkaline Method™ Academy. The first element is all about the self-healing journey, where it’s the inner awakening, outer manifestation, and all the coaching tools you need to meet the patient. To meet where they are, feel the connection, and provide them with care, compassion, and accountability in a loving but very straightforward way—setting clear boundaries and teaching them how to set boundaries.

And then the second element is all about ancient wisdom. I teach you how to practice yoga, yoga movement with breath, to get in alignment with yourself because the body needs to connect with the mind. And right now, you’re living up here. You’re never listening to the intuitive guides and the signals your body is trying to send to you. So we do that through the practice of yoga energy chakra, and of course, meditation and silencing of your mind.

And then we incorporate all the modern philosophy, modern medicine, the evidence, and then the expertise, as well as the science of it. So, for example, going over the adrenal system, the complete is doing no system, including HPATG axis, which is hypo pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and gonadal hormones. The second pillar to that element is all about the enteric nervous system. The vagal nerve and the gut permeability issues all about the gut and then lead into the immune brain component.

The third pillar in Modern medicine with all the dietary and research and all the things to pull it all together, to understand this, I go, neuroimmunology is where it’s at, it’s where it combines.
Lastly, we go into business mastery, where I teach you how to develop, be an entrepreneur, and mastery on how to scale your business with systems and processes.

Become A Powerful CEO

Running your business and marketing in the 21st century is very different from what you’re used to from the paper print advertisement. And there’s an art to that. It’s all about knowing exactly what you are offering. These are the missing things in most of the programs.

Right now, our cart is open for the Alkaline Method™ Academy for Practitioners to be certified. And you end up with a yoga certification RIT 200 hour or 500 hour depending on your level of certification. We have monthly plans as well as paid-in-full options. That’s available for you, and you end up with AMCP, which is Alkaline Method™ Certified Practitioner. We have a licensing brand with all the supplements, protocols, and things that we utilize that are streamlined. For you to know how to plug in place to have a business mastery
So it’s a comprehensive program that I wish I had at the start of my endeavors. So I encourage you to come a join me.

Thank you so much for reading. Also, please, if you liked my message, please subscribe to my channel, Functional Yoga Medicine on iTunes and Spotify. I was hoping you could leave us a review, I read every one of them, and they make my world. I’m so encouraged to spread the healing. And I want you to be part of the healing movement. This is super important that you find your way into being a self-empowered healer yourself. Shift from a powerless practitioner to a powerful CEO of your life and your career. So I will see you hopefully on the inside. Bye for now.