Hello, everyone. Welcome to our Functional Yoga Medicine Show blog. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss how to incorporate Modernized Functional Medicine Into Your Health and Wellness Practice.

Here’s the thing, there are numerous podcasts available worldwide. Functional Medicine is promoted by a lot of major businesses and big names. I’m not sure how well the general public understands Functional Medicine. As someone who was excited when I first discovered it, I’m well aware of the potential for misunderstanding between practitioners and patients.

Now I was ecstatic because it was a credible source of information for me. It was important to me that it came from credentialed providers, which is from Dr. Jeffrey Bland. As well as the founders of the Institute of Functional Medicine who are getting big with their e-commerce supplement business.

Then along came Dr. Oz with all of his hypes. A lot of practitioners began to promote the idea of holistic vs conventional medicine to create functional medicine today.

How I Got Into Coaching

I’ll tell you about the challenges I faced while completing the program. We called it AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice).

It was a year-long practice. I attended a workshop through the Institute of Functional Medicine. That’s where you get an overview. You should be able to apply some of what you’ve learned throughout the course of the week, which is fantastic.

There’s an immune system evaluation, a cardio-metabolic, a detox, and endocrinology, which includes hormones, women’s health, and etc. After the week-long program, there are a variety of subspecialties to choose from.

It will take longer. And those sub-specialties are three-day courses that are available all over the world. For the sake of convenience, I selected to visit those in the United States.

I got into coaching because I realized that no matter how many degrees I have, how many letters behind my name, or how much theory I know if I can’t get my patients to go from point A to point B, I’m not making any difference in the lives of the people I serve.

I started asking a lot of questions after the fact. To become fully board-certified, it took me around seven years. Doing and submitting case studies, sitting for the boards, and ultimately passing the boards was a tough practice process.

After then, you must maintain a particular level of membership each year to remain a member of the IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner).

Information Overload

But this was all I knew at the time. I realized, and began to consider, “Okay, how might I have improved that experience?” Because as practitioners, and as a patient myself, we don’t appreciate it. Sitting in a room full of people, and then being moved to be sold supplements, tests, and all types of everything else in between.

Not only did I feel like I was being taken advantage of, but my head was also being blown away with so much information. 

Consider what would happen if I said, “Okay, listen, I’m going to teach you all I know.” Then I get a hose and connect it to the hose. Then I turned on the water really hard all the way to the maximum capacity. Then I began spilling out all of the water I had inside. When I direct that water hose at you, at the end of the weekend, you’ll be drenched. But you’ll only have consumed and retained none of the knowledge.


That’s how I feel, and it’s how most practitioners feel. Even though we’re professionals in holistic medicine, the experience of teaching or learning was nothing but toxic since you can’t retain information that way. 

As members of the Institute of Functional Medicine, we do have access to the information on our portals for the rest of our lives. But I just felt like there is so much information.

What does your mind do when there’s so much information? It simply becomes overloaded and eventually paralyzed.

It makes no difference. I had a hard time recalling the facts and remembering everything I needed to remember. But the difficulty was that my motivation and time for practice and other activities were both limited.

Once you’ve gotten into the Institute of Functional Medicine, then you’re sold a coaching academy to get coached or have your staff go for this certification, which costs around $7,000. There are also digital platforms, practice management tools, coaching, and business coaching.

It’s not about the content, but the displays are now attempting to sell you all of this other stuff. It becomes too repetitive and overwhelming.

The Functional Yoga Medicine Program

In the program, I need my practitioners to learn number one is compassion and empathy. As well as trusting their intuition rather than theoretical knowledge, and transforming lives by showing them what’s possible rather than telling people what to do. Because behavioral transformation is a multi-layered process.

There’s more to it than meets the eye. We can’t just give them a diet and expect them to stick to it. I believe that you recognize as a practitioner that there’s a gap in our ability to impact lives. 

Because we’re not as adept at coaching someone through whatever they need to break through mental barriers or limiting beliefs they hold to question things or see their lives a different way. Not only inspire but to evoke a response towards the thing that they want to get. Then reveal what is preventing them from obtaining whatever they so desperately desire but do not possess.

That’s the difference between being the person you need to be to achieve your goals versus being busy.

When it comes to becoming the person you need to be, sometimes you need to trust the process. It can sometimes be as simple as envisioning yourself as the person you want to be.

However, many of my patients, including you, the practitioners, are unsure of what’s possible. You’re conditioned to the extent that your past dictates.

The Fundamental Cause of Sickness

I want you to know that as functional medicine becomes more popular, getting to the fundamental cause of sickness is the model. While there’s a lot of truth to this statement, it’s complicated like a fire hose hydrant when we get super wet but retain nothing. It’s over compartmentalized to the point where if we fail to put the puzzle pieces back together, we have no idea what the problem is.

I want to emphasize the SGIB model and modernized functional medicine piece. Within its three pillars, you’ll master only one of the four fundamental parts of the program.

It’s not just about functional medicine. You’ll need timeless wisdom, transformational psychology, and coaching tools. In addition, you need to be an expert in business mastery.

I divided them into three central body functions that we absolutely need and contribute to disease. The stress-brain connection, which includes the hypo pituitary-adrenal axis, hypo pituitary thyroid axis, and every endocrinological hormone, are discussed in this context.

Then we lead to gut permeability, which is your enteric nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and digestive system. However, if you don’t address the stress that precedes gut permeability, you won’t get the full picture.

So the stressed brain comes first, followed by the gut-brain and the enteric nervous system. Lastly, there is also an immunological brain.

Dig Deeper with Perspective

I also delve into the field of psycho-neuro-immunology. Psycho is more about the mental stakes. Whereas neurological is more about the biological, neurological, electrical impulses and synopses. And everything else that can be measured using EEG and CT scans of the brain and its activity and nerves.

Then there’s immunology where through gut permeability in the SGIB mode, the enteric nervous system, opens up tight junctions in the gut to allow toxins in, resulting in an inflammatory reaction.

The immunological triggers will be the results of allowing the immune system to thrive. When the immune system becomes overworked and confused, it begins to target its own tissues. That’s why I tie it all together when you have a full-blown autoimmune disorder.

Stress brain, gut-brain, and immune brain. These are the three pillars of modernized functional medicine in terms of how it functions physiologically and what the dysfunction patterns might be.

We do discuss epigenomics, dysbiosis, microbiome, and all the supplements and diets that might be warranted at certain stages and dysfunctions. We also discuss what key indicators to look for, what labs to test, and what diets are best. As well as some specific interventions, supplemental interventions, such as addressing some parasites in your gut, to address SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), hydrochloric acid deficit or hypochlorhydria. This includes giving them betaine tablets, bromelain or pancreatic enzymes, and other supplements that the patient might be needing.

These are all things that you should consider. But I will not give any exact information about the program. You need to go deeper and see the whole picture to obtain the biggest transformation that you wanted.

Transform Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts

A large number of functional medicine practitioners that I’ve met over the years are confused. Some of them have good outcomes for a certain number or percentage of patients. If they’re being completely honest, they’ll tell you that nothing else happens at the next level, until the patient is fully participating.

A large number of them are dissatisfied, stressed out, and overwhelmed. Many of them are dealing with Imposter Syndrome, not good enough circumstances, and confidence issues from continually chasing the latest fad, and anything else that their patients inquire about.

That’s why I created Functional Yoga Medicine. Because I wanted my practitioners to look me in the eyes, be attentive to my needs, treat me like a human being, empower me from within, and ultimately bring me out of my unconscious autoimmune sufferer mindset.

If someone had done that 21 years ago, I would not only have avoided a failed marriage. But I would also be a very different person today. In any case, this is why I have this blog, this program, and everything else I offer through my business.

I wish there were more practitioners like you who cared enough to take it to the next level. And say, “You know what, this is the missing piece. I need to bring it all together, and make a difference in the lives of the people I serve.”

Aspired to be a powerful health mentor, not a powerless health technician that taught us in school. The time has come to make a shift and start being the change we want to see in the world.

This is how you may implement modernized Functional Medicine in your own health and wellness practice to give your company what it needs to prosper. Utilize the Alkaline Method™ and use the modernized functional medicine in a simple but effective way. 

Transform their perspective and empower your patients from unconscious autoimmune sufferer to self-empowered healers. So it is now clear to them your role as a trusted mentor rather than you trying to perfect them.

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