Hey everyone!  I can’t believe  it’s the end of the year. We are now at the end of 2021 and what a year it’s been.  Although we still don’t know what the future holds with the new way of life post pandemic, we all learned to be adaptive and resilient. We’ve learned through the lock downs as well as the ups and downs of navigating life in isolation. Personally, I’ve learned that and obstacle is my opportunity in disguise.

I think we all agree that we are designed to gather and mingle as evidenced by the increasing number of travelers this holiday season.  Wherever you stand on the pandemic precautions, I believe we should all  hold space for one another to BE who we want to be through this time.

It’s been a challenge for all of us but I want to share how traumatic this year has been for my personal  health.

My Health Struggles This Year

I began the year with big plans but as the year progressed, I noticed I was getting increasingly fatigued. I am constantly feeling exhausted to the point of debilitation. Also, had to take frequent breaks, was dealing with pain all over my body, and increasing digestive problems which ultimately lead to a severe lupus flare affecting my kidney function.

As of this blog, I’ve ended up with acute kidney failure which created significant health issues that affected my function in every aspect of my life.

I know that I am stress prone but I thought I was managing everything just fine.  This was also a pivotal year for me with both my boys transitioning to college and high school. There was a lot to adjust in our family life plus dealing with my sickness added another layer of complication in our family dynamics.

My Own Experience with Our Healthcare System

But I want to share my experience receiving care in the hospital.  With acute kidney failure, I was not in a good place.  I was admitted with severe anemia, hypertension, proteinuria, and insulin resistance. Keep in mind that these symptoms were a side effect to the medications that I was receiving in the hospital.  

Because of kidney failure I was anemic. It leads to blood transfusion, hematoma after kidney biopsy lead to inflammation, swelling, and pain affecting digestion, corticosteroids cause insulin resistance, chemo caused further anemia and low platelets taxing the kidneys even more, and blood pressure was spiking due to kidney failure and corticosteroids.

All in all, my system was dysfunctional. All treatments were geared toward medically stabilizing my body enough to help it recover.

The Sick-Care System

Each physician and care team staff were all concerned about their own scope of practice as opposed to my health issues.  Attending doctor had all aspects covered by having a solid protocol of medications which included; sleep aid, pain meds including narcotics, constipation, blood pressure, thyroid, to keep me comfortable.

I was told the same protocol exists for every patient so that the physicians don’t get “called” in the middle of the night.  So I as a patient had to stay vigilant to say “no” to certain medications including insulin because I knew that my blood sugar is typically NOT high.  

I wasn’t getting significantly better in the hospital and I grew weary as I felt the energy in the hospital was not conducive to healing.  

I fought to be discharged and when I was discharged, I was still sick with no signs of getting better.

You Have The Power to Decide on your Own

The band-aid approach to health care is one that is limiting for patients. To tell you about my experience with every physician that I met, they only knew their scope of practice. Their opinions about their locality and covering their liabilities as opposed to really caring about what I needed. Our conversations got grew a little bit weary at times. My nephrologist actually said, when deciding between dialysis or diuretics in the hospital, he said, it’s up to me. There was just a lot of disappointing care that I received and it was heartless.

The bedside manner rhythms were very negative and I just had no business being around people like that. I took an opportunity to shift and scream and do whatever I needed to do to get the care that I deserved. The care I needed and wanted.

I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt about it, but there are very much a ways that you can communicate better with your doctors to get what you need.

Be heard is what I want you to really know, because when you reject the medication, this is your body. You get to protect it. Your body can and will heal through the divine intervention. That’s the aspect that no doctors want to speak of.

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