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Intimately what it’s like to be navigating the sick care system. It aims to do symptoms management but not help you heal from the inside out. So we have Alkaline Method™, a very different methodology that I created.

Alkaline Method™ Academy

Today I want to talk to you about the Alkaline Method™ Academy. I created Alkaline Method™ and put it together to support our healthcare practitioners. Alkaline Method™ will be used to leverage their knowledge to integrate all the elements of healing truly.

The Alkaline Method™ combines both the yin and the yang, science to miracles, modern medicine, and ancient wisdom. It ties it all together in a truly integrative way. And to provide you with all the tools necessary to impact the lives you serve. Having been in the healthcare industry for over 21 years. I thought that psychology, nutrition, and physical therapy would be a stepping stone to be the health and wellness guru.

Going to Health and Wellness Industry

I never wanted to go into medicine or preventative medicine. Only because I knew that going into medicine would deprive me of everything in the health and wellness industry. But the last year of my graduate studies in physical therapy, I got super sick. I was diagnosed with lupus. It took 18 months for the diagnosis. And I was going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist. All I received were meds that were creating symptoms than the disease itself. Or symptoms that were worse than the disease itself. Because of my heavy indoctrination and my belief in the healthcare system and education, physicians knew best. Still, as I was navigating the medical system, I quickly learned just how ineffective the medical system was.

While medical school training is rigorous, I learned that physicians went to look for pathology. Also prescription privileges for symptoms management. Really, in essence, that’s what they do. There’s a heavy emphasis on science and microscopic view. Also, tearing the human body into specialties that they can study limits the patient’s ability to heal. They informed us that certain things are not curable but manageable with the proper medications. And that it’s a sick path.

Conflicts as a Patient

I was treated as a disease rather than a human being with an illness in the medical system. The longer I experienced the limits of the medical system, the more I became inspired. In helping patients and practitioners break out of the limited scope and expand to help patients become self and heal. That’s really what this work is all about. The human body is miraculous, and we are multi-dimensional beings. I can attest to this fact as a patient, as well as a clinician.

Rather than defining the diseases, we should focus on the patient with the symptoms of the disease. In this regard, most diseases are a symptom of a deeper problem. Stemming from self-betrayal and self-loathing that all my patients struggle with, including myself. Unfortunately, self-confidence is a pervasive problem in society today. Especially with the rise of social platforms that open the door for comparison.

We have a misguided perception of what we ought and should look like, do, and behave. This societal projection doesn’t necessarily align with our inner compass. Most of us live our lives, ignoring our inner compass. So finding the inner compass becomes the healing journey through our Alkaline Methodology™. This is why I created the Alkaline Method™ Academy. And this is the framework for both patients and practitioners that I’ve successively been able to utilize. It will provide a clear-cut pathway into the healing journey and help self-empower our patients.

And whether you struggle with physical, mental, or emotional turmoil, we all have something we want to fix. We are all wounded and live in confusion about what we want and who we indeed are. Although nobody encourages us to ask ourselves these questions, the Alkaline Methodology™ aims to bridge the gap between inner and outer healing and genuinely integrate the body-mind-spirit approach that we’re all seeking.

The Alkaline Methodology™ and its Elements

We do so by the four elements and the three pillars in each of the elements within the Alkaline Methodology™. It will allow practitioners to have a clear understanding and framework to leverage the full-body healing approach that patients seek the truth. And I don’t just end there because at the end of the day, if you’re in this industry, you want to create, or the ability to expand your ability to complete financial success, financial freedom at the end of the day.

Self Empowered Healing and Modern Medicine

So the four elements within the alkaline Methodology are number one, self empowered healing. Self empowered healing is all about inner awakening, outer manifestation, and all the coaching tools you can provide and implement right away. So you don’t have compliance issues. You’re helping your patients be seen and heard as human beings. And that they are not to treat them as the disease itself.

The second element is modern medicine. Where we utilize and infuse a lot of the functional medicine approach. The medical approach to things to bring logic into the mix, the science part, or aspects of healing, married with the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal. It has three essential pillars: stress brain, gut-brain, and immune brain modules within modern medicine.

Ancient Wisdom and Business Mastery

The third element is ancient wisdom. I utilize yoga, breath, pranayama hypnosis, and healing meditation. We will go deeper to get you as a practitioner, as well as the patients. To provide you with the essential tools to show them in real-time. Also, shift their perspective, transform their body and mind, and genuinely learn to connect them. And I utilize yoga. Yoga means Your Opportunity for Growth and Awareness by the Alkaline Method™ Academy.

Last but not least is all about Business Mastery. I believe in being in this industry of health and wellness. You’ve now stepped into what’s called entrepreneurship and business. You can leverage so much in technological platforms that I teach you about program development—creating systems and processes and getting clarity on your entrepreneurial identity. To understand what you’re creating. Because whatever you’re creating, if it’s aligned to what you stand by truly. What you can stand by to believe in holding you in the times of difficulty. Then you have a vision and the mission in your life. And go deeper and understand what your vision for yourself might be.

This allows you to have clarity over who you want to serve as well. So if you’re looking to Uplevel your career and live a life in alignment with who you indeed are, look no further than the Alkaline Method™ Academy. We have certifications available. It will equip you with everything you need. To finally put the yin to the yang together to solidify your career. Life without the struggle and aim to create financial abundance in your life.

Join Our Free Training

We have a free training called Business Mastery Bootcamp For Health Practitioners. And again, I’d like to sincerely ask you to spread the word for those that might need it. Write a review in this blog with those that might benefit from this message. Because at the end of the day, what I’m trying to do is spread the good news. Instill some transformation and change for generations.

Future generations in the healthcare industry should not stick to what it is. But create a better future because it’s time you and I step up to create something remarkable. So if you’re with me, thank you so much. Please go through the training and let me know how you do. And I would love to hear from you by you reviewing our blog. You can find me on Instagram at Dr. Connie Jeon. I hope to see you come drop by and say hello, and I’ll see you soon next week. Thank you. I’ll see you.