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Hey everybody. Welcome to our Functional Yoga Medicine blog. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September 2021. As I look around at our lives today, I realize how different everything is. I had always hoped to go back to the life before COVID. But now it seems we’re creating day-to-day what life would look like going forward.

There are some things that I recognize within myself and my practices, where my business has shifted forever. Some in a good way. I find myself trying to hold onto the past, but that’s when I have to realize that no longer is. Our new future looks very different and it’s time to welcome and embrace the new future and love what is. That’s the choice that we get to make every day.

The topic of today’s episode is The Difference Between Medical Treatments vs Healing. I have not shared much about my health issues, but ever since March of this year, my physical body and health have been kind of up and down. It’s been a roller coaster ride. The Big-C is that I really do feel like my autoimmunity may have been triggered. After being in remission for so long, it was triggered due to the Big-V. After the second dose, it really floored me.

Then it went downhill and my body just kind of had a flare-up. It’s kind of getting better now, but it’s been a long haul. I’m not used to being so tired and out of control and struggling. However, this has been a year where I really learned about my mindset – about the underlying beliefs that I hold. It really tested me as a practitioner, as well as a patient to really practice what I preach. Because the health crisis really does allow you to take a second look. 

Stop Turning a Blind Eye

I know many healthcare practitioners are very private about their own issues and health crisis. It’s one that we don’t want to talk about. Because as medical practitioners, you have a lot of insecurities that you mask through knowledge. 

We rely so heavily on evidence-based medicine and everything about research and science. When we do that, we limit our ability to be expensive. We confine ourselves to symptoms treatment versus living from possibility. Every single day, there’s a lot more empirical evidence to prove the importance of neuroscience and quantum physics to dictate the healing capabilities within that cannot be explained with science alone.

We start to limit ourselves to science alone, and a lot of western trained medical practitioners are very wary of that. It’s almost like it was frowned upon. I have a lot of colleagues who won’t even go there. But more and more, it’s being embraced thanks to the likes of Joseph Dispenza, as well as Deepak Chopra, and all the other big science-based medical practitioners. 

However, it’s still one of those alternative therapies that are boohooed. I think the science, knowledge, intellect, and finite to know more really stumps all the miraculous things that we can’t explain. But now I believe in the woo-hoo science. I believe we need both, the full spectrum. 

That’s the reason why I created the Alkaline Methodology within the context of Functional Yoga Medicine. For you to have a framework, and to understand the methodology in a way that you can address everything. You need to learn all four pieces of the Alkaline Methodology to create a truly integrative effect in or through patient care that you can utilize with the tools to make sure you enhance your practice in this way.

I believe medical education really perpetuates insecurity. We’re really judged upon how smart we are or our grades on the test. But it’s all about performance, and it really does promote the doing. You and I both know if you’re heavily based in science and western medicine, we’re required to know a lot more. We’re required to keep up with all the data, all the science, and new research papers that come out every day. But since we’re humans and if we’re being really honest with ourselves, there’s no way we can know it all. There’s contradictory research. To refute all of the things that are coming out by the minute in the research journals is just really impossible. 

Honestly, I have tried to do so for two decades too, but the deeper I get into the research study and the evidence-based medical practices, there’s so much murkiness down there. These are my personal experiences as a patient with autoimmunity that really affected my immunological standpoint, gut digestive issues, and neurological issues. It hits everything as well as the systemic effects of all my organs, my detox, organs, and metabolism, and all the things. Its sort of like your body has too many things to consider. Too many variables that when we look at one element or one pathway biochemically, then we miss the bigger picture.

So we always want to make sure that we have a global perspective, the bigger picture point of view. You need to work on what’s driving, not with your knowledge of healing your patients because medical science doesn’t heal, it perpetuates anxiety and fear.

Prevent Secondary Side Effects

I also just had a meeting with my nephrologists, rheumatologist, and hematologist. There are some values that we’re looking at. And the constant thing that they talk about is the research.

But when I talk about the hope of doing all the things with all the tools that I have, they want to hear none of it. They just want to share the worst-case possible scenario. When you disclose these types of negativity within the context of research, science, and telling, and being transparent with your patient, you almost are robbing them of the miraculous ability. Their belief now starts to wane and towards the worst possible scenario. When the patient’s beliefs shift from the best-case scenario of having hope to the worst-case scenario, and they start to believe it, you are creating perpetual negativity for your patients. We know that thoughts create feelings, and feelings create actions, and actions create the results in your life.

It’s one that I do want you to think about and consider because that’s the difference between medical treatments and healing. Medical treatments do deal with the symptomology, but it might create a secondary side effect. 

What do we tell our patients? We tell our patients that the benefits outweigh the risks always. We want to decrease the symptoms. And when we decrease one symptom, what would we do? Create another symptom. Then we have to give medication for that symptom. And when that subsides, another symptom arises and we have medication for that. That’s the mad science of it all. You have to really consider at the end of the day, the big pharmaceuticals, and then the medical complex, they’re all for profit. Their main role really is to keep patients sick because they profit from them. 

Create Functional Approach to Solutions

While you might have a cushy job and nice pay, there was some level of discontentment within. You know that there’s something more. You want to be your own boss. But, you just don’t know how to do it. There are even times when you are already your own boss, but you hide behind clinical relevance or more education to try to do more. You hide behind clinical skills.

But what we really need is a street’s common sense, a simple logical, practical, and functional approach to solutions where we can share the tools with our patients, and make it super easy for them, so that they start healing on the inside. We’re not doing the healing for them. We’re just pointing them in the right direction and making sure that they’re able to switch their beliefs and instill the power from within them so they can then come into their own bodies to heal. 

I was there too, and want to be a good clinician. And I believe the more clinical education, the more letters behind my name, I had more ego I can boost up. The more desirable I can be as an employee or even a business owner. 

But running a business is different from the didactics of medical education. In the health and wellness industry, no matter where or what background you come from, the running of the business side is really an art. It’s the street smart or the common sense approach. Because at the end of the day, stripped of everything, it all comes down to mathematics. Making how many offers to get, how much money do you want to make, what do you have to do, how many units do you have to sell,  or what’s your marketing plan. It’s really simple. It’s all about the numbers. You just rinse and repeat minus all the drama of not good enough.

We always feel like we don’t feel good enough. The more education we have, we want more control over our lives. We want control over our reputation. We think about our profession, there’s more on the line. You may think have more to lose, but at the core, we’re very insecure human beings who constantly feel not good enough. And we’re living in constant fear of being found out. We all have imposter syndrome. And when we hear the woo wee side of things, we want to believe it, but we do so in the closet. We do it in hiding. Personally, I did for over a decade.

Make a Difference

The courage that it takes for you to really make the difference today more than ever allows you to do so much more. But what does it involve? Well, it involves courage from you and the belief and identity that you can do this. Fear is keeping you exactly trapped in the system. Because of that, you’re there on a hamster wheel, just busy being a technician, doing the same thing over and over again. So whether it be a medical doctor, physical therapist, or pharmacist, everybody who’s in that profession at the end of the day is stripped of everything because they all do the same thing. We’re taught the same clinical skills, and that’s what we do.

There is a certain written or unspoken law of how to practice what we do and how we have to play within our scope of practice. We don’t veer into other lanes. These are the things that we do really well. We’ve been indoctrinated to think regulations and following directions is what we do best. And then guess what? We excel. Better get those A’s to graduate from medical school, to get matched for residency, or whatever else you want to do going forward. 

What I want you to consider is that medical treatments are just band-aid approaches. We kind of all know that from the standpoint of. But we do know sometimes that those band-aid approaches are necessary. I’m not saying anything wrong with that, but the long-term effects of healing involve inner emotional trauma. Looking at those things to heal, switching their identity at the core level, and allowing your patients to be aligned with who they are from within.

Because a lot of the time more often than not, if a patient has some type of disease process, there are a lot of struggles that they go through. There are finances, relationship woes, past traumas, abuse, and challenges in their lives. Emotionally, mentally, and physically that sometimes with medical doctors, we don’t really have time to even ask them beyond just getting to know them at the first visit. So these are all things you have to consider. You have to learn how to be a human being. Sometimes we complicate rather than simplify. Simplicity really stumps complexities. 

I used to have a habit of feeling like I needed to use my professional jargon. A lot of you do the same the higher up you go. But we have to meet them at a level outside of your profession. If you were to go to Home Depot in your sweat shorts and flip-flops and a t-shirt trying to fix something, that person is who we’re treating, as opposed to whatever designation we want to kind of hold. Humility is what we need to practice and really meet them at a practical level. 

Have Financial Freedom

So we don’t have to hide behind and be sacrificial behind all that. This is what I experienced at a lot of my seminars and training. Nobody wants to talk about money. It’s only an afterthought. It’s really at the forefront of their minds, but they’re not being honest about it. So business acumen is really necessary to run a practitioner business because by virtue of you being in a holistic alternative space, you are an entrepreneur and you have to start thinking like a health CEO, as opposed to just an employee technician that you’re conditioned to be.

These are the things that we teach. There are so many book bonuses that I want to share with you in the light of really creating financial freedom, because at the end of the day, why does that matter? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got two little ones. As a mother, I want to make sure that I provide for my children in the way that they need. I don’t want them to come out of school with debt because of their college tuition. I want them to be ahead of the game. Also, I want to influence and affluence. My goal is to reach more people in order for me to do that, make my business a success, and support my employees.

That’s a value that I had to learn because my relationship with money was very poor in the beginning. I had a lot of struggles with it and I had to rethink, and re-engineer a way for me to really think about business in a different way. 

Four Elements of Alkaline Methodology

1. Ancient Wisdom – we come to the ancient wisdom where we incorporate yoga. Yoga is not just about flexibility, or about going into poses. Yoga stands for your opportunity for growth and abundance. We look at the energy, the chakra, the meridians, the energetic flow in the body, and how the feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions that we take create these energy blocks. Then we talk about silencing our minds through hypnosis, meditation, and reprogramming our subconscious mind. 

2. Transformational Psychology – where I take my patients from inner awakening to outer manifestation, and how those two are completely linked. You have to master that along with the coaching abilities. Not just your clinical didactic knowledge, but you also need to have a bedside manner. You need to really help transform in order for you to do that.

Your first goal shouldn’t be to be liked by your patients but to make an impact so that they see what they need to do. Making an impact is never being their friend, but coaching them through so that you can get ahead with what’s going on in their head. You can do that by experiencing the transformation and the growth in your own life. You need to be able to experience inner awakening, getting real with yourself, and aligning with exactly what you want to do in life, as opposed to just being a technician.

2. Modern Medicine – where I break it down to HPATG (hypopituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and gonadal). All the endocrinological systems that involve stress management, breath, and all the tools that you can deploy. Instead of looking at the hormones, how about teaching them how to breathe, allowing them to connect their mind to the body, or helping them to manage their stress better yet, find out what their stressors are to coach them out of that

Look at the complex science that gets all the hormones, the cholesterol, or the pathways that really intimidate us in our education. It’s necessary to the extent that we know that, but it’s unnecessary to the extent that it’s not something that’s going to help our patients in a real way. The enteric nervous system is the gut feeling. We have leaky gut syndromes leading from the HPATG axes, which is the stress brain component. Then leading to the enteric nervous system is our gut-brain connection, which then ultimately causes inflammation to trigger the immune response.

4. Business Mastery – many of the practitioners are completely devoid of business training. We don’t know any science, we don’t know about investments. We don’t know how to run a business, and we don’t know people’s skills. These are all moving parts to create systems and processes – to have a business that works for you.  At the end of the day, we’re all here to make money. But so many practitioners shy away from talking about the profitability of their business. However, if we’re not profitable, we can’t continue to do what we do and help patients. 

So that’s what this is all about. Coming straight up, simplifying, being practical, and then providing functional approaches to patient care where you can practice what you preach as well as be really authentic in what you deliver. Everything is simple and approachable. You’re able to meet the full spectrum of the west to east knowledge, to mystical mysticism, to modern medicine, to the ancient wisdom and inner to the outer. All the things are included in the context of Functional Yoga Medicine.

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