Hey, everyone! I want to talk to you today about why education is making you broke. My older son is a senior in high school, and I’m so sad that he missed out on his senior year. He’s at home doing digital learning. He’s applying to some good schools, but, for me, I realized school is not the be-all end-all. I was listening to a podcast with Elon Musk and he was talking about how a lot of smart folks like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and, of course, himself, all tended to sway away from the traditional education system. It’s the indoctrination, the curriculum, and the rigidity of the system. Even though we all long to be indoctrinated, because most of us are meant to be followers, I’m guessing you’re here today because you’re more of the leaders or emerging leaders in our field.

The education system is making you broke because the more you learn, the more you get indoctrinated. MD is the highest you can go in the medical field. MDs have a lot of power, bureaucratic power, especially if you own your own practice. But, from the 80’s to now, there’s a lot of freedom that has been taken away. A lot of my family members who have their own practices run successful practices, but they all have to play by the game. There is a scope of practice. There are limitations. Everything is so rigid. There are so many rules and regulations.

Being a Rebel

I call myself the Lupus Rebel. Those of you who know me know that I do have autoimmune conditions. So I call myself a rebel because, ever since I was young, I never really wanted to follow directions. Even when I’m given a chance to read the directions, I never want to read them. I always feel like I can find a better, faster, more effective, and more efficient way to do things.

That’s why you’re here. The Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program is something that I founded last year. I really felt like it was time to pull together all of the elemental pieces of the puzzle in the sick care system in order to bridge the gap between sick care and healthcare. With that being said, education is making you broke because there is a glass ceiling. There is an indoctrination that happens in education.

We are Technicians

I was talking to a physician friend of mine about how, as highly educated professionals, at the end of the day we’re technicians. As a physical therapist, everybody does what they do. We have ICD-9 codes to code the diagnoses, as well as CPT codes to code what we do for that condition. We have to abide by the rules. There’s manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, craniosacral therapy, high thrust, soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic exercises. However, whatever you do, it depends on what school of thought you were trained in. We all do similar things. Optometry is the same thing. You’ve got the same machines and every OD does the same thing. Every internal medical doctor does the same thing.

It’s the difference between rapport that makes everyone different. It’s the bedside manner of the physician, how open they are, and how friendly they are. At the end of the day, they all do the same thing. They’re the gatekeepers to the specialists. Cardiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, all do the same thing. They’re all given any lane to stand on. But, the time is now to really not stand in those lanes and separate our bodies into body parts, as education teaches us to do.

Missing Pieces

You, as a practitioner, are missing pieces of the puzzle. You’re being so lost in this chaotic world, where everything is becoming so highly specialized. Everybody’s adding to the echo chamber, especially in this online space. Even in the fitness and health and wellness industries, there were yoga teachers, personal trainers, and pilates instructors. Now there’s barre, suspension training, TRX training, and CrossFit. So where do you put all that?

You have to collectively call it mind-body connection and exercise. It enhances metabolism. Collectively, we’re all in the business of health promotion. So, no more dogmatic approaches to things. We don’t have to hang out identity on the role that we play. We get so busy doing and getting educated, only to be indoctrinated and limited in scope. This is the thing we want to move away from.

Breaking Away from the Indoctrination

That’s why I say education is overrated. It’s making you broke, too. You have to start thinking outside the box, learn to really stand for something, and figure out a better way to do things. When you’re able to do this in your industry and disrupt it, you can move the pathway forward. But, we’re so conditioned in our minds and education that the higher we go, the more we’re taught to stay in our lanes. We have more to loose, liabilities, and licenses to upkeep. We’ve got a lot more limitations than, say, somebody who just got yoga certified. If you have medical license to keep and you take Medicare, it’s like we’re handcuffed.

That’s what we want to break away from. What are the things that are missing in our respective industries? I know many of you here are medical doctors, physical therapists, OTs, speech therapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, personal fitness instructors, and nutritionists. There are all the things that I’ve studied in my career in the last 20 years. I was able to finally put the elements together in a cohesive manner through the Alkaline Method. It’s what you learn through the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program. It’s where I put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Inner Awakening

Let me explain. We’ve got four elements in our Alkaline Method. The first element is your inner awakening. It’s the mind beneath the consciousness, so you don’t even know that that’s what is really driving your life. It’s your learned identity and the beliefs that you never questioned about yourself, the way you perceive the world, and all the interpretations of the past.


You’re going forward based on your past, producing more of the same. That’s something that we work on with you, to bring up to the surface of who you are. It’s really life coaching. This part of it is about really understanding the depth of you. The first element has three pillars, the first of which is the foundation. It’s the learned beliefs, learned identity, and where you’re rooted. It’s where your base of support is physically standing when you’re practicing yoga.It’s a way for us to make sense of your physical, emotional, and mental faculties.


The second pillar that we discuss and learn is about alignment. Wherever you are, wherever you are rooted, it’s a place where you’re not serving you. That’s something we have to recognize and uncover to be able to uproot and place ourselves somewhere else, that does serve us. The whole idea is to detach from the past and to start here and now and understand that we’re the creators of our health. I want to take you from disempowered practitioners to empowered rebels through this whole platform.


The third pillar is really the thing that nobody asks you about in the education system. Who are you? What is important to you? What is your core mission, your core values, your core vision for your life? Without vision, you don’t have focus. Without focus, drive is lacking. You’re repeating every single day, producing more of the same. That’s not the way to live. You really have the right to enjoy what you do.

The Outer Manifestation

The second element of the Alkaline Method is the outer manifestation, which also has three pillars. The first is polarity. Polarity is about understanding that life is a spectrum. There is no cause and effect. It’s not black and white. Life is in the middle, where there is a lot of messiness and grayness. Polarity is about understanding that there is life and death, happiness and sadness, health and sickness. Life is the full spectrum of the acid to the alkaline, the yin to the yang. When we’re able to really understand that we can evolve, emotionally mature, and own our lives in that way.


Then, we emerge into the second pillar, which is breath and being present. This is the work of Eckhart Tolle and a lot of the spiritual teachers. We learn to understand that, through breath, we can breathe in now and understand that this too shall pass. It’s about breathing in the here and now and being okay with what is, loving what is. This is a lot of the work of Katie Byron and Joseph Dispenza.


The third pillar of the second element is balance. If you have enough self love, regard, and respect, then you can set clear balance and boundaries around your life. You start to refuse the negative energies that come at you in your life. The first and second elements, the inner awakening and the outer manifestation, collectively make up transformational psychology. From that place, once you’ve evolved and gone through the self growth, then you can apply the higher level science. You can learn about the HPA axis, which is the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis, under the guide of modern medicine.

The Elements of the Alkaline Method

So, we have the inner awakening, the outer manifestation, modern medicine, and ancient wisdom elements of the Alkaline Method. Modern medicine goes over the HPA axis, gut-brain axis, and the immune brain axis, all to enhance metabolism, detoxification, and elimination. Then, we bring you full circle with the timeless wisdom, through the practice of yoga.

That’s why we call it the self healing journey. It’s all the tools that you’ll learn to transform someone. It’s life coaching and health coaching. In order to really ignite the ability for you clients to go deep within and be empowered to emerge from disempowerment, you’re going to be the guide and you need the tools to take them through that transformation first. We really want you to experience the transformation in your life so that you can emerge as the trusted leader in your industry.

Ancient Wisdom

The ancient wisdom piece has yoga, but it also brings in quantum physics, the law of attraction, and the law of abundance. It’s the natural order of things. Laws of physics are all considered. Then, sometimes, it’s going deeper into the higher power and understanding that there is a greater, higher power that created all of us. It’s about understanding that sometimes, we just don’t know. You and I are miracles, who must understand that there is love and compassion underneath a lot of the anguish and suffering.

The real work is the movement towards taking disempowered practitioners to empowered practitioners and human beings that are evolving and growing. That way, they are really making an impact through the work that they do in their lives. This is the work I stand behind and that is the deeper reason behind why I created the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program.

I’ve explained the whole Alkaline Method with the four elements within it as the tools and a system that I created as part of the curriculum so you can learn how to apply it in the lives you impact through the work you do. Again, those four elements are the inner awakening, the outer manifestation, modern medicine, and ancient wisdom. Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle here, you can really impact lives in a very profound way.

From Disempowered to Empowered Rebel

Here’s the thing: we have to stop being busy. Knowledge and education is not power, it’s applied knowledge. More than ever, we need people like you to serve the patients that need your help in a more meaningful way. Not bound by the limits of the scope of practice that the education system promotes, but by being liberated to do the work that matters to have profound impact in the way you do things.

I hope this has been insightful as we emerge into 2022. There will be a lot more thoughts that I share with you about how you can stand you ground and be very clear about your vision, values, and mission for your life. That way, you can have unrelenting focus to really fuel the drive so that you can go forward from disempowerment to the empowered rebel you are.

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