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Hey, everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your 2021. I hope that you’re keeping to your goals and objectives for the year. Today I want to talk to you all about subconscious identity.

I’ve always been drawn to and have been doing a lot of self-help. I’ve always been fascinated by the coaching field and how you can transform your mind and really challenge the beliefs that you hold. After years of feeling like my wheels were always spinning, being so miserable, creating so much hard work and suffering, and always hustling, I realized it was my tendency to sabotage the very thing I was trying to accomplish. All because of the identity of who I think I am.

We have this way of appearing in this world and it is what we know to be true. That is our consciousness. We all have had wild dreams, where we see and feel things. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night, just sobbing and crying because the events in my dreams were so real.

Then you have those “aha” moments. You realize there must be a force greater than. There are experiences like deja vu where you realize, my gosh, I’ve been exactly here saying the same thing, doing the same thing. You have these enlightened moments. Those are the things where I want you to explore what is conscious. What you tangibly see and touch is not all of it.

Clinging to the Dogmas

No matter how learned you might be, whether you’re a medical doctor, you have a PhD, or you’re a nutritionist, you want to hold onto the tangible education system and really be deeply committed to the dogma that you bought into. After all the years of education, you are taught and indoctrinated to do a thing only a certain way. And you never really question it.

To question that is to detach from the thing that we think we know and the identity that we hold. Let’s say I were to ask you, “who are you?” I would say I’m Connie, I’m a physical therapist, I’m a yoga teacher, I’m so and so’s mom, I’m so and so’s wife, etc. We have a title, but that title isn’t really who you are. Your subconscious identity has been something that’s been learned.

There’s a side of you that’s been learned that you’re playing out consciously, by the rules, interpretations, and how you manifest who you think you are. So, in actuality, you’re just playing out a role of who you think you are. For example, there’s many people in my profession in the medical field who were so left-brained that, for a long time, in my physical therapy field, we used to say “evidence-based, practice evidence-based.” So, to introduce something esoteric or abstract like traditional Chinese medicine would really be something, if you look at the research that’s “boohooed” and chiropractic, like energy medicine and Reiki. It’s something that you just kind of dismissed because there are no scientific facts to validate that it works.

Beyond the Scientific Formulas

On the flip side, you get into this new age of energetic fields, worlds, yoga, and the way we interpret and experience our own transformation. We can’t really put it into words to tangibly explain exactly what happened. It’s not a scientific formula. Sometimes it’s an experience, an inner knowing. But, for so long, due to the left-brained way I was conditioned, I would ignore my intuitive sense and really buy into the dogmatic ways. That’s what is touted as best in the world.

Today, I want to offer that the timeless insights that you have within you are ancient wisdom, if you will. Your subconscious identity that you’re playing out right now, consciously in this 3D world, is really the identity that you learned. It’s not who you really are. I want you to be able to, as you embark on 2021, stop yourself from getting tied to the role. I want you to think about who you are in a deeper way, because your subconscious identity is what’s really ruling you. It’s what’s allowing you to play out in your life.

If you have limitations in what you believe to be true, those beliefs really aren’t true. So, 99% of what we believe to be true to be true is really not. If you go over to any different speciality or profession, their dogmatic viewpoints are true for them. But, if you go across and talk to someone else, like let’s say the Reiki field or the MD field, they would tell you the complete opposite.

There is No Right or Wrong

Having been able to explore all the different professions, from psychology, to physical medicine, to functional medicine, to yoga, to traditional Chinese medicine, to energy medicine for my own self healing, I’ve come to realize that no one is right. There is no right or wrong. Things just have a spectrum. You come to learn that life is really a paradox and a duality. It comes in waves back and forth. When you realize this, you find that the one thing you can hold true for you is to understand where you belief systems come from your subconscious identity, how that’s being played out, and how you are living life right now.

Understand that if you don’t like where you are right now, with your relationships, your finances, your career, or your health, it’s what you are creating based off the identity that you are. You’re being the person you believe you are. For example, as a physical therapist, for a long time my income was capped at a certain amount. As a business owner, you can scale and grow big. So, that ceiling becomes higher. I meet a lot of yoga teachers that really believe it’s their passion, but they can’t make money in it. Nothing can be further from the truth, though. But, you can’t add to the noise of the echo chamber and say the same thing everybody else is saying. You have to differentiate yourself.

Your Subconscious Identity

Your subconscious identity of what you hold and what you believe to be true is what you’re really playing out. So, you might think you’re going to be struggling and you’re never going to be successful, but you dare to do differently. This year you might’ve set some new goals. Most people set their goals based on behaviors and on the doing, rather than focusing on the being. If you don’t really check yourself and your subconscious identity of who you believe you are and question those beliefs, you’re going to keep doing a little more, a little different, a little better every year. But, you’re always going to be in your lane, creating more of the same.

I challenge you to really look deep within. I’ve created the framework called the Alkaline Method, and it’s what I use to teach my yoga teachers and practitioners to really scan and make sure each of the pillars are being addressed. It’s a way to ask better questions within yourself, as well as to emerge outside of yourself to make better sense of the word. It helps you to optimize your life so that you can be truly elevated in your being, so that you can expand your mind to accomplish all things and make everything a possibility. The Alkaline Method empowers you to do the thing that you need to be doing so that you can create anything you want. I want you to know, anything you can conceive you can create.

Diving Deeper

But, feelings come up. Fear comes up. There’s underlying doubt, fear, and the feeling of being not good enough that rules your life. No matter how many certificates you have, you might not be fully stepping into being that person you want to be. You’re just setting goals on the small goals you set, so much so that you do the doing, but you’re going to revert back to your subconscious identity.

The deeper work is really to change who you are being right here and right now. That way, you can do the things from a place of being that person, so you can have all the things that you want. It’s all in the way you visualize who you believe you are. This is not just “woo woo” science. It’s in the placebo and nocebo effects, the works of Deepak Chopra, and the works of Dr. Joseph Dispenza. This is healing at its best.

It’s when you hold the doubt and fear within you, that you immediately talk yourself out of it. The biggest struggle and obstacle to your success is between your ears. That’s what you want to work on, through the Alkaline Method. I want to introduce you to the inner pillars so you can see how this all plays out.

I want you to think about the deepest inner part of you. That’s your foundation. Physically, it’s your base of support. It’s your anchor, your deep roots in what you believe. Here’s the thing: your belief is nothing other than thoughts. The thoughts, thought over and over again, became your belief. The problem is, when it’s your belief, you don’t ever question it in your mind. That’s your truth.

The Inner Pillars

You think, okay, I can only make this much. That’s your truth, so that’s what you create. That’s exactly what I want to refute, though. So, that’s you foundation, down at the bottom pillar, number one. The second pillar is based on that belief you’re aligned in, that you show up in in your life. Your foundation is in alignment with how you show up and what you’re creating.

The third pillar is your core. Your core vision, mission, and values that you hold dearly. It’s the core that is never, ever exercised or explored. Nobody ever asks you who you are. Not really who you are on the inside, or what core values are important to you. Nobody really asks you that. Through that you understand foundationally where you are and where you are faulty in your beliefs, especially if you’re not liking what you’re creating in your life. Then, you understand that everything that you do is in alignment with your foundational belief.

Then, better yet, with the third pillar, you get to know your core values, vision, and mission. From there, you go back to your foundation and decide that you’re going to change it. Then, you align yourself so that you’re constantly in alignment with your core. Now, you have the ability to create anything and everything you want.

The Outer Pillars

When you emerge outside to the outer pillars, the fourth pillar is your polarity. It’s the dichotomy and paradox of life. You’re able to better embrace the negative to positive feeling, feeling sad to being happy. You choose joy over being sad, and think thoughts that serve you, rather than being stuck in the subconscious identity of sabotage. I hope this is make sense.

The fifth pillar is breath and being present, even as life throws curve balls. Anything can happen, like last year. But, we were able to breathe, be in the moment, trust, and have faith over fear that everything will work out. You must know that this is a lesson that life is throwing at you, and you’re going to show up, rise above it, and just breathe in. You must know that it’s going to pass.

The sixth pillar is about balance. Balance is all about creating equanimity from the foundation, but also understand that, as you evolve and grow, your foundation needs to be adjusted. Then, your alignment and core values shift and change to create this outer reality for you.

Trusting Insight over Research

That’s the pillars in order, and then there’s the elements. At the end of the day, the reason why I keep saying interconnectedness is because I really rely on timeless insights, rather than scientific evidence. The scientific evidence is so limited by the biases we bring. It’s human interpretation, at the end of the day. Yes, it’s a little more objective than that, but you know, I’ve seen murky waters down there, deep in the trenches of research.

I know what happens. It’s heavily biased on which direction and what era you live in. It’s based on self fulfilling prophecy and the desire to revalidate what we believe. I mean, who conducts this research? It’s humans. We have room for error. So, I don’t believe wholeheartedly in the research. I take it with a grain of salt, understanding that my true guidance is the timeless insights that I go into. Understanding that, when I think about the physical being it’s through nutrition and movement. Movement through asanas, because I love yoga as movement, breath with movement, and that’s mindful movement. That’s physical, but you can see the choices in the foods and coming to the yoga class or not are, in large part, determined by a person’s psychology.


Next, the element to that is neuropsychology. Under that wing there is out mind, our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. Then, there’s the actions we take, as in behavior. Those things are, in large part, dictated by our minds. I really want to work with you this year on the mindset, the neuropsychology, and then bring that piece of the mind, thoughts, and feelings, that drives your actions. Actions are really the choices that you’re making physically to get the right foods, or decide to move, or go to the yoga class or not. It’s not a matter of doing the yoga better, because that’s so superficial. You have to go deeper than that to really unveil the layers of human psyche and understand them.

Being a good yoga practitioner, is what? What does that even mean? It doesn’t really matter. What is healthy nutrition? I don’t know. It depends on your cultural values. You could try to get me to eat Mediterranean food 365 days of the year because that’s the healthiest, or Japanese food. When I’m Korean, I’m going to have some soulful foods and refer some cultural foods over others, even if it’s healthy for me. So, you really have to respect the person and know that one person’s medicine is another’s poison. It’s all about intuitive eating.

Following the Alkaline Method

Timeless insights come down to, can we teach our clients to be in tune with themselves? The answer is yes. Through the Alkaline Method, they’ve learned to emerge and do the work inside, so that they can appear and create the lives, health, and success they want, knowing the power is within them. Under the physical wing, there are the elements of nutrition, asanas, and yoga. Under neuropsychology, there is thoughts, feelings, actions, and behavior. Spiritually, we evolve and grow. Then, we are able to transcend the judgments over each other. We’re able to be at a higher frequency to have a bird’s eye view of how our human lives are impacted.

I hope this is all making sense and coming together for you. Rather than working on the doing and setting goals for the behavior, think about how you’re being and where you are right now. How are you being right now? What’s your subconscious identity right now? What’s the indoctrination you have? What are some beliefs you need to challenge?

Do the best from that place and manifest anything and everything you desire. I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for joining me. Please join me in my free Facebook group, Functional Yoga Medicine. I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram. As you know, I have a podcast, so please subscribe and leave me a review and comments to direct me so that I can better manage the content I produce for you. That would be so helpful and much appreciated. Again, thank you so much for joining me and I’ll speak to you soon.