Hi everyone! Today’s blog is about the link between your Myofascia and Psychology. Did you know the connection of myofascial pain to your psychological state? Your myofascia responds to your mental and emotional state. It would behoove you to recognize its role in musculoskeletal pain and the benefits of mindful meditation to create harmony within the body to help your body get rid of pain in the the most effective way.

Several theories were put forth to explain its origin and nature, but none proved complete in the past.

The Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)

Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is the most common musculoskeletal pain disorder of the head and neck area.  Myofascial pain responds to changing psychological states. It might be stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, anger, depression and chronic pain that are direct contributing factors.  The MPS may be considered as a psychosomatic disorder. 

There are numerous accepted treatment approaches and meditation and relaxation techniques have proven to  initiate healing at the fundamental level. 

The connection between mental factors, MPS and meditation are explored in an article on NCBI.  Recent literature has shed light on the fundamental role of free radicals in the emergence of myofascial pain. 

The accumulating free radicals disrupt mitochondrial integrity and function, leading to sustenance and progression of MPS. Meditation on the other hand was shown to reduce free radical load and can result in clinical improvement. 

How Mindfulness Is Important

‘Mindfulness’ is the working principle behind the effect of all meditations. I emphasize that it can serve as a potential tool to reverse the neuro-architectural, neurobiological and cellular changes that occur in MPS.

I’ve seen many patients are forced to connect the dots as a physical therapist, registered dietitian, Yoga practitioner, and a functional medicine practitioner. Patients are forced to solve the complex web of problems in addressing their dysregulated psychosomatic response.  

It’s time to simplify and apply the knowledge into a simple, lifestyle application that our patients can use daily to improve their symptoms and otime to for them to get self empowered to heal.  

The Exercise of the Mind

Meditation has long been practiced as the method to silence our minds and provide our body and mind with peace. It calms by shifting the autonomic state from sympathetic drive to parasympathetic drive.

Our modern world today facilitates being busy and we are bombarded with information. Information overload causes our brains to buffer and “overthink” vs apply the concepts to “experience” the healing effects of what we learn.

This is why so many patients remain stuck and in a state of overwhelm.  They may study meditation but resist meditation. There’s infinite wisdom and knowledge that guides the principles of life. It’s beyond our human understanding and their existing infinite wisdom that is powerful beyond words and conception.

We must begin to honor and respect the power of our healing ability. For example, the topic between myofascia and psychology. We know that myofascia gets really tight when we are anxious and we have all the information overload.

Being Mindful

We silence our mind simply by breathing techniques might be so much better than having the patient come to you where you have to touch them or prescribe this or that medication. And then we have to wait for them to apply those things.

It takes time, but imagine if we teach our patients to immediately be able to take the edge off of their myofascial pain syndrome, simply by being mindful of their breath, releasing that tension, shifting their perspective from a highly stressful situation to a very, very calm and Zen state of being simply by drawing attention to their breath.

That is a way to be very powerfully engaged with your body to support it and that’s what AMCP aims to do.

They may gain information about the benefits of exercise such as Yoga but fail to make the practice part of their everyday regimen. It’s not because they lack motivation, but because they don’t know how to get started.

There’s so much conflicting and vast information and when our brains are subject to information overload, it does nothing. It’s like having a gym membership. Every year we check it off and say we are doing something but it doesn’t translate into transformation unless we actually put the gym to practice.  

But the very act and follow through is what is lacking.

Living With Uncertainty

It is especially true for us today post pandemic.  We’ve lost the ability to “plan” the future and this threatened our security.  Security doesn’t have to be “safe”.  Its important to note that to our brain, safety is predictability even if it’s something that is detrimental to our well being.

What’s familiar is what our brain registers as “safe”.  At our current state, we are living in an uncertain environment that creates fear, uncertainty, and anxiety in the population at large. This is why it’s more important than ever before to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s important to empower each other for self healing methods that we can deploy to protect our health every single day.  

Meditation is a State of Being

Meditation is not something that we “schedule” in our day.   It should really be a state of being.  Mindfulness should be something that we empower ourselves with as well as to empower our patients to center and ground themselves into their own mind and body.

Cultivating the ability to shift perspective and see through the chaos of the world is a way to “elevate” consciousness to a level that defies chaos and conflict.

Alkaline Method™ allows for a seamless integration of inner and outer transformation. Our program enables every individual to tune into their mind and body to promote wellness, longevity, and health to build resilience physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to optimize their health in their three D bodies.

The Change is in Your Hands

We can no longer defend our limitations as practitioners of health.  By this I mean taking a stance in the dogmas of our respective profession that limits our scope which prevents us from truly making a difference in the lives of our patients.

It’s time to rise up and stand up for what we believe by daring to connect the dots. We must understand that we are much more than our physical faculties that we can tangibly tough and measure.

There’s infinite wisdom and knowledge that guides the principles of life and it’s beyond our human understanding.  There exists an infinite wisdom that is powerful beyond words and conception and we must begin to honor and respect the power of our healing ability. 

This is what AMCP aims to do.  To educate, empower, elevate, and expand the consciousness of the practitioners to empower as many people as possible to step into their own power and live their best lives.  This will enable generational change that will stand the test of time in our broken healthcare system.  

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