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Hello, and welcome to our Functional Yoga Medicine Blog. Today, I’d want to discuss the Most Important Ingredient for the Success of Your Business or Career. Because the one thing you lack is confidence in yourself. Trust in your ability to provide the results that your patients require. You silently fight with sentiments of not being good enough, not knowing enough. And the uneasiness of, “Oh my god, who am I to help this person right now?”

So you have this Imposter syndrome. And then you have all this rage about not being good enough. It persists and doesn’t really manifest in your clients, who recognize exactly what it looks like. And it’s because of this that they won’t do business with you. You’re also hesitant to charge the money. I can tell you that I charge top dollar for my services. but I did so because I lead with my confidence in knowing that. I don’t tell my patients that everything I do is based on my degrees.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

That’ll help you get better. It’s based on my own personal experience. When the rubber meets the road. I know what they require, and what they require is for me to tell them what you do. It’s an internal adjustment that needs to happen. They have to work through their marriages. Arguments with their husbands, perpetuating causes, and cognitive habits.

There’s a lot of coaching involved. As a result, you must prepare their minds and bodies to receive the treatment. And because it implies an inside job. I want you to step into becoming a powerful health mentor. Not just a powerless health technician who is called to do what the institution wants you to do. Even if it isn’t supporting your patients in the way that they need.

Now, if you’ve come this far, you’re probably angry with your industry and aware that something is missing. You may be a yoga instructor. Be a physician. You could be a meditation expert or a practitioner of transcendental meditation. All of which I am certified in. But you won’t be able to bring it all together. In the context of the lives unless you know how to do so.

And when things go wrong. As they often do, you know how to maneuver your life. To live the solution, and dance with what life throws at you while keeping things in perspective. You’ll never know what you want to accomplish in your life if you don’t win enough, right? So, once again, the most vital factor in your company and career success is your trust in your own inner knowledge. It’s also a promise you’ve made to yourself. So, before I go any further, I’d like to remind you that this is your time.

We Construct Our Own Knowledge

So please close all of your browsers. Multitasking is not permitted. I’d like for you to turn off or silent your phone. I want you to close your door and join me for this hour because you have earned it. It’s almost as if you owe it to yourself to pay attention since you’ll be reading life-changing information. I just wanted to let you know. That the way I was eating in my life has altered. When I morphed into me.

I truly walked into my own skin. I’m no longer afraid of what I believe. I am a firm believer in what I believe. I’m aware of what works. And what doesn’t work? I’m aware of what I’m aware of. What I don’t know is what I don’t know. And the truth is that life takes place in the gray area. Even if I’ve been looking for empirical evidence in all of my professions.

Including psychology and nutrition. Physical medicine, functional medicine. Energy medicine, TCM, traditional Chinese medicine. And all of the diets and practices in between, including yoga. I understand that there is always a gray zone in life and that nothing is absolute. Therefore I’m learning to dance with it and love it. What is my knowledge of psychology? Nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, yoga, pullout, ease. And energy medicine hindered me from putting it all together. Because each of those disciplines wanted me to apply the information dogmatically. As if I were drinking their Kool-Aid.

Be Forward Thinking

The key was in putting it all together. Which required bravery. And I’ve been there before you; I’ve blazed the trail; I know what works and what you require. And my capacity to change people’s lives extends far beyond teaching yoga. It’s not just about working out. It’s not about slimming down the stomach. And so on. It delves further into their limiting ideas and the identities they have created for themselves. When I connect the dots. I earn their trust on a whole other level. Because I can change their perspective.

You understand that this is what is required of you in order to impact the lives of those you serve. It’s not just about teaching yoga at the end of the day. More than just using functional medicine. It’s not only about delivering dietary advice. There’s just so much advice you can provide. It has to become an integral part of who they are.

It doesn’t matter what you do. It’s who you are when you do what you do. Then there’s how you communicate what you do. The transition you must make is from being egocentric to being client-focused. Because we are egocentric when we are insecure and full of self-doubt. We place a lot of self-importance on ourselves. Then it’s all about me. My degrees in battling against the, where it is, rather than genuinely wanting to help the person you want to aid. As a result, you must make a significant change. To achieve that level, you must first raise your awareness and consciousness. As I previously stated, most of us hide behind our degrees and titles, but we now live in a world where we don’t have to wait to be picked. 

Learn It All vs. Know It All

We’ve got social media. You can share anything you want. We can choose to express our opinions and beliefs. And I do that every week through my podcasts. And that’s how some of you found me, too. Since we can now communicate, and I’ll be able to reach all of you throughout the world.

I have a lot of readers from Canada, New Zealand, Singapore. And I’m always grateful that we can reach so many people. In addition, we’re forming a global community. And that’s humbling because, prior to COVID, we were simply in Swanee, Georgia. And now is the day that I get to stand out for what I genuinely believe. But far too many of you have no idea what you believe.

You only believe what you’ve been taught. But what if everything you’ve been taught is incorrect. And they’re completely off the mark? It isn’t the entire picture. So, back in the late 1990s, when I was training to be a qualified dietician, fat-free was all the rage. Everything was a no-brainer. High fructose corn syrup is used to sweeten foods. It was quite sweet.

So high-carb, low-fat diets were all the rage, resulting in an obesity and diabetes crisis. You and I both know where we stand on the keto diet now. It’s all about paleo, whole 30. But if there’s anything you’ve taken away from our time together this week, It’s the fact that it’s not about the ingredients or the puzzle pieces. What if the puzzle pieces are only partially relevant. Yet we require all of them to complete the problem? All of it is required of you and your patients.

Sell Your Innovative Ideas

They require a safe means of transportation. It’ll require a method of connecting with their breath. They require a means of quieting their minds. They require a method to train themselves through their monkey brain. As well as clarity on which foods are beneficial to them and which are not. They require information on why certain supplements should be taken at specific times. And why they should be adjusted by a chiropractor.

But the most important thing is to empower them from the inside out so that they can tune in to the receptors and signaling that they control. Because, after all, we’re restricted in our abilities. Clinically, we’re only responsible for ourselves; nevertheless. In order to have an influence, the method you practice must alter and change.

Making a good living becomes a no-brainer when you make a meaningful difference in your clients’ lives. If it turns out to be a lot of fun. But we can’t just sit back and wait for clients to come knocking on our doors. You must go and grab them. And it’s almost as if you have a moral obligation to spread the word, to provide them with the solution so that they don’t have to be afraid to make a sale because being afraid to make a sale is the same as being selfish.

As though I’m not deserving. I can’t talk about selling, for example. I’m not in sales, but guess what? If you’re not in sales, you might as well put your certificate away and find something else to do. Because you’re in sales, you’ll need to do a lot of selling and promoting. Every day, you’re selling your ideas. You’re attempting to sell your discipline.

Don’t Be Powerless

Persuasion is at the heart of everything. It’s all about your relevance, your point of view, and why patients should take action, for you guys. Everything is compelling. Those are all sales methods that have become firmly embedded because you have gotten them to change their worldview. Then you’ve gotten their attention and have established yourself as a trustworthy advisor. And, in the end, that’s what we want because people are prepared to pay for it.

So they’ll take any assistance they can receive, but they’ll need true, deep aid to move on the inside. Not to just copy what everyone else does on the surface, because I believe people are sick of it. I’m sure you are as well. The days of relying on our occupations or certificates to attract patients to us are long gone. As I previously stated, you’re swiftly becoming a commodity in each of your professions.

A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that may be interchanged with other similar items. As a physical therapist, what distinguishes me from that other physical therapists? As an example, I have my own practice and am capable of doing the same thing. And it’s the coding, right? I’m a therapist who specializes in therapeutic exercise and physical treatment. We all perform the same thing: trigger point, dry needling, and other techniques. However, until we think outside the box, another physical therapy will get the same results.

So long as I put on the hat of physical therapy, I’ll be a physical therapist, and I won’t be any different from another physical therapist, right? That’s what I mean by a powerless technician. When you become a commodity price, war breaks out, and prices plummet, right? That’s exactly what you’ll find in the healthcare industry.

Be Clear Of Your Purpose 

This is exactly what the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program teaches you to do. We give you a step-by-step roadmap to follow in your clinical practice to ensure that you get results. The alkaline technique gives you the recipe for success, allowing you to finally put everything together and make sense of it all.

And this one-of-a-kind methodology finally integrates the entire body into a framework that can be applied in a unified strategic way that has a huge impact. Consider your own lives. You’ve been busy doing all the things you thought would get you to the next level, but all the dooming necessitates even more doing. And information is one of the things that produce a lot of uncertainty and mayhem up here.

And it is true that your mind becomes paralyzed when it is confusing. Isn’t it the case that it doesn’t do anything? It doesn’t deliver the financial, emotional, physical, or other outcomes you desire. That’s because no one teaches us in school that we have to be first before we can do what’s right. Smokers, for example, smoke because they are smokers in their identity. Nonsmokers, such as myself, did not wake up smoking.

You didn’t wake up with a cigarette in your mouth. It’s difficult to do who we are not all right since you’re a non-smoker, and non-smokers don’t smoke because they’re non-smokers. So if you’re not having the success you want in your life and profession, it’s because you’re not being the person you need to be in order to achieve the life, health, and career you want. Because you have a blank canvas, you get to paint and create whatever you want as a result of what you do, you need to start thinking about what it looks like.

Important Of Business Skills 

You are an entrepreneur who creates solutions that did not previously exist. However, I’ve made it very simple for you to learn from my mistakes. Because they were numerous. And I spent a lot of money and didn’t cut any corners. And I’m still not cutting any corners. I invested a lot of time and money in self-healing. And education, assuming that the answers will always come from somewhere else.

If only I could get that certification, that knowledge base, I wouldn’t have been able to transform my life, health, and career until I was able to integrate all of my knowledge into a cohesive framework called the Alkaline Methodology, which I teach within the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program.

That’s exactly what I’m doing with my patient care. That is how we change the lives of those we come into contact with. It’s also incredibly instructive. I now have a clear vision and a strong desire to grow as a human being and become the best version of myself.

You are no longer constrained by laws and regulations. You begin to walk into the reality of who you are and begin being the person you want to be right now. This isn’t a gimmick from Woohoo. It’s a life-changing experience. And you’ll be able to interact with your clients on a level that goes beyond our human comprehension and limits. That is exactly what your people require.

There’s a level of trust, vulnerability, honesty, integrity, connection, and compassion that transcends what your patients or clients are required to do. That is the single most important component that will propel your company to new heights. Many health-promoting professionals lack business skills.

Business Mastery

Many people shut down when discussing sales and marketing. And this happens all the time. But the truth is that you will never be able to build a successful business without great sales. And marketing strategy.

And this is just the harsh reality; learn how to think like a sales and marketing ninja. Alter your limiting views about money and wealth. And use your knowledge to build a prosperous business. That will sustain you and your family for the rest of your lives.

That should be your top priority because you have to look after yourself. Making money as part of your job development. In truth, many of you are likely looking at job security, wage levels. And even perks when picking a career. And this technician way of thinking used to work in the past.

However, this is the basic foundation of education. In the industrial age, indoctrination was used to train technicians, correct? Rinse and repeat. Factory labor was desperately needed. Isn’t it exactly what education provided for us? It’s the people. You must take the initiative. You must understand what is expected of you today. Our world is vastly different from that of our forefathers. I’m sure you agree.

Because they are exposed to so much more. Such as social media influencers and bloggers, my teenagers’ minds and brains are developing significantly faster than mine. TV ads, which have no training and are sponsored by big-name brands. Just because of their popularity, are a thing of the past. Even going to the movies has altered forever. We all experienced a life-altering pandemic after COVID last year, which added to the strain on us to work things out.

Speak Up for Yourself and Your Beliefs

I think about my business in a completely different way now, and my ability to keep and expand my business looks nothing like it did a year ago. We will be left behind if we do not wake up to the new way of being.

Many people choose to bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best, crossing their fingers that everything will return to normal. The days we’ve already transitioned aren’t gone. So there will be a life after COVID, and it will be extremely different.

It’s time for you to get up. I know you’re different because you’re here reading this blog. You’re the outcasts and risk-takers who are willing to speak up for what you believe in. You recognize your clients’ underlying needs, and you recognize that all of your skills, knowledge, and credentials have simply served to benefit the organization that trained you. Again, the entity’s interests come first, not the patient’s or yours.

The key is to embrace your individuality; whatever background you have, you must tap into your inner understanding. Return to the source of your identity. Understand yourself and learn to cultivate deeply. Self-love allows you to break the pattern of self-centeredness. To be yourself,  fit in, and bring your true self to your work.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle. Your self-assurance, and your complete understanding of who you are. This implies you should start thinking about what you want your company or career to stand for. 

Start With The Action

What kind of influence do you hope to have? Consider what you want to achieve and what you want to accomplish. What brings me here? How much amount of money do you wish to make? What types of clients do you wish to work with? How do you spend your days? I’m not sure if you take weekends off or if you take Mondays off.

What does a perfect workday entail for you? What are your core values? Because you’ve been living a life that’s been externally referenced all these time, you think you’re who you think you are.

When you’re successful, what nonprofit would you like to support? What is the most important cause to you? What role do you want to play in resolving global issues? Because you are incapable of doing any of these tasks. You’ve stayed in conformity, seeking, looking, and urgently wanting to perform work because you’ve forgotten your inner power when you’re seeing tiny. That is significant.

I know you want to make a difference in the world. You want to contribute to making the world a better place since you were a part of it, right? This is the type of movement I’m referring to. We talked about starting a movement. Then it’s like, we look to other people, and we’re afraid to stand out until we’ve done everything correctly. This movement has already started.

And this is the movement we’ve started because when a yoga teacher understands the modern functional medicine component of the puzzle and applies it to our work with clarity and focus, she becomes a one-of-a-kind individual.

The Value of Mentoring in Healthcare

When a doctor is able to teach yoga to his or her patients and include it into their treatment plan. That becomes a one-category situation. When a nutritionist is able to combine proper activity with low back pain relief. When a medical practitioner or physical therapist chooses to address the inner subconscious identity that lays the groundwork for transformation, and you’re able to properly express the message, you set yourself apart from the competition. So, as I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve been discussing this.

Human behavior is driven by health, income, and relationships, as seen in the diagram. And this is when the driving factors come into play. The issue is that most of us have a dysfunctional connection with ourselves, to the point where we live our lives restricted by limiting ideas that keep us stuck in a mediocre loop.

We want to earn more, but we are always at the whim of circumstances. But I’ve got bills to pay. I’m a single mother with two children. My hubby is a frequent traveler. We have all the evidence we need to figure out why we’re stuck. But those are simply the limiting beliefs you’ve chosen to cling to.

So half of the effort is to actually realize what’s holding you back and then work on lifting them up so you can be free. You used to recognize that you are the creator of your thoughts, not your thoughts. The transitions from disempowered health technicians who do the same thing they’ve been taught. And I want to finally realize that your clients and patients want somebody who will feed and teach them to become powerful health mentors.

Elements To Success

The majority of programs are dogmatic in nature. And when we approach healing in this way, we significantly limit our ability to make a genuine difference. The desire to make a good living is understandable. There’s no shame in that, but what are your financial beliefs? Is it because you grew up on the wrong side of town? It’s difficult to come by money. Money is evil.

What are some of the money-related relationships or beliefs that you have? How do you perceive yourself as a business owner and CEO, or as a professional? Because you are, without a doubt, the CEO of your own life. And many of you are unaware of how much money you would like to make.

How would you feel if you wanted to make a hundred thousand dollars as a yoga teacher, but it turned out to be a million dollars a year? It’s your mind’s limitations that keep you small. We must address the limiting leads that arise in order to tear through the obstacles that keep you small.

The alkaline methodology’s primary element is ageless with them. Yoga is a part of the first pillar, which is based on eternal wisdom. It represents your ability to grow and prosper. This is the key to achieving success. You must first be who you need to be, entering into being without hesitation, believing and committing straight away, and getting started without hesitation.

Our alkaline method’s four fundamental elements must be complete. And in our natural state, we tend to go by the wayside and slip into the chronic cycle of not being good enough. This can’t be done outside of the scope; it’s against the rules. And we make every effort to keep ourselves tiny, and all institutions are built with this in mind.

Building The Transformational

There are four important parts to the alkaline technique. And there are three pillars under each of the elements, and the alkaline approach is taught in a slightly different way in the patient. For practitioners, I have the alkaline technique, which includes the four fundamental parts.

The first is timeless wisdom, which is followed by yoga, which is your potential for growth and abundance. Then there’s energy medicine, which includes chakras and meridians, as well as meditation and quiet for working with your mind’s inner workings. the second aspect of the alkaline methodology is transformational psychology.

There is a subconscious mind and a conscious mind, and each of these must be moved from erroneous and limiting learning to something liberating and true to your soul. And it’s revolutionary just because of that exploration.

The second pillar is the conscious mind’s subconscious mind. The third pillar entails you working with your clients’ subconscious as well as conscious retraining, as well as learning all of the tools necessary to mentor and coach them. So you’ll need the tools to help people navigate through that transforming journey, which is the alkaline methodology’s psychology component. Modernized functional medicine is the third component.

This was also reviewed by me. I’ve also split it down into three important pillars. This is referred to as an SGI B model. The HPA axes, or hypopituitary adrenal axis, are the first to be stressed in the brain, and they regulate the entire endocrinological system.

All of the body’s hormones The second component is the gut-brain, which is the enteric nervous system gut as your second brain. The immune brain is the third pillar. This is also known as psychoneuroimmunology, and it has an impact on inflammation.

Importance Of Sales and Marketing

You’ll know how to apply the supplements, diets, and how it all fits together so that you don’t limit your patients because food isn’t the enemy after you understand these three important pillars. What matters most is the intention with which you consume the meal. It’s much more vital for you to be mindful. Intuitive eating is emphasized considerably more. The last part of the alkaline approach that we focus on within our trading system is business mastery.

And soundness timeless concepts are taught in relation to eating. And I feel that you really need to know sales and marketing, how to sell and speak the language, how to persuade, and how to use NLP techniques to get into your patients’ skulls because they’re not logical. They’re irrational and emotional at the same time.

And how do you speak to them in order for them to alter their lives, to believe what you’re saying, and to shift their perspective from where they were when they were trapped and suffering unnecessarily, to pull them out to truly be liberated and healed? So it’s up to you to wield that power.

The development of programs is the second component. Do you want to make money by selling online services? How do you go about practicing telemedicine? What methods do you use to provide classes and memberships? What does that imply? Program creation is something about which you must be well known.

And that brings us back to you wanting to know, “Okay, how many hours a week do you want to be working?” and “How much money do you want to make based on those goals?” You create a program to offer to the world in order to deliver the results and value that you promise.

Seize An Opportunity

The third topic we discuss is systems and processes since, without them, you’ll be doing the same thing over and over again, wasting a lot of time. I’m all about auto automation and having predictable results and performance or key performance indicators, and all the other business jargon. So you have a good idea of what that looks like. If you have that, you’ll have the vision, the concentration, the desire, and the evolution and continuous progress in your life that you need to be okay.

Growing properly is essential. The sight of a soul sitting in jail with a key in its hand, Rumi said to our poet, the soul of roomy, is one of the world’s miracles. Consider that for a moment. You’re thinking about yourself right now. The sight of a soul sitting in prison with its hand is one of the world’s wonders.

So it’s almost as if you have a box over your head with directions on the outside, but you don’t know how to place that box on the outside and read the label or directions to eventually be free, unlock the door, and get out of prison. Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program is now available. Coaching education, the necessary infrastructure, the system, and implementation are all included. And our program truly fills a void in the market.

It’s an obvious identity transition, and each of you must determine how you need to be directed. You must bring everything together, ensuring that your vision is crystal clear. And, more crucially, focus less on the skills and more on your vision. It’s all about you now. We rewrote the story in our business by combining the tremendous tools and materials I developed in a way that allows you to truly level up your game.

Program That Will Change Your Life

I want to make financial freedom available to you so that you can have a greater impact on the lives of others and stop being so insignificant. And I just want to go over exactly what this implies for those of you right now, because this is going to be a completely different way of thinking about your business.

Here’s the vantage point. I told you, I’m not sure if I’ve actually gone through this, but all of your years of school are only $10,000 right now, and this price will be going up, right? Psychology is my field of study, and I have a bachelor’s degree in it. It took me four years to complete. A bachelor’s degree costs $50,000. I received my master’s degree in public health and became a registered dietitian. It took two years to complete.

Because it was a private school, it was also $50,000. And then I went on to get my Ph.D. in physical therapy and became a professional physical therapist.
It took 3.5 years to complete. It cost more than a hundred thousand dollars to complete. I also received board certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. I earned the title of IFMCP. It took me seven to ten years, $30,000, YTT 200 and 500 hours, not adding trip expenses.

I’ve now completed 500 hours of E far. It took me 2.5 years and $7,000 to complete. Then I became a nationally certified Pilates instructor, which took two years, $10,000 because I went through two separate programs, $30,000 for all of my continuing education in over 20 years, which included craniosacral therapy, manual therapy, trigger point, dry needling, energy medicine, acupuncture, and everything else I learned.

Manage Your Time and Master Your Money

They still get tutoring through business because business is something that interests me, so it was a total investment for me. It’s $667,000 for 30 years, right? So I’m offering you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and have access to almost 30 years of experience in only a year.

It’s worth $667,000 yet you can get it for merely $10,000. Isn’t it the expense of the program for only one year, 30 years? Your initial outlay is simply $10,000. This is a one-time bonus for you guys. 

And you’ll put in approximately five to ten hours every week for roughly a year. It’s a one-year program. And here is the program, you can click this link  Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program

Then, within that year, you can divide down separate modules. The majority of my clients complete the entire spectrum, which includes all four modules. You can double, triple, or ten times your present income in five years; the lifetime ROI can be over a million dollars, and it will pay you back for a $10,000 investment at the very least.

As a result, practitioners such as dietitians, RDSs, and coaches often earn between $90 and $120 per year working conventionally. MDs, holistic physicians, nurses, and psychologists, you’re swapping dollars for hours, and you have to put in the hour of work to get compensated. It costs $499 to $650 for rehab specialists, $50 to 179 for health and wellbeing, and $25 to $70 for a lesson or a personal session. That is how you are compensated. Right, As a result, the autoimmune health transformation program lasts a year. Currently, depending on the level they pick, I charge $7,200 to $12,000 for a year-long program. 

The Importance Of Seeing The Big Picture In Business

Then there’s the monthly alkaline transformation, which costs $299 per year. Then there’s the alkaline detox treatment. All of these programs are ones that I have already created. 

There are health supplements available. We’ll probably be around a thousand to 5,000 per month on average. Then there’s virtual yoga, which costs around $4,900 each month. Right then there’s your yoga, which is brick and mortar. It’s a scavenger quest for the yoga studio where we enjoy unlimited courses for $19 a month. So, before COVID, it’s anywhere between $20,000 and $225,000 every month. We’re currently re-establishing it following COVID. But that’s where we were at the time. When you’re starting to see what’s potential for you, the math adds up quickly. Business and entrepreneurship necessitate invention. 

I want you to ask yourself these questions because the questions you ask yourself have a direct impact on the quality of your life. Remember what I said about asking questions about addressing problems, great world problems, rather than restricting views and actually asking yourself negative questions when you’re asking yourself negative questions.

Isn’t that the distinction? You’re always wondering why you can’t make more money if you look to the left. They won’t be able to do it. It’s quite aggravating. Why am I so bad at this? What am I doing wrong? Why is life so inequitable? Why aren’t patients improving? So, will I be chosen to appear in that article? You’re waiting to be chosen as a victim, rather than focusing on what her or his succession plan is.

Principles Of Persuasion

That’s something I’d like to do. What can I do to make this work? and what is important to me? What goals am I capable of achieving, and what thoughts and actions am I capable of doing to make this happen?

Then your brain gets to work on coming up with a solution, correct? Isn’t it only a difference in how you think about things? As a result, the powerful entrepreneurs, healers are those who stand for what they feel is a leader, and they are constantly innovating.

 It’s always getting better when someone asks a question. A struggling held entrepreneur is always pressured, overwhelmed, nervous, scared, insecure, and egotistical, whereas they are leveraged, aligned, preeminent, consistent, and disciplined. That’s why I want you to raise your game.

Because I’m working with a business coach. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with him. In my profession, he’s a well-known business coach. Abraham has so many books, he’s a marketing genius. 

He discusses how any firm can increase revenue in three ways. The first step is to increase the number of consumers by converting more fresh leads into paying customers. The second goal is to improve the average transaction size by persuading each customer to buy more at each purchase. The third step is to increase the average number of times a client buys from you and to persuade each consumer to buy from you more frequently.

Failure Is The Key to Success

These are the three methods for increasing and up-leveling your sales. It’s not something you can read about in a book. You must actually attempt it and fail. Failure is a prerequisite for success. You must be willing to put everything on the line. But you don’t have to risk it in my program since I’ve already taken all the risks and degrees inserts teach you how to ride a bike, but not how to ride a bike on the level and rough terrain, you and your clients require transformation.

Practical tools that make a difference are right in front of your eyes and aren’t taught in school. It’s about learning from mistakes and asking questions. Continuing education in 2020 is hindsight. I’d like you to use the alkaline process to benefit from my experience and knowledge.

I have a comprehensive program, and I believe you must first understand how your brain functions. It also has three different areas of the brain. It has a mind of its own It has one mind but three brains. 

It’s the basal ganglia brainstem at the bottom. That’s the instinctual fight or flight response of the reptilian brain. Isn’t that the irrational brain that controls everything? It has to do with the programming system. After that, there’s the limbic system. It’s the brain of a mammalian. A sensory and emotional experience. It’s also ingrained in its memory. That’s where you’ll find the middle tier. We’re a really emotional bunch.

Inside The Program

We will most likely have over a hundred positions that you will be learning as well as teaching. In month two, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the central nervous system. The autonomic nervous system, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar anatomy, core and postural muscles, and activation are among the basics you’ll learn. Month three is all about applied anatomy and movement through the practice of yoga, and how it relates to the anatomy and alignment of the spine in the upper and lower bodies, using anatomical models and video tutorials.

I want you to be able to identify anatomical locations and planes in language. Then you’ll discover everything there is to know about motor learning theories and the outline success approach to ensure your success. Month four focuses on teaching techniques, yoga therapies, and precautions, as well as any conflicts or contraindications. Month five begins the transformational psychology work.

Which includes the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and all of the coaching tools that you’ll learn. In Month six begins modernized functional medicine, which includes the HPA axis gut-brain axes, as well as dietary intervention, supplements, and testing.

In month seven, you’ll study everything there is to know about inflammation and the immunological brain, and each and every Nomex month, it’s all about metabolism, detoxification, and elimination, as well as diet and physical examination. Then, in month nine, you’ll acquire all the intake forms, how to complete initial assessments, physical evaluations, and how to deliver therapeutic interventions because this is what our sector is lacking.

It’s all about doing things correctly. As a result, we offer you coaching calls. Every other week, we gather for a bi-weekly meeting and have coaching calls. The majority of the time, the students enjoy the program. They ask questions in a private Facebook group, and I either address them during our coaching call or go live to answer them.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

If they require immediate responses to a question. And the majority of them are currently selling; they are simply assisting. And they’re putting it into practice right now, building a business. 

You simply get started. You begin to fail ahead of time in order to gain experience. We have a lot of intelligent debates. Mentoring and accountability are both presents. There you have it. Then there’s month ten. It’s all about you figuring out who you are as an entrepreneur so you can truly understand what your inner voice is saying.

You’ll discover everything there is to know about mental productivity, as well as how to position and price your products and services and how to start a business. All of the things that you don’t know what to do with legally. So, in month 11, you’ll study everything there is to know about profit planning and profit generation. You’ll learn about the foundations of sleight of mouth. It’s about talking to them in order to urge them to do the thing, to change their mindset for the better, to go from a stuck frame to one of healing.

Then I show you how to conduct thought reversals, which is when you question everything you thought you believed and then reverse those thoughts to think about it in a new manner, which is what regulation month is all about. 12 is all about learning how to establish a team because as your grow, you’re going to need a team under you.

Best  Investment 

Then you’ll learn about all of the resources available on the platforms that I’ve tried and evaluated. And I urge that there be list-building tactics to ensure that you’re getting all of the emails, ELLs, and how to do it. We have to figure out how to form and administer groups. Then there’s social media marketing. Facebook is still the best option. And I need you to really understand how to get your patients in the door and think of marketing as ROI, not as an expense. 

The first step is to schedule two one-on-one coaching sessions with me in order to gain clarity on two of the following topics. You choose two, one of which can be limiting ideas and myths that keep you trapped. Then you can choose his particular functional medicine prescription from the other. What would I suggest if you were having trouble with your own health? Then there’s the matter of yoga mastery.

I can offer you a personalized yoga session to help you develop, and then I can help you with business coaching to help you nail your sales funnel. Right now, I’m teaching you that it’s worth $799.

It’s a short course in which you’ll learn how to create a blueprint for a complete physical and postural examination and therapy that you can use right away in your practice. It is currently valued at $199. Finally, you’ll receive a free virtual yoga subscription as a final incentive. 

We named this the healing inner circle for a year, and you’ll receive access to recorded live healing, yoga, and self-healing meditation sessions, as well as four different classes every week. For $828 per week, you get live courses four times a week.

Take this Opportunity 

That’s exactly what you can expect from the show. I understand that you may have a lot of questions. This program is very unique. I’m sure a lot of you are reading this blog. And many of the folks who have signed up have noticed how unusual this program is. It’s more than just a credential. We’re not done yet.

We not only provide you all the tools to tie it all together, but we also give you all the business acumen you’ll need. And, once again, it’s me piecing everything together, right? I’m always looking at everything, but I wish I could have had it all in one program that not only gave me the certification, but also saved me the money, time, and anguish of having to do everything separately.

This will also be an opportunity for you to become a license holder through the alkaline technique, allowing you to use all of the work that has already been completed. It’s a ready-to-go opportunity. You may be able to practice alkaline techniques and eventually purchase into the licensing program. However, you must apply for this. And I’ll have to get to know you as a mentor, because you’ll be representing the brand at that time, and you’ll have everything you need. For you, it’s already done.

These are the items I included, and I’ve planned ahead of time because that’s what I wanted.

 I’ve had to spend so much money all over the place. Not only that, but you’ll become frustrated as you try to tie everything together.

This Is What You Need

“What do you become after you graduate?” You’re going to get your certification. I’ve already done it, I’ve already trademarked the brand through the national United States Patent and Trademark Office, which means I’ve already registered it. I’ve already hired an attorney to draft a license and certification for this brand. As a result, it’s a certification. You earn the designation of FYMCP, Functional Yoga Medicine Certified Practitioner. Because the first four months were dominated by yoga, some of you have logged 200 hours. Some of you are in the $500 range.

For the 200 hours, there will be a bridging program. For individuals without a yoga background, you will receive a Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga teacher certification, RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification, and FYMCP. As a result, you’ll have a dual certification.

So many letters behind your name, but if you already have the 200 hours, the RYT plus FYMCP will cost you $500. There is a bridging program available if you only want to do the 200-hour course. You can complete a bridge program to become the ERYT or our white T 500 level to do that, as well as an opportunity to be a holder of the license and the brand. And I saw a need in the market and decided to fill it by providing everything turnkey for you so you don’t have to go through what I did.  So meticulously. So that’s what you have to work with. If you have any queries or think, “Oh my god, this might be just what I need,” please contact us.

It’s Time To Transform Your Life

I would strongly advise you to contact my team and ask them some questions to see if you’re a good fit, and then schedule a discovery call with me to ask me any questions you may have. By far, it’s the best program out there for someone who is passionate about education. And I’m still really dedicated to my schooling, which is perhaps the most complete curriculum available. And I wish this was the one I had when I first started, but this is what you have. Furthermore, the pricing is unbeatable. And I can assure you that we’ve been upping the price and will continue to do so. So, if it resonates with you, I strongly advise you to contact my team and schedule a call. I’d be delighted to speak with you. And remember the special pricing at a $10,000 flat rate.

This is the moment to make the most significant investment. That will provide you with a constant ROI. I strongly advise you to sign up.  Consider the following questions regarding who your ideal customer avatar is and who you want to serve. And, of course, realizing that you are most likely your ideal customer avatar. So, go in your head and think about how the frustration elements on your journeys function, right? Your problems prepare you to comprehend and transform your struggles and prepare you to comprehend the transformation required to move from point A to point B.

Join Us

And I’m going to sort of put the pieces together for you and show you how they all go together to form a whole, including all of the integration principles, so you can see the wider picture of your puzzle. Once again, contact my team, get your questions answered, and then call me. I would be delighted to speak with you about the program. 

And you can listen to our podcast it’s available on iTunes and Spotify. Thank you so much for reading. You can always follow me on my Instagram and our Facebook page. I’ll be sharing more very soon. You can follow me on my TikTok account and also visit our website Functional Yoga Medicine.  I’ll see you next week.