Hi Everybody, Welcome to our Functional Yoga Medicine blog. Today I want to talk about The Power of Meditation. I’ve been studying and practicing some form of meditation for over a decade now and I have to be fully transparent in saying that it’s changed my life.

But it didn’t change my life like an overnight miracle. It changed and shifted my being as I consistently showed up to practice. I also wasn’t as consistent before covid but during covid, I desperately needed a way to manage my monkey mind because I knew that it’s what was perpetuating my suffering.  

Meditation is essentially the observation of our thoughts. There are no judgments, ridicule, or opinions about the good or bad of the session, there’s also no right or wrong.  

In meditation, we are seeking higher awareness. Because of awareness, the answer to just about every human problem has a solution.

Why is that? Because awareness allows us to choose how we think, feel, act, and the results we create in our lives. It allows us to “listen” to the subtle voice of our higher self, GOD, infinite energy, cosmic consciousness. Whatever you prefer to refer to your higher power.  

Recognizing how you are choosing your life and that your results in your life are a reflection of your thoughts is a huge revelation that truly brings power back to you. Awareness is the fundamental ingredient for positive transformation, lack of it is what keeps us in a hamster wheel cycle of suffering.  


Meditation is the ancient method for cultivating awareness. Based on scientific evidence,  meditation allows us to have super awareness. When awareness improved with meditation, electrical patterns in your brain change. Such changes have a profound effect on your life. Our brain communicates and generates electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns which are called brain wave patterns.

Brain patterns are closely correlated with your quality of life.  

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Results

Your well-being is dependent on your brain habits or brain patterns.

There are 4 different patterns of your brain

  1. Beta: The most rapid pattern associated with concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition and higher frequency. Beta, however, is associate with anxiety, imbalance, and disease. Slowing this pattern down is beneficial to your overall well being.
  2. Alpha: As you relax, your brain wave slows into an alpha state. This is the state where you are able to learn a large amount of information quickly and efficiently. For example, when you are absorb in a great movie or a book or if your full attention is undivided on one task. This is your brain in alpha pattern. Slower alpha waves create deep relaxation – the in between state of being awake and sleeping. Alpha is also considered the brain wave pattern of joy and happiness.
  3. Theta:  Slower still are the theta waves. The brain wave pattern of dreaming sleep and more deep meditative state. Theta wave is associate with:
    • Creativity (when you have an aha moment where all things make sense)
    • Visionary experiences (dreams as well as visions during meditation)
    • Integrative experiences (making positive changes toward the desired outcome)  – When making the theta waves’ self sabotaging tendencies are filter or bypass, making it much easier to change beliefs or habits. This level of brain wave is achieved by advanced meditators which allows for healing and stress management.
  4. Delta: The slowest brain wave is a state of dreamless sleep. A handful of advanced spiritual seekers learn to remain alert in this state which is a deep, trance-like, non physical state.  

Meditation and Brain Waves

Delta wave patterns are referred to as the kundalini awakening where the dormant spiritual energy is activated and rises up through the spinal column. In this state, the brain releases human growth hormones which we make in decreasing quantities as we get older, resulting in memory loss, loss of muscle, increased weight, loss of endurance, and diseases.

Such benefits are not available to many people because many are consistent and have interpretations and beliefs about meditation. That it’s hard for them, too busy, etc.  

Alkaline Method 

We at Alkaline Method and Functional Yoga Medicine Academy believe that meditation is an essential part of Healing and Transformation.  There are tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits to meditation that can’t be denied.  

Mind-Body Mastery is the ultimate goal with the Alkaline Method. We always have a choice to cultivate our own destiny. But in order to create health, abundance, and joy in our lives, we must first step into:

  • Inner Awakening
  • Outer manifestation
  • Modern Medicine
  • Ancient Wisdom

To have the tools founded in timeless wisdom that cultivates self-awareness and self-love to begin your miraculous journey of life.

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Thank you so much for reading this blog. Have a wonderful day.