Most practitioners get hung up on understanding the theory of their expertise. With flimsy data points that are sometimes referred to as “evidence based medicine”, it often fails to take the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal themselves. It places emphasis on the practitioner themselves to take an active role in its healing, when in fact it can potentially do the opposite by perpetuating illness. 

Nowadays, more patients are seeking practical ways to heal themselves versus theoretical quick fixes that fail to help their bodies heal.

In this blog, I will talk about the importance of applying your knowledge by “showing the way” versus making general recommendations based on theory.

Education Alone is Not Enough

I used to believe that formal education was necessary to be qualified to do anything potentially helpful to others. But today, I believe that while education is important, it can be misconstrued to mean something more than what it is.  

Education is only helpful to the extent that you don’t let it feed your ego. Too often, I meet practitioners who believe in hierarchy when it comes to education and use it as a status symbol.

How Do You Contribute?

In the medical system, there is an existing hierarchy with the doctors at the top followed by all other In the medical system, there is an existing hierarchy with the doctors at the top followed by all other providers. But if you really understand the organization and what each practitioner contributes in the medical system, you’ll find that Doctors actually know the least and nurses know the most and are actually doing the most.  

Not only that, the doctor’s role is to make sure to not prescribe or make recommendations, but do so according to the insurance approval. In other words, Doctors don’t make clinical decisions, they must abide by the third party payors first to be approved for payment before they take action.

This process can take days or months for the insurance payors to approve or disapprove what the doctors want to do as part of treatment for you.  

The window of time can be of essence. In some instances, it is held up by the criteria set not by your doctor but the insurance payors. Wherein, these payers pay the least amount possible for the services rendered.

At the end of the day, health insurance is a big for profit business. There are times where we pay the price for their bureaucratic ways.

Aside From The Theory

Knowing this, I think a lot about the medical system lately. I think about how ineffective and inefficient it is and yet. Most of us are conditioned to play its game whether it’s out of necessity or not. We go along with it because we know we can’t change it. 

Some may complain but ultimately succumb to its ways when you have the need for it.  

In my personal field of nutrition and physical therapy, they used to emphasize evidence based medicine and place so much emphasis on theoretical and academic understanding substantiated by research.

But we all know that research is limited and biased at best. That it doesn’t provide the black and white answer that we all seek.  

So at best, we are working under the false premise of the research that is biased to apply to our patient care. This kind of clinical application creates depreciating morale in our field and loss of confidence in our respective profession.

It’s time to understand that thinking about the bigger picture and connecting the dots really helps our patients to finally put the pieces of their lives back together. While they apply the principles that we share with them, keeping in mind what we don’t know and focusing on the needs of our clients or patients is important. Doing that will create a big impact on them before placing importance on our degrees and understanding of the subject matter.

Our Role

All our patients are human beings having human experiences. And some experiences of theirs may suck.  But we know that when it sucks, it can only be better because that is life. Those encounters provide us with the polarity of life — the good and bad, the yin to the yang, etc.

Our bodies are miraculous and all it needs is an optimal environment conducive to healing. 

As practitioners, our role is to provide our patients with the necessary modalities, coaching, support, accountability, and knowledge. Through these, they can gain control over their own bodies so that they can gain health mastery.  

The Empathy Theory

Part of our job is to show to our clients or patients that we empathize with them. 

Understand that they are having a hard time. It’s not about a simple “do this”, “stop eating that”, “take this medication”. It’s really all about understanding where they are coming from. 

There are lots of times where their sickness’ symptoms are a symptom to a greater problem in their lives.

As their help, you need to understand their elements to know what role the disease is serving in their lives. 

The Theory Of Compassion And Love

You, as a practitioner, also have to work from a place of compassion and love. 

Keeping in mind that they are human beings having human experiences like you, will bring sincerity in your willingness to step up to help and coach them with the difficult times that they are going through. That encounter of what matters between the patient and you is everything. 

What Is The Solution?

Within the context of healthcare where we are constantly fighting time limits, doing these is nearly impossible.

How do we deal with this obstacle that keeps us from connecting deeper with our clients or patients?

Alkaline Method ™ is a framework or methodology that was created out of my personal healing journey where all pieces of the puzzle come together to allow patients to truly live the solution versus being told what to do.

Self empowerment is the vehicle we need to get patients from point A to point B.  While they may need medical intervention like prescription drugs and such, they also need a plan to live their lives that include eating, relationships, career goals, aspirations, and all the things in between that we don’t consider simply because it’s out of our scope.  

Many are finally recognizing the power of integration and Alkaline Method ™ allows you to strategically do this in your patient care to be able to show them how to live with the solution. 

Rather than going into the rabbit hole approach of scientific basis and grounds, and theoretical understanding, think about the bigger picture with the patient at the core.  

We Challenge You

Today, I challenge you to step away from theory and start to apply the thing in your own life so that your patients can see you as a living solution. 

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