For this week’s blog, I will talk to you about the state of health care. I’ll tell you what’s missing in most holistic wellness certification programs. It’s something that we all think, but we don’t know exactly what to do about it. Recently, I had COVID. It’s the collective 22 years of my living with autoimmunity that I finally came to a realization about patient care. The disconnect between healthcare and patient care.

The Acute State

I think oftentimes as practitioners, we dismiss the person that’s sitting in front of us. Being unwell and being hospitalized causes a great deal of psychological and emotional trauma. All these are very much a rollercoaster ride for the patient. This is an acute state and in an acute state, I believe our healthcare system is great. It allows us to figure out what’s wrong. And the problem that we can solve to make sure that the symptoms are under control. This is in order for the patient to be independent out of the hospital and live normal lives. 

I’ve been through the process multiple times in my life with autoimmunity. I have to say whenever I got discharged from the hospital, not only were there increasing numbers of mistakes being made by the nurses, the doctors, and different attending doctors. If you don’t have, or get assigned to your own primary doctors, that’s overseeing your care and you’re being managed by your hospitalists.

Behind Holistic Healing

It’s really hard to establish rapport. You have to understand that the patient is there to mitigate the health risks with their condition at that very moment and stabilize their medical condition. They’re discharged home and then they’re supposed to follow up with their primary care physicians. If, and when you do follow up with the primary physicians or experts, the patient is still left to figure things out on their own.

Most of the patients that I’ve had to deal with don’t really necessarily know where to start. They get discharged and they live their normal lives. So as long as their symptoms are manageable, they never really seek care beyond what they need. They know the medical system and they sort of stop there unless they go to the doctor. Then, they get referred out for various specialists and ancillary services.

That’s an acute care facility, but I really need you to appreciate what a terrible, psychological, and emotional roller coaster ride it is for the patient and for things to calm down. It’s almost like the body is being primed to mend. I see the body because it’s not my body, and it needs to do whatever it has to do.

The Truth Behind the Sick-care System

Regardless of how well-versed and educated I am in what to do, whether it’s yoga, meditation, or eating healthily. And all of those things haven’t always stuck, let alone given me the energy or desire to do them. I used to be completely exhausted. And there was no way I could comply with anything.

Because of the nausea, even taking pills was a chore for me. These are some of the stumbling barriers that genuine patients will face.

As practitioners, I’m looking for you since I’ve had a lot of insensitive, uneducated practitioners, physicians, nurses, and so on. When there’s a disconnect, it’s a scary place for a patient to realize they’re the one who’s responsible for their own health.

It got to the point where they just gave me all of the meds that were given by on time. Because it’s their job, they’re careful. And I wouldn’t have had that voice if I didn’t have a medical background to say no to drugs I didn’t need. As a result, this comes from a place of genuine recognition that a paradigm shift is required.

All for Holistic Healing

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re one of the practitioners looking for a better method to treat the folks in front of us and the human situation today.

To be honest, we’re not in the best of health, and health and wellness is a trillion-dollar industry. And if you’re in health care, you’re not in a field where things are expensive and money is required.

However, we are subject to stringent constraints imposed by the system, which makes little sense to most practitioners. We are required to meet a number of quotas. This translates to fewer patient visits. Then there’s the matter of covering a lot of ground. As a result, we’re forced to refer to them elsewhere. The patient then has to figure out what they’re looking for in terms of wellness and health on social media.

There are lots of people who can give them advice, but no one to connect the dots for them. And it is to this end that I have come to speak. It’s really hard to break out and really do anything impactful because you’re really handcuffed to the system. This is a huge opportunity for you to step up and have more impact in your lives. We also have to follow certain procedures.

Even if it doesn’t work, we must follow the rules and regulations. Because, at the end of the day, we want to safeguard our license and liability. However, we live in a culture where we are constantly deprived of sleep. We’re all stressed out, overworked, and overstimulated, and we’re all stretched thin, particularly healthcare providers. Then you compartmentalize, finish your day, go home, and try to make the best of it. But you know you have to come back.

Your Career and Your Life Are Not Distinct

As a practitioner, you must be educated in all areas, and this is surely possible for us. However, we must stop focusing on the constant external influences and inputs since we’ve been socialized to seek external validation.

It is the moment of paradigm shift that I invite and push you as practitioners to rise to the occasion. Make better career or clinical practice so that you can do more for the patients while also feeling happy. Knowing that when you go to bed at night, you’ve done your absolute best to actually aid, serve, and impact the lives of those you serve.

We’re conditioned as practitioners to seek knowledge outside of ourselves. To continuously learn more, then nobody teaches us how to incorporate them into the practice of whatever it is. But we’re all busy, sticking to our areas of expertise. It’s contentious inside the traditional medicine sector, because it’s all about our field, from chiropractic to physical therapy. 

Shift the Paradigm

There are numerous debates concerning what constitutes manipulation. We can’t even call it manipulation because it’s more like joint mobilization. I’ve worked as a dry Needler and have seen acupuncturists and physical therapists together. I’m not allowed to mention anything specific. Because we’re not injecting anything, we have to call it dry needling. The needle is dry, but it’s acupuncture. Hence, these are all things that I’ve had to learn. But attempt to incorporate, while staying within my scope, which isolates us as practitioners and distances us from the care that the patient is receiving.

We need to alter this but we don’t know how. And that’s what we’d like to talk about today since change is difficult for us.

We are shifting the paradigm, which is defined as a typical example, pattern, or pattern of anything. It’s a way of looking at the world and operating in it. It’s a model that we’ve all been taught to follow without challenging the model.

Accept the Challenge of Holistic Approach

Today, I’m challenging and encouraging you to rethink the very paradigm that we’ve bought into. The higher, the education level, the more difficult it is for us to learn it; to come shift out of that paradigm because we’re so invested in it.

While we believe that information is power, it actually inhibits our ability to see the big picture.

As a practitioner in today’s society, I believe you must be flexible and fluid. Go deep into your knowledge base, but also pull out and apply it practically. Invite your patients to live the lifestyle and live the solution day-to-day. Rather than being higher up and giving them all the recommendations.

That is probably correct, however it is difficult when the patient is confronted with hurdles in their own lives. It’s no different than you unless you see the human experience that they’re having on a daily basis.

As a result, stop compartmentalizing your work. Truly approach patient care from a place of where you are. Since I know a lot of us practitioners are fighting with our own health, vitality, energy, families, finances, and everything else. And I’m sure a lot of you are trapped.

You Can Do Both

Consider the last time you wanted to make or take a practical, common sense approach to something that you didn’t learned didactically. Then, you’ll realized that you weren’t adhering to your logical expertise. Only because you didn’t want to step out of that because the patient expects.

For example, my endocrinologist only talks about hormones. They don’t discuss the relationship between hormones and stress, or hormones and lung or kidney function. Let’s talk about cardio-metabolic health. They’re told to see a pathologist, an endocrinologist, or a GI specialist to try to piece everything together.

However, as a patient who visits all of those specialists, they become increasingly disjointed. The fragmented approach with which you’re dealing with the problem confuses and overwhelms the patient. The patient has no alternative but to turn to social media specialists, who, despite their lack of didactic knowledge. Also, provide sensible practical recommendations on how to eat and cook every day.

It may not always be applied with the knowledge base that you know, but imagine if you can do both. Providing them with nuggets of applied knowledge so that the patient can live the solution every single day. Instead of separating the recommendation or prescription from their lifestyle.

That can’t be a miscommunication. You are unable to speak over them.

Recall What You Are Called To Do

As an experienced patient, though, many practitioners talk down to or over me with what they know. When I’m with them, it’s not always about connecting with who I am and what I need right now. And they were utterly failing me in that regard when I needed their services. I’ve got to either cope with it or go home and cry it out, or figure out a better method.

This happened to me frequently enough for me to realize, “Oh my my, I need to fix this”. I need to work with practitioners to help them become true integrators of this field. To connect the dots so that we can summarize it for the patient in a way that makes sense. Because for so long, I’ve had to deliver clinical care within the scope of physical therapy. Whether it was the best solution for the patient or not, because that’s what I’m called to do.

Holistic Healing in the Fundamental Cause

There were many situations when the fundamental cause was ingrained in the patient’s habits and lifestyles. But I had to handle the problem within my scope due to the referral system, and honestly, the patient didn’t know any difference. Then, even though I’m a dietitian, I’d have to recommend them to one since I’m not allowed to discuss it.

That is what I want to distribute and truly trash and really push that thought away and step into using your knowledge and the best method, you know, how close to that, or mix that with the technology developments that we have today and much like the influencers.

Applied Knowledge in Holistic Healing

How about if we become practitioner influencers who can really approach this from the lens of knowledge, but then applied knowledge for the patient and meeting them where they are.

It would be a fantastic service to them, and it’s an opportunity for us all to come together and make a difference in the healthcare system for future generations. And make the most of your knowledge because I’m on my own with this challenge. 

I had to link the dots because the conventional medical system has only been able to treat my autoimmunity with immunosuppressants and corticosteroids since my diagnosis in 1998. They said I’d have to take it for the rest of my life. There were no other options available to me. I needed a better alternative as a qualified dietician. 

My Story

Even the trained dietitian failed me because all of the traditional approaches of dealing with various cardio-metabolic and kidney diseases were ineffective. I needed to find a method to loathe the things I liked and truly tear down my emotional links to the foods I was eating on a daily basis. That was a difficult task. It makes no difference what I know or how I applied. 

From the standpoint of the patient, that was quite different. You should all be aware of this. I just want you to know that I went to a TCM doctor, a traditional Chinese medical doctor, from that location, and he told me I was a vegan going to Loma Linda University at the time. It’s one of the blue zones, which is home to century ans.

So I went vegan, and he measured my pulse right away, and I was hardly perpendicular to the ground or standing up by myself since I was so hypotensive at the time. He told me right away that I needed to start eating meat, and not just any meat, but red meat. As a result, I recall my family and friends being so glad and ecstatic that I became normal.

What Predates the Modern Medical System

I was six months away from being married. As a result, I took it on. I didn’t really bring in my scientific knowledge of why I just did what the doctor suggested towards the end of six months with herbal drugs eating me and truly broadening my food without inquiry. My rheumatologists were kept in the dark by my traditional Chinese medical practitioner, but I was able to dispel all of my myths.

As a result, I’m a rebellious patient trying to sort things out. As a result, my perspective on what I knew was drastically altered. And I recognized I needed to broaden my horizons and broaden my knowledge rather than staying within my scope of practice and always being correct, since this limited my capacity to see the big picture and see what was going on around me. Because, when you think about it, traditional Chinese medicine predates the modern medical system.

Is Food Really Diet Medicine?

If you’ve looked into the dietary guidelines further, you’ll see that as I began to go into functional medicine, I’ve met so many doctors. They’ve all come to learn about nutrition and food. They weren’t necessarily following what they were learning, but it was scientific. Because of evidence-based medicine, everything was black and white. Even in this holistic area, they approached it from a brain perspective, such as cognition, knowledge base, and scientific proof. 

When you villainize food, that relationship, the psyche behind the food, and the person relationship really go south, because, as Socrates said, food is diet medicine. But how can you heal yourself if you’re afraid of food? So you have to learn that our human body is multi-dimensional and doesn’t always require anything. When it’s in an acute flare, you just have to wait for it to calm down.

With its extraordinary ability to submit, the inflammation will subside. It does not imply that you, as a practitioner, must reduce inflammation.

Be Careful

When you try to achieve that with medicine supplements or whatever else when the patient is in an acute flare-up, you’re just adding to the poisonous pool. So all you have to do is take a step back, support the patients, hold them accountable, mentor them, and meet them where they are. Because the ultimate goal for us as practitioners is for the patient to get well, we don’t want to be separated from them, sometimes that’s all you have to do for them to come out of it.

We want kids to be healthy and prepared with everything they need to deal with all aspects and obstacles in their lives. Not just medically, but physically, since we’re not compartmentalized creatures where health is one thing, economics are another, and relationships are yet another. All of these things combine to generate stress, and stress is the number one cause of death.

The Invisible Reason

There is an invisible reason why everyone is unwell and stressed.

It’s not something that can be measured scientifically. Even as practitioners, the more I learn, the more I realize, the more I don’t know, and the more I try to make it black and white, the more it’s gray, and the more I try not to recognize the greatness of it all, the more I fail my patients. So I really need you to realize that and let go, which is why I built the ultimate paradigm or model by which we can all function by healing you and educating you as practitioners to comprehend human nature. 

It’s transformational psychology, and it has four aspects; including inner work and learning that our thoughts are what we’re manifesting, which is the outside manifestation. And this is what transformational psychology is all about.

Holistic Healing within the Alkaline Methodology Framework

We also provide you with coaching tools to help you guide and mentor your patients, because the number one thing we lack when we leave clinical education is the ability to establish a report, not just to be liked, but to truly understand that whatever knowledge we have, it must be translated into something that the patient can implement.

It’s also not only about taking drugs on schedule. It’s all about figuring out what your body requires. It needs both water and nutrients. It requires them to take responsibility for their own health by connecting with their breath and exercising; however, simple exercises and posture and alignment of their bodies have a significant impact on metabolic ability, as well as the vagus nerve, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. And unless you have a general understanding of that, closing the shutters and declaring, “Nope, that’s not my domain,” isn’t going to assist you much.

The Hormone Department

When you know the patient has musculoskeletal pain, but it’s linked to hormones, hormones are linked to the GI and digestive system, whether you like it or not, and the digestive system, whether you like it or not, is involved with our neurogenic system neurological system. There are no divisions. We must be able to bring everything together.

I really want to tell you about how, within the realm of holistic intervention, whether it’s chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, diet, or exercise, they all help. But unless you, as a practitioner, can put it all together and have the knowledge to make it make sense, to truly make patients whole and translate that into something they can wake up to and do every day, the patient has no chance of being self-sufficient and self-sufficient.

And unless we make that change feasible, a body or health may not be optimum, which is fine because the body will do what it needs to do. It has intelligence and capabilities well beyond what you can provide for your patients.

What Functional Yoga Medicine Program Does

To connect the dots, all you have to do is provide the ideal atmosphere for the body to work at its optimum. And the patients will admire and respect you, looking to you for life advice. When you have a situation like that, you are not only providing a service to your patients, but you have also created a lifelong patient care relationship that you can now level up, magnify, and leverage to help many more people improve their health, wellbeing, and vitality.

This is the kind of thing we address in the Functional Yoga Medicine Program through our Alkaline Methodology. We are connecting the transformational psychology piece by giving you the coaching piece, by giving you all the holistic medicine piece that includes physical therapy, nutrition, and functional medicine, as well as the ancient wisdom piece of learning, what yoga is, meditation, and the breath cycles and energy of the body to pull it all together for you.

Join Us

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