Hi everyone! am going to discuss about the whole concept of being a technician in your trade. Being a technician means that no matter what industry that you come from, we’re all taught to do the same thing.

For example, as a registered dietician, I have a certain way of doing things. It’s how we get paid from our insurance payers. It’s how we do what we do. Same is true as a physical therapist, doing what I do. There’s a certain way that we all do things. Whether it’s setting up a private practice, doing what I do, there’s some things that we do.

There might be some skillsets that we pick up all along the way. But, all in all, at the end of the day, dogmatic approaches to doing physical therapy a certain way is really heavily dedicated by our trade association, the American Physical Therapy Association. The third party insurers or payers are willing to pay complete with ICD-9 codes, as well as CPT codes for our services.

What It Means To Be A Technician

All that to say, it’s how we conduct business. As we know it, that makes us a technician in every which field. We utilize some apparatus, but there’s different types of brands that we might use. We might’ve been trained from a different school of thought, but at the end of the day, as a practice and how we get paid for what we do across the board, this is how we do things.

What I want to make sure that you understand is rather than just trying to fit into your respective trades, I want to open up and expand your mind to the possibilities of thinking outside the box to incorporate the missing pieces of the puzzle. For example, if you’re in health and wellness, you’re in the business of health promotion. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, physician doing functional medicine, holistic medicine, acupuncture, naturopathic, physical therapy, or whatever it is you do. Being in the business of health promotion means it’s in your best interest to make sure that your clients have all the tools they need to conduct and do whatever it is they need to optimize their lives and health.

Stress is a Silent Killer

Oftentimes we isolate health in its own category, but our whole life largely determines our health. It really comes down to three different key things. They are your wealth, health, and relationships. These three key factors really affect human health. If you have poor relationships with your family, spouse, or kids, it’s going to wreak havoc. It causes stress to go up, and when stress goes up havoc is created in your endocrinological system through what we call the HPA axis, which ultimately affects your brain and endocrine system.

When stress has an influence on your physiology, then it opens up a can of worms in your enteric nervous system. It’s your gut-brain axis that creates gut permeability. That, in turn, over time will create increased inflammation. Furthermore, over time there will be too many toxins coming at us because of the less than tight junctions in our enteric nervous system or our gut lining. That’s going to invite more toxins to enter our body, raising our immune system.

If your immune system gets fired up over time, it can have an autoimmune effect, which means it starts to turn against you. Whatever the cycle, you have to understand that your health is not in its own category. It’s not about what you eat minus everything else that’s going on. You have to consider your financial state as well. If your finances and wealth are in a state of crisis, it’s going to also affect your negatively. You’re not going to be able to afford the healthy foods, the gym membership, the yoga membership, the clean water, etc. So, you’ll always be stranded or strapped for cash and that means negative things for your health.

A Technician Focuses on the Doing, Forgetting the Being

Health is not just about doing pilates and yoga. It’s more than that. What about those people who have relationship or financial issues, or have a lack of this balance? That all comes down to your relationship with you, or the person’s relationship with themselves.

Knowing this, we have to recognize the fact that in school we’re taught exactly how to do, how to be, and to follow the rules. But, it doesn’t work that way in the real world. Clinical representations are manifestations of different dysfunction that we were taught in school that looks very differently. There’s a whole lot of messiness in the middle that we can’t classify yet. We’re so busy categorizing, naming, and coding so that we can be matching what we do, our service CPT codes, with the ICD-9 codes so that we get recognized and matched up. So, it gets increasingly more complex every year in my field to get paid through our third party paying system.

But, again, those are the kinds of inefficiencies that need to be looked at in a whole different way. At the end of the day, you were taught to be a smart technician. We’re not really encouraged to think outside the box. We’re fed what to think in just about every field I got into. Whether it be psychology, physical therapy, registered dietician, public health, pilates, yoga, functional medicine, Ayurveda, or traditional Chinese medicine. They all have their respective ways of doing things.

Putting the Pieces Together

When I was able to think outside the box and pull the best practices from each of these fields together, made it my own, and inclusively called it the Alkaline Method, I saw my patients getting tremendously well. They’re getting the benefit of pulling all the confusing pieces of the puzzle together. Through the Alkaline Method, the fragmented medical system now becomes a cohesive holistic system or method. I’ve been able to finally begin to make it make sense for my patients.

Gone are the days when you have to practice what you do, being a technician. A technician can only go so far. It’s not so black and white in our human lives. Evidence-based practices being touted in our field are overrated. There’s so much we don’t know in human experiences, genetics, and abilities that you have to pull together. All of these are represented by the elements of the Alkaline Method.

There are four essential elements – the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, modern medicine, and timeless wisdom. It’s a continuum and a continual spectrum. It’s a self-healing journey. We must adopt a mindset, from a struggling health technician to a powerful healer. That’s the identity shift you and I must make so that we can make our lives a lot easier. We must really show up loving what we do. If you and I don’t love what we do and the impact we’re making in the world through our work, then the impact, effects, or results we create for our clients will always be marginal.

Making Sense of the Puzzle

We have a comprehensive system called the Alkaline Method and it’s what we adopt and apply daily to our lifestyle. That way, we can teach our patients to do the same and grow and evolve with the system through this cohesive method. Finally, the Alkaline Method helps to make sense of all the messiness in our respective fields. It’s the final, big puzzle that comes together and makes it whole once again.

It puts the power back in the lives of our patients and clients, rather than leaving them disempowered and dependent on us. It becomes a very sick cycle of dependency. When we operate this way, it’s a good business model for the sick care system. I don’t know about you, but I’m in the business of really promoting health and wellness for the people I serve.

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