Hi everybody. Today’s going to be all about Functional Yoga Medicine and how it came to be. So let me share with you how and why I created Functional Yoga Medicine because I always had a very curious mind from when I was a little girl. When I know one subject area, I always need to know how it can be juxtaposed and linked to another.

School Teaches Us To Be Technicians

I have an unusual capacity to pose super complex questions. And I’m a highly critical person. I become trapped if those questions aren’t answered. I became a multi-passionate entrepreneur as I grew older, and after receiving my doctorate in physical therapy and my masters degree in nutrition, I immediately understood that I couldn’t operate under any one system.

Because at the end of the day, what we learn in medical school is really how to be a technician. A technician who follows orders, stays within her scope of practice, and follows all the rules and regulations even if they’re not really serving the patient. I’ve always had to think outside the box. I kept asking questions about if there was a better way to do things, and wondering how come people aren’t seeing all the better ways.

I realized in the systems (hospital system, medical care system), the bigger the system or entity, the harder it is to change what is. And so a lot of the practitioners, even the smartest among us, the smartest doctors, would just follow the orders. Everybody just becomes a technician in the field of medicine. I believe that is a pretty depressing place to be. I felt the need to figure out all of those things as an entrepreneur who doesn’t rely on anyone else to make money or pay the bills. 

Knowledge Vs Application

I came up with this concept probably nine years ago, to compile all of my knowledge into one comprehensive framework. And it was only after becoming board certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine that I recognized this.

And I saw through the IFM, that even though we talked about addressing the patient’s fundamental cause (the issue of whatever symptoms they had) things were still so complicated in the name of functional medicine, holistic health, alternative medicine, and integrative medicine.

It was like every other training and educational experience I’ve had. They provided information to me through a fire hose; so much didactic knowledge without much application and time to digest everything.

Lack of Innovation

Despite the fact that I wasn’t processing all of the knowledge, they gave us more information, leaving me with very little digested on the inside. And I noticed that a lot of these positions, such as doctors, chiropractors, and other medical experts who are coming to functional medicine education, don’t know how to put what they’re learning into practice. So they are looking to the right and looking to the left, not sure of themselves.

And again, there was this commonality to “stay in our lane” in regards to the Institute of Functional Medicine, to make the institution itself stronger. But they did not really provide a way for us to be our individual selves. And to me that is an injustice, when we do not have the opportunity to think outside the box. Innovation doesn’t happen. Innovation starts with you and me.

Let Frustration Lead to Innovation

It starts with the frustrations. My frustration in the education and medical systems is what really encouraged me to tie all my knowledge in psychology, nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, yoga, pilates, energy medicine, eastern philosophies, and ayurveda together to create an experience to equip you to be able to stand in your power and stand for something.

Every educational system focuses on the theoretical subject of study, rather than the real-life human experience of truly empowering individuals to heal. As I was living through very serious autoimmune flares, specifically Lupus flares, I desperately need the latter as a patient. A truly integrative approach created through Functional Yoga Medicine. And it’s what I’ve used and applied in my own life as an autoimmune patient, struggling with it every day.

So after 31 years of didactic training in the fields of psychology, nutrition, physical medicine, and all things that came post-doctorate, I created the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program to finally solve the broken medical puzzle. So what exactly is Functional Yoga Medicine? Well Functional Yoga Medicine aims to tie together four essential elements of health and wellness.

Element #1: Timeless Wisdom

We start with timeless wisdom, which includes Yoga Teacher Training, energy medicine, and meditation. We all know that these are beneficial, but how do we apply them? And then how do we teach in a way that empowers our patients to utilize this timeless wisdom piece? This is what we teach in the FYMCP.

Element #2: Transformational Psychology

The second element of the Alkaline Methodology that we teach in the FYMCP is all about transformational psychology, both at the subconscious level and conscious level. It’s the coaching tools that you need to take your clients from disempowerment victims to Self Empowered Healers.

In order to step into the role of being a Powerful Health Mentor, you must have this transformation too.

Element #3: Modernized Functional Medicine

And the third element of the Alkaline Methodology in the context of Functional Yoga Medicine is modernized functional medicine. And this is where most of the practitioners spend their time learning understanding the modernized, integrative functional medicine approach, instead of getting lost in all the complexities of nutrition, biology, and biochemistry, all things. I simplify it down to three essential systems.

The first one being the stress-brain connection, which I called the HPA axis. This involves the hypopituitary-adrenal axis, and how it impacts the thyroid and the hormones. This connection has an impact on the endocrinological symptoms to really help us to self-regulate our autonomic nervous system. Ultimately this connection triggers our bodies to create health or perpetuate disease, so it’s important that you can understand how to shift your patients towards healing.

The second system that we really go deep into is the enteric nervous system, or the gut-brain connection, to understand the nutritional implications, the supplements, the testing, the gut permeability and how it affects your epigenomics, your health, longevity, and wellness.

Empowering Those You Serve

Finally, the third component is the immune-brain complex.

That’s where our immune system is on overdrive to create inflammation. Aging itself is inflammatory and we want to make sure that you understand how that all comes together in the modernized functional medicine piece to know exactly what testing, supplements, and dietary interventions you should provide for your patients. But at the end of the day, what you’re doing is empowering your patients.

Empowering them to have this mind-body connection and really listen to the sensory input that their bodies are sending. And we equip our patients to know exactly what it feels like to pay attention to and be connecting to their bodies, not relying on anybody else outside of themselves to figure out what’s going on on the inside. So we emphasize a lot that healing is an inside job. It’s all about empowerment. And your role as a practitioner is really being a Powerful Health Mentor.

Element #4: Business Mastery

Your shift is all about the transformation from disempowered powerless technician to Powerful Health Mentor. The last element of the Alkaline Methodology is business mastery. Because a lot of the time we don’t learn how to be an entrepreneur. We don’t learn business investments and how to manage our money. And we don’t even learn how to have a good, healthy relationship with our finances. We cross our fingers and hope for the best.

When we graduate with a certain professional degree, we know what the average median salary might be. We try to look for jobs that pay that. And then we continue working, doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out. Pretty much the same thing until you retire. But I don’t have that luxury. I’m always in the business of innovation. And just because we’ve always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I don’t accept the status quo.

I’m always challenging the status quo to figure out a better way to do things. And in the business mastery portion of the FYMCP, you’ll learn how to scale a business, marketing, and systems and processes. You’ll get your messaging right for your target audience, and make sure that you equate your value with the service you provide, so that you can get paid to do what you love.

For many health and wellness practitioners, we lack the street smarts to really manage our money and our businesses in a smart way. With that being said, this is Functional Yoga Medicine in a nutshell.

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