While the conventional medical system was regarded as the standard form of care, the efficacy of the system is now being questioned. For many, it seems that the “best” way in healthcare is found as perpetuating disease.

This opens up doors for patients who are seeking holistic practitioners to truly learn to heal their body.

In this blog, I will discuss why the current medical system is failing, and what the new emerging healthcare system must provide in order to help patients truly heal.

Changed Perspective on the Medical System

I used to believe that the conventional medical system offered the best outcome for all individuals.

But today, I feel very different about the conventional medical system and its bureaucratic system that fails to address the patient as a whole being. I feel that it’s the best solution for acute clinical cases. For some cases, emergency medicine where medical intervention is absolutely necessary and time is of essence.

But for chronic inflammatory illness which makes up most of the patient base, you must have a different perspective in order to truly heal from your disease.  

Three Fundamental Flaws to Conventional Medicine

1. Conventional Medicine’s Main Aim is to Address the Symptoms of Disease vs A Cure

First flaw is that conventional medicine’s aim isn’t to cure you. It’s to treat your disease by addressing the symptoms. More specifically, it provides a band-aid approach to the disease by putting you on a medication for a specific symptom. Only to deal with side effects of the medications to address with yet another medication thereby perpetuating your disease.

There’s no win when placed on medications long term as there are irreversible consequences in the body.

Years ago, I had an episode of diverticulitis which caused me to seek the care of a GI doctor. They only gave me antibiotics and recommended me to get a colonoscopy. They did not give me an option to change my diet or take natural remedies to balance my gut. Then, when all was clear with colonoscopy, they discharged me with no follow up.

2. Overly Specialized

Second flaw is that it’s highly specialized.  For every system or organ in the body, there’s a specialist for that. The problem is that one specialist does not necessarily communicate with one another.

For example, during my lupus flare, rheumatologist, nephrologist, and a hematologist were managing me. For some reasons, my TSH was high and when I asked my nephrologist about it, he dismissed it as “not my scope of practice”. He said he only deals with my kidneys. But in the literature, the function of the kidneys are affected by the thyroid which has everything to do with TSH.

When clinical data and the implicated connection between the organs or the system is not considered properly, we may miss the pertinent data points that help to “heal” the patient as opposed to doing “their” part and passing the patient down for another specialist to check their scope of practice. 

Connecting the dots is much more important than looking at the individual organs.

3. Highly Dependent on Third Party Insurance Payors vs Skilled Physicians to Make Clinical Decisions

The third flaw is that clinical decisions are largely dictated by the payers who have absolutely no clinical or medical training. If they refuse to pay, then the services get denied. Also to be seen by the proper specialists, you have to jump through hoops to get the proper authorization to ensure that your services are covered.

When the clinicians are puppets and the non medical professionals get to dictate clinical services, it clearly threatens the overall effectiveness of the medical system.

Be the Change in the Medical System

Being subject to such conditions as a health practitioner, I deeply felt the limitations as a skilled professional.  My services were simply NOT helping my patients.

This is why it’s more important now than ever before for each one of you in the health and wellness sector to step up and put the pieces of the puzzle back together for the new generation of clinicians and patients. 

We are at the forefront of a healthcare revolution where the power is placed back on the patients themselves. When we enable our patients to take full responsibility for their health, something magical happens within them. It becomes the necessary catalyst for their transformation from dependent and powerless patients to independent and powerful healers.  

The Necessary Requirement in Healing

This inner shift is the necessary requirement in healing.  

Scientific research is validating the power of our body and mind to heal. Our brain has the full spectrum pharmacy that our body needs to heal itself. The body is no longer subjected to healing by trained professionals, patients themselves are equipped to heal themselves. As practitioners, our role is to facilitate and mentor this process for them.

How To Be A Successful Practitioner?

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