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Wealth makes a difference in entrepreneurship. By virtue of being in the holistic space, we’ve signed up to become an entrepreneur. However, this identity does not come easily for us clinicians. As over-thinkers and analyzers, we tend to hide behind science and medicine. We think that clinical knowledge and skill are what we should seek.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most healthcare entrepreneurs don’t realize that they are the CEO of their businesses. They operate their business without clarity and focus, and lack the business acumen required to achieve wealth and create a profitable business.

The High Price of Money Shame

Money is the root of all evil – that’s how many people think. However, when asked if they would work for free, they invariably respond with a resounding NO! So why is it so hard for us healthcare practitioners to talk about wealth and money?

After all, careers and businesses are meant to bring income to safeguard our future and to provide for our families. Yet, there’s so much shame in wanting to make money. And it becomes the conversation that most practitioners get uncomfortable around.

Unless you make money and profit, your business will fail. The ultimate goal of serving and helping patients feel better can only be possible when we have profits. If you don’t value money, you might as well keep being an employee.

Most of you want to make money. That’s the truth. However, you are stuck in thinking realistically about just how much money you can make vs what’s possible. 

Most often your career can be frustrating, due to futility and lack of progress and impact. And you still have no idea how to create the career you want.

You end up resorting to the same old, doing what you’ve always done.

Building Wealth Requires an Identity Shift

It’s time to shift your perspective. Question your limiting beliefs about yourself and your career that are holding you back. 

Be honest about wanting to have wealth and be clear about how much. Just as we need a blueprint to start building a house, we also need a clear vision for what we want to accomplish. Even so, we get the training and tend to hide behind our clinical skills and certifications without strategizing business growth.

This is what causes health, wealth, and relationship deterioration. In the long run, it will ultimately keep you in the cycle of pain and suffering with a dead-end career.

I want you to take this opportunity to reflect on your relationship with your money. Many of you took out student loans to pursue additional degrees just to find yourself in a dead-end job.

You know that you’re capable of so much more. However, the system keeps you feeling trapped in ineffective, outdated, and inefficient ways. Ways that seem to only perpetuate marginal benefits to your patients.

This is not a long-term career. You need to know how to shift. Another training or certification is not what you need. You need a simple, practical, common sense, and functional approach to building and scaling your business. While at the same time having fun doing what you do. But I must warn you that your brain will resist at every turn.

What you need is an identity shift from a Powerless Health Technician to a Powerful Health Entrepreneur. Someone who has the financial freedom to not only provide for their loved ones but also safeguard their future.

You need to be a living example of what’s possible, rather than becoming burnt out and overwhelmed.

If you’re ready, I invite you to take a brief quiz to determine what type of health practitioner you are. In this, you can learn exactly what to do to improve your current career circumstances.  

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