While Yoga is a popular “exercise” trend, it’s much more powerful as a healing modality that shifts our patients from sickness to health. It enables patients to become self empowered to move, to eat, and to feel better than ever before. 

Connecting the movement with the breath allows the patient to connect their metabolic engine within them to ignite the stagnant energy that’s been stuck, creating an acidic environment that can be finally unlocked and released to promote optimal metabolism, which ultimately promotes health and wellbeing.

In this blog, Dr. Connie discusses why Yoga can be a Powerful Addition to Patient Care as a preventative modality as well as a treatment for disability for our patients. This can allow practitioners to finally be able to show patients how to heal, versus merely telling them what to do.

What Truly Matters

In our stress prone world today, an increasing number of people are concerned about a less than ideal state of their health.  While health means different things to different people, health has become a priority in our lives today.

But what does a healthy lifestyle look like? What does it mean to be healthy? For most people, a healthy state is the baseline for them.  It isn’t until they become sick or in pain with symptoms that they pay attention to their health.

For some, health means being a certain weight, size, or values on the lab tests.  Some of us are born with healthy genes while others have risk factors that threaten their health.

All such variables can deter one’s health, but the most important element in creating health is our daily lifestyle habits that are either conducive to health or sickness.

A Healthy Lifestyle is Not Enough

We all generally know what healthy behavior looks like.  Exercise, eat healthy, manage stress, etc. But what if a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough?

Some of us have to work extra hard to create health while others have a bit of wiggle room for vices in their lives.

One thing’s for sure, when you become sick and diagnosed with disease, things get much harder to maintain health with just lifestyle alone.  We need aggressive care involving various types of treatment which include medications.  

That’s essentially why we want to avoid getting sick with disease.

The Three Essential Things

Yoga is an excellent preventative practice that allows our mind and body to experience calm, joy, and peace.  

There are Three Essential Things that we as humans need to do well everyday in order to be healthy.  


If we can do the above three things without difficulty, chances are that you have good health. It’s when we don’t do the three things well that we get into trouble.  

9 Essential Health Benefits of Yoga:

1. It optimizes metabolism

Our metabolic function requires healthy oxygen exchange and digestion.  Because Yoga connects the movement with the breath, it allows for healthy lung capacity, respiration, and autonomic nervous system activation by calming the mind and brain.  Certain twists and side bend poses allow for healthy digestion by stimulation of the gut through the movements.  The ascending, transverse, and descending colon can be activated through the twists and breath while the small intestine can be stimulated through the gross movements through the practice.

2. I cultivate mind-body connection

Yoga allows us to focus within as we move slowly with connection to the breath which naturally connects the musculoskeletal system with the central nervous system.  It improves balance, proprioception, and muscle tone, all of which are important health indicators.

3. It calms the mind and strengthens the body

Slow deliberate movements connected to the breath allows for careful joint alignment which then facilitates strengthening of the muscles that cross various joints that require the body to be weight bearing whether on feet or hands.  This also allows for the fine motor strength and activation of the hands and feet as well. 

4. It promotes healthy movements for joint health

All movements are weight bearing whether on hands or feet, and the poses all allow for proper alignment and posture which in turn improves joint stability, flexibility, and strength.  

5. It facilitates brain health

When the body is moving through slowly and deliberately, it improves both the dynamic and static balance of the body which in turn activates and stimulates our brain.

6. It boosts energy

Through the strength and flexibility of the body, specifically the musculoskeletal system, it boosts energy by stimulating the cardiovascular system that allows for efficient energy production and exchange.  

7. It improves mental health

When practicing yoga, through the breath with movement, it tends to boost neurotransmitters that facilitates positive moods, specifically GABA, which enhances sleep, mood, and peace.

8. It fosters a healthy community

Because the practice of yoga raises consciousness, the community it provides is a positive one.  Yogis tend to be compassionate, positive, and lead a healthy lifestyle that is uplifting and life enhancing.  

9. It promotes a healthy diet

When conscious practice of Yoga is a part of life, most people tend to be conscientious of their eating habits.  Most Yogis tend to eat a diet full of plant based macro and micronutrients and drink water for health.

Reasons Why Yoga is a Powerful Antidote

As you can see, Yoga has a ripple effect into other areas of our lives that includes our physiology but also our relationship to everything else around us. It promotes positivity, awareness, and elevated state of being, all of which promote health and wellness. 

This is all the reasons why Yoga is a powerful antidote to disease.

So as a clinician or a practitioner of health and wellness, it’s a powerful way to showcase your expertise by “showing” your patients and clients how to boost their health and vitality with this powerful tool. Adding Yoga to your modalities sets you apart from the rest as the practitioner who exemplifies healthy lifestyle.  

You Have Are Powerful

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