I began practicing Yoga over 30 years ago.  At first, my goal was to make shapes with my body and look a certain way. Today, I love the practice as a way to center and ground myself. Also, to connect my body and mind to be present harmoniously in the moment.

Healthy Balance in YOGA

As cliché as it sounds, that’s what Y-O-G-A does.  It has a way of cultivating mind-body awareness like no other exercise or movement.  This is why it’s an essential pillar of one of the four elements of the Alkaline Method ™.  

In our world today, we are bombarded with so much input and information that keeps us in a trance of “business” and “comparison”.  

The world of social media questions the validity of our own lives. It seeks the “ideal” lives presented beautifully by the “influencers” on social media.  

We are distracted by the input coming from all directions swaying and influencing us in every direction. 

The social media is highly addictive.  It is said to give a dopamine boost every time we check the status on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok.  

The truth is that we live in a world that demands us to pay attention to everything else while denying ourselves.  The practice of Yoga serves us to create a healthy balance in our lives. Yoga helps us to direct our attention to what really matters, our own essence and our own alignment.


When we are connected with ourselves, it allows us to deepen our awareness to the higher consciousness. This awareness enables us to tap into the wisdom that is often inaccessible at the level that we live.

True healing is possible from the inside out vs outside in, only if we elevate our awareness.

We are all seeking in our lives.  Seeking for something more, better, and different.  This creates a need to look outside of ourselves. However, when we seek things outside of ourselves, we miss what’s truly within that needs to be “awakened”.  

What is YOGA?

Within the framework of the Alkaline Method ™ Y-O-G-A is 

Y:  Your 

O:  Opportunity for 

G:  Growth and 

A:  Awareness

Mind-body connection becomes automatic as you connect the breath to your movement as you tap into the sensory system of your body and pay attention to what’s happening within you.

Things start to shift physiologically as your nervous system begins to adapt and flow connected to the breath affecting the autonomic nervous system in a way that we don’t typically in our day to day.

Deep inhalation matched with a deep exhalation allows for full expansion of the ribs that encase the lungs underneath. While locking the bandhas, it allows the flow and stop of the energy letting all nadis and meridian energy in the body to flow. In that way, all the stagnations that may have existed melts away.

As the energy flows through the body, healing is inevitable as the harmony and equanimity is created within the body providing the opportunity for your body to catch up with your mind.

The Power of Body Lock

Breath is something that we don’t pay attention to during our day to day.  But in YOGA, we move with the flow of the breath.  Learning to lock and unlock, active and relaxing through the movements, being aware of the muscles, alignment, breath, and the bandha.

A bandha (Sanskrit: बंध) is a kriyā in Hatha Yoga, being a kind of internal mudra described as a “body lock”. Bandha literally means bond, fetter, or “catching hold of”. There are four main bandhas in the body:

Mula Bandha – the root lock.

Jalandhara Bandha – the throat lock.

Uddiyana Bandha – lifting of the diaphragm lock.

Maha Bandha – all three locks at the same time.

This powerful ability to have “control” over your body enables you to truly expand you to elevate your consciousness in ways no other practice can.

No Limits

This is why we incorporate YOGA as an essential pillar within the Ancient Wisdom Element of the Alkaline Method™.

It is a practice that can meet everyone where they are as opposed to you having to match what the practice requires of you.  Unfortunately, there are many who need Yoga the most mistakenly get “intimidated” by the flexibility or the shapes that are made with the body and take the focus away from the inner self to the outer keeping them trapped in “looking” a certain way or “not fitting into” the idea of who practices yoga.

Common comments like “I’m not flexible enough”, or I’m just not good at Yoga, or body shames keep many people from the practice which is really unfortunate as they need the practice the most.

I believe that every health practitioner can benefit from the practice as well as everyone in the world no matter the age, ethnicity, or gender.

It truly is a healing practice that can strengthen the muscles, improve balance and proprioception, help with digestion, flexibility, stability, mind and body awareness.   The best part is the potential to elevate consciousness and expand beyond the limits of our thinking brain to tap into our true potential and inner power.

Join Us

Who doesn’t need a dose of self love, awareness, and confidence?  The practice on the mat allows us to mirror our lives and be resilient, cultivate confidence, and tap into our inner selves to live our best version of ourselves.

So if you haven’t tried YOGA before or have been intimidated by it, give it a try!

You’ll find that it is truly transformative from the inside out.

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