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Hi, everybody. I’m Dr. Connie. Today I want to talk to you about how to attract wealth in your life.

With healthcare or wellness practitioners, nobody’s really figured out how to make money doing what they love. We expect a paid job or we have a day job. Then we have this thing we do on the outside. Nobody’s really cracked the code.

I can’t tell you how many practitioners that I meet that have gotten different certifications and different things. They know that these revenue generations are possible and happening in those who are not even licensed. They’re making a killing on the online space and they haven’t really cracked the code. It is because of the over-thinking tendencies that your analytical minds tend to engage in.

You don’t take action. You talk yourself out of doing the very thing that’s going to get you to the next level. This is because there is a subconscious need to be approved. We’re waiting to be selected, waiting to be chosen. and waiting for permission. Now is the time. You have to speak up and you have to be really honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t.

Attract Wealth By Creating Leverage

You have to be really honest about why you do what you do. Most of us are in careers, and why do we work? We want a paycheck in exchange. It’s okay if we’re getting paid for that. But many of you shy away from putting a price tag on the value that you provide on this other thing.

Everybody’s thinking about the scope of practice. I see this a lot in medical practitioners who are licensed practitioners or professionals. You are used to taking insurance premiums within the bounds of insurance payers. As long as they’re paying and the patient’s not paying, you are okay with collecting it. But did you guys know yoga teachers and yoga studios are charging 119 to 149 a month.

We have a capacity to service the people. Scalability, it’s leveraging your time. So you’re never exchanging your dollar for hour because gone are the days where we have to be in front of a patient. You have to touch them like in physical therapy and manual therapy skills. We have to do one-on-one and it has to be the physical therapist providing service, otherwise medicare.

It’s About How to Attract the Right People

The third party payers will slap the wrist and say, that’s all wrong. And we might have liability issues to deal with such as not the case. We can have revenue generating systems, but what gets in your way is that you’re not attractive. Think of wealth in your life simply because you lock yourself in and you limit your potential, your earning potential because you shy away from the thing. I want you to think about what I struggled with for a long time. Because I have these degrees, I have these licenses and I know what I can get paid for through third-party paying systems.

That’s all I’ve known to go outside of that realm and to do this thing like charging yoga membership, doing transformational programs, doing functional yoga medicine, certification programs and charging big dollars for these things. I used to think that that was a no-go, but that’s really what’s missing in our culture. What’s missing in our industry is somebody stepping up to do differently, to dare and be courageous enough to do the work that matters. The work that really actually impacts people. So as long as you provide value and you start thinking differently about attracting wealth in your life, that’s what’s required.

Develop A Money Consciousness

It requires you to have a mental shift in the way you have a relationship with your money. Many of you are conditioned to think that money is something hard, or you have stories around money or money’s never enough. You have a capped amount of what you can make because of the degree that you have, or the license that you hold. There was a median salary range.

And outside of that, you can’t even fathom the students that I train. They have many different certifications. They have not figured out a way to truly integrate what they do to stand for something and then put a title to exactly what they do. This is called the messaging. It’s called you creating a tribe where they seek you, because people are really desperate. Your clients are out there looking for services that you provide. But if you’re not courageous to go out there and really help people and help people as a business owner, guess what money begets money.

You need to make money to scale the business. I have a team of people and they need to grow. They need to make money. I need to make their lives a success because there’s an exchange for the value that they provide. Everything requires an exchange. And this is something I want you guys to reframe the way you think about your wealth, because money is really consciousness.

Expand Your Business

This is really what I’m learning from my business coach right now. Once I figured this out, my income levels have skyrocketed in this way. I have a way to scale in a way and it doesn’t require me to really work hard. But I realized for a long time, I was stuck in that paradigm, a model by which I worked in my life. And I kept myself.

I kept limiting myself cause that’s all I ever knew. To be very courageous doing the things that all my tribe of people are not doing. So stepping outside of the zone of comfort as a practitioner of doing my trade was really scary in the beginning. I had to crack the code and I realized, this is working over here in the membership model. And then instead of doing the thing where I ask the patient to come in, one-off visit, I can do a year long program on my turns.

I had to then create a message to my clients through podcasts like this. But I stand for what I believe. And you guys are really clear about why I do what I do. This is far more than just me trying to sell a program. That’s part of it. But I also understand that not everybody’s the right fit for the program, but I still am providing you with the value. And that is my Dharma is for you guys to see things differently in this way. And it does require me to be courageous. Sometimes it does subject me to a lot of opinions and judgments and what have you. And there’s been a lot of comments coming my way.

Scale Up The Process

I believe I’m helping those of you whom I can help. And that’s all I care about. At least I’m doing things and I’m doing the work that matters because I believe my life is really short. And I do attract a lot of wealth into my life. I’m very abundant and I believe that’s what yoga is. It’s your opportunity for growth and abundance. It’s all in the way you think about your finances.

So remember you’ve been very much indoctrinated and you’ve been capped. Doing whatever Joe does in your industry, doesn’t really get you in either anywhere, but many of you don’t even pay lip service to the fact that you are ambitious as if we’re not even able to talk about what we want to create. And let me tell you, if you don’t get paid for what you do, you can’t do it for very long.

You can’t make an impact. So if you really want to serve the world and make an impact, make the change that you want to see in this world, you’ve got to attract wealth into your life. Not means you have to have a smart business, acumen learns all the things that you need to learn to make your business a success. There’s no shame in that. In fact, that’s a smart business person and that’s what you really need to focus on because energy flows where your attention goes.

Do Not Fear Rejection

If you’re constantly telling yourself I can’t, you’re always going to be limited to that jail cell. That’s your creation, but you can also step out of your comfort zone and start to create things by providing value to the clients that are desperate for your lead.

And there are clients waiting for you to step up and really speak your mind and be authentically you and be courageous in really carving out your message to your people so that you can run your business on your terms, attracting those that are attracted to you. Never mind the naysayers. They’re not meant to be your customers and you have to be okay with that. You have to be okay with rejection, but guess what many of us fear rejection, abandonment, fear, success. Just as much as failure.

You guys fear what you don’t know right. Success is, is on the other side of the unknown. So you have to lean in. You have to step forward and you have to get going and try things differently to achieve wealth. It’s all to do with your confidence in yourself. How much do you regard yourself How much can you invest in yourself to make this work

Be A Successful Risk Taker

How much are you willing to risk? Because if you’re not willing to risk anything, you’ll forever be an employee doing the job. There is nothing wrong with that, but then it does require human being human experience. It does require growth and evolution, both mentally and emotionally. But I want you guys to seek the work that matters to you. Do things that make an impact in the lives that you serve. Commit to yourself, commit to your work, and really that’s available to you. The moment you change the way you look at your wealth, then that’s what you’re going to attract. I talk a lot about these things because really functional yoga medicine is all about integrating all the missing pieces of the puzzle.

It’s the fragmented puzzle. We think health is different and our business is different. Our relationship is different. We need all three pillars to make us whole. It’s the whole experience. The courier by which you do, it’s your identity. It’s the identity that you hold and part of the work that I do for my autoimmune patients. This is the work that I do in my functional yoga medicine certification program. It’s different because it’s the integration coaching that is missing in our industry. It keeps us so small bound by the limits of our scope of practices.

Have The Courage

Whatever your holistic medicine background may be no longer are the titles important. When you come into functional yoga medicine and commit to a new way of looking at the world, then you learn to cultivate courage within yourself. And confidence you learn is something that you grow and cultivate through commitment to yourself through really, really stepping up and really cultivating that courage that’s necessary, gaining the capability so that you can stand in your own confidence and knowing exactly why you do what you do, how you do, what you do, knowing fully well.

On the other side, you’re making an impact in their lives and wealth, through the work that you do. You stand fully committed to the growth of yourself and evolution of human beings. That’s what this is all about. It’s not about your title. It’s not about your scope of practice and staying in your lane. That’ll only get you incremental growth in order for you to really step up and make change in this world. In our holistic space, you have to do work that truly integrates all things together.

All the fragments we have to pull together once. And for all, you can either come join me in my program, but you can also watch me or listen to me in my podcast, where we have elevated conversations around how fragmented pieces of the puzzle come together to make the whole experience whole again, once you have that, it requires all the things to come together.

Create Health And Wealth

Truly then, you have all the faculties of human experience coming together in a whole cohesive unit to make it whole so that you have the most amazing relationship with yourself. That you can have the best relationship with your wealth, health, and other people. That’s what this work is all about. You learn how to do that, sharing that experience with your clients in that way and be their guide and step up and be courageous. Thank you so much for joining me. I really want to invite you to go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel or my podcast called functional yoga medicine.

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Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you guys all next Tuesday. Bye for now.