Hey, everybody! Here’s another blog for Functional Yoga Medicine which is the highest elevated experience and education that we provide to any wellness and health oriented practitioners. Also, to holistic practitioners who really want to cultivate their own healing journey and share that with their patients. This week’s blog is all about Why You Need This Essential Skill to Improve Patient Compliance.

All of these are learned through the vehicle of empowering them to have sustainable lives. Wherein, we demonstrate as practitioners, as opposed to just talking about health and wellness. 

The Alkaline Methodology

We exactly show how that can be done using our successful framework, which I call the Alkaline Methodology. Together with its four essential elements to help you elevate your practice to a whole new level. We don’t just talk about integration. We really do integrate the practices with the four elements; the transformational coaching with the modern medicine and holistic medicine piece.

The ancient medicine or ancient wisdom piece incorporates energy medicine, as well as yoga. Finally, we also incorporate business mastery so that you can really leverage all the knowledge that you have and become masters of your own business. In that way, you can live a life and a career on your terms by making an impact in the lives that you serve in the most profound way. 

I just want to emphasize that most practitioners or coaches, consider knowledge to be only knowledge. They consider it to be so important because we are so busy getting this certification. While knowing that thing, they chasing after all the knowledge we can put our efforts into to help our patients.

Knowledge Is Only As Good As Your Coaching Skill

I had tons of knowledge in biochemistry, macronutrients, phytonutrients and all the pathological things. While, I was able to coach my patients to be self-empowered to do the things that they need to do. For instance, follow a specific diet if you’re diabetic or somebody with nephrotic syndrome. To somebody who has heart disease, they need to follow a heart healthy diet as well as to exercise. 

It really requires them to show up for themselves and to do things because they only have an hour with me in a week’s time. But we all as practitioners or dieticians, are rolling our eyes because that patient is not compliant. They’ll give us empty knots, yet in agreement when we’re in our consultation. But once they go home, there are fluctuations in blood glucose levels, as well as cholesterol levels, if they have a heart condition or kidney diets that are out the window. 

The key essential skill is your coaching ability to allow the patients and get them from point A to point B and change their perspective to believe in themselves enough to show up and comply with whatever you are recommending. 

That’s a key thing because as a dietician, I treated tons of diabetic patients, heart disease patients, but patients really don’t comply simply because they’re overwhelmed; they’re confused, and once they go home, there’s a lot more confounding variables in their lives. They have spouses to consider and they have kids to look after too. They have activities, outings, birthdays, anniversaries and they have lives that they have to show up for.

You Should Have “That” Skill

Then, all the things that we teach them go out the door because they’re not able to understand the importance of it. They’re not able to really buckle down in their identity. Also, to know its importance by how they need to show up in their lives for themselves. They are also not able to fix their perception and their identity at the core level. 

Those kinds of patients don’t know exactly how to do that. Hence, it’s up to you to improve their tolerance and compliance because there are a lot of health coaches out there. Unless you have the coaching ability, you’ll never elicit a response or a long-term sustainable compliance from your patients. 

Transformational Psychology

It’s really frustrating for us practitioners to do our part in order to dimensionally share the knowledge. But we didn’t provide them with the coaching ability to get them from point A to point B in physical therapy.

The same thing, whether it be low back pain or autoimmune condition, that’s eliciting a full body pain cycle or a post-surgery in the shoulders, hips and knees. 

It’s important for them to comply but it’s also important that you learn the coaching ability. And that’s exactly what we teach in transformational psychology. We teach how to understand the coaching skills that you need to elicit a response in the patients.

This Is How I Do It

It’s by a lot of counterexamples and a lot of sleight of mouth, techniques and patterns that you can address. 

I teach my patients by challenging their inner beliefs about why they can’t or why they can. Usually, it’s all about why they can’t do the theme that you’re asking them to do. They’ll give you tons of excuses and you can really nip that in the bud by asking the right coaching questions. That is to elicit profound breakthrough moments in the lives of the patients. 

A lot of the times when patients are sick, they go to the doctor. They take the meds and adopt a healthier diet. These are all common sense things for us practitioners. But the patients don’t comply so they end up sicker and sicker, and it’s a progression for them.

Break The Cycle

While the medical system is really good for acute illnesses and emergency issues, it’s really stellar for that. But for chronic issues that patients have to live with, it really does feel the patients because it’s not a sustainable long-term solution to a chronic issue. Since the medical system relies heavily on the management with medications and sometimes lacks the self-empowerment for the patients. 

Therefore, the ultimate goal for the patient is to be able to have all the tools that they need to feel better. These are possible by adopting a healthier diet. Not just by knowing, but also really getting in tune with their own bodies. As a practitioner, it can be by teaching them breathing techniques, like breathing in for five seconds. Or some yoga techniques to feel and get rid of their pains. Also, by coaching them through why it’s important and addressing their core beliefs. 

That’s why they lack the self-love and self-respect because of the old wounds that they constantly hold on to. 

Now, it’s your job to break them out of that cycle so they can be present in their lives. For them to do all the things and to help themselves keep going forward. 

The Skill To Cultivate A Brand New Future

These are all the things that we need to consider. Look at the patient as a whole and practically show them what they can do to pull out of the negative beliefs that they hold.

A lot of the time, they’re stuck in the past of who they are that they bring that past to the present. Even when the present is nothing like the past, and they have the ability to really cultivate a brand new future. They get stuck in the past of their limiting beliefs. Their identities bring it to the forefront of their current lives and only project what they know from the past to project it onto the future, manifesting exactly the past and projecting all of that. 

Unless they take responsibility for themselves of how they’re doing it, they will never adapt to a healthy diet and take the medications short-term. As well as to show up on the yoga mat long enough to really produce the results because they will always overthink their way back into the habitual cycle of these negative thought patterns playing over and over and over again.

Their Identity And How Its Aligned To What They Manifest

So again, it’s nothing big. It’s really asking the right coaching questions to address the awareness of their limiting beliefs and identity that they hold. Chances are, the identity that they hold is in alignment. Let’s say if they think they’re a broken, autoimmune patient, that’s their identity. Then, they’re going to be aligned.

Whatever that they do every day is going to be aligned with their identity. Then, their core beliefs are going to be validating everything that they hold as their identity, which is a pro-con autoimmune patient.

From that place, they’re going to be projecting that out into their lives. That’s what they’re manifesting. 

Don’t Allow Yourself To Limit The Skill You Have

In Alkaline Methodology, there are six pillars with two elements. Each element has the three pillars in the first and second element. It’s a framework by which we work through to learn the coaching aspects and pull them out of their negative cycle into the positive one. In order for them to play a powerful role so they can project a brand new potential future that awaits them.

That particular role that can have unlimited ability to grow, evolve and heal. Most importantly, it takes them from dependency to independence, from disempowerment to empowerment.

We, as practitioners, can explain and educate what we know all day long. But unless we elicit an inner shift in them, we will always be limited in our ability to make an impact in the lives that we serve. 

Know More

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Thank you so much for reading this blog! I’ll see you all again next week for a new one.