Hey everyone! Our topic of this week’s blog is “Why your career is doomed for failure”.

But before anything else, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect and be thankful for all the lessons and this year was no different. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you, my team, my family, friends, and the opportunity to serve. It reminded me of what privilege I have for the things I am able to do. 

My Career Journey

Today I want to be fully transparent and share with you my personal journey in the education system and navigating clinical practice with understanding the business aspect of my practice.

There was a steep learning curve, one that in retrospect could have been so much smoother and easier vs trying to learn my way through the strategies with so much frustration and wasted time.

I am an immigrant, I’m what you’d consider a 1.5 generation American.  My parents were the first generation. The 1.5 generation is reserved for those of us who arrived in the states in our adolescent or teenage years.

I was conditioned at an early age to be respectful of elderly and authority.  Put your head down, work super hard and educate yourself to be the best you can be.

Living Through Other People’s Beliefs

Knowing I had many obstacles, I followed the expectations believing that it was the only way to success.  So I did and applied myself 110% to my studies, working a part time job, and doing everything to please my parents.

When applying for nutrition and physical therapy programs, I had no consideration for why I kept my aspirations lower.  I could’ve just as easily decided to go to medical school but in truth, it was my mom who said physical therapy and nutrition as a career will be so much easier to work and raise a family.

We had a family friend who was a physical therapist in the late 80’s into the 90’s. They were doing so well financially in private practice.   The laws soon changed after that and the system buckled down from over billing practices that many of the practices were engaging in.

This was true all across the medical system. It changed the financial incentive for those who wanted to be medical doctors.

When Vision Turned into Frustration

Because I had many friends in medical school, many were there for prestige, reputation, and achievement.  Their main drive was success. I, too, believed that being a “doctor” was something that was worth the years of trouble.

But once I got into my studies, and was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I fell into the mercy of the medical system that failed me in more ways than one.

For one thing, my belief and trust in the system shattered when I learned that the doctors really had no concrete answers to my health issues other than toxic meds they were throwing at me as a “trial” by “trial” basis explaining to me that the benefits outweigh the risks.  

That was a hard pill to swallow for me as a young woman in her 20’s in her prime. It’s frustrating to be told not only that it’s a life threatening disease but that I would have to avoid sun for the rest of my life and live a life of limitations with maybe 10 years to live.

Frustrations Grew Into Realizations

I sought our alternative healing, specifically the TCM and my serology did improve.  I shifted my diet from being vegan to eating meat based on the recommendations by my TCM doc and in truth those actions did get me the health I needed to marry and start a family.

Feeling better and married, I began my career only to find grueling 10 hour shifts that kept me super busy with all things NOT related to patient care.  I was spending more time on documentation and billing than I was actually “treating” patients. 

This was when I realized the “system” itself was doomed for failure.  Every single colleague of mine had no choice but to put their nose to the grind and do the same ineffective thing day after day.

No impact, rinse and repeat for a paycheck.

Finding Out Your Career Drive

This is what I mean when I say your career is doomed for failure.  Think about why you got into your current career.  Didn’t you have big aspirations and dreams of helping to make the world a better place?  While exchanging time for money is something we are all “expected” to do, it’s not something we dream of doing.

We all long for something more meaningful.

So I began to zig when everyone was zagging and incorporated my diverse background of Psychology, Nutrition, and Physical Therapy. 

Going Left When Everyone is Going Right

Nobody told me the exact path because it didn’t exist. We were expected to pave the specialty path and limit our focus to our scope of practice.  

I was shunned and deterred from exploring integration from my colleagues and constantly being told to stay in my scope of practice.

It was as if nobody wanted to solve the problem. Nobody wanted to seek a true solution for the fear of disrupting the industry.

The Change We’ve Been Looking For

Fast forward to today, disrupted industries are all around.  Increasing number of practitioners and holistic clinicians are looking for alternative options to practice better medicine with the intention to truly HEAL their patients.

I recently decided to let go of my career as a Physical Therapist.  It was the highest degree (doctoral degree) that I received. I was married to this career because of financial matters and my sacrifices. But I no longer can practice within the system that perpetuates marginal results and is quickly becoming a commodity.

The thing with commoditization is that everyone including the practitioners and the patients “expect” certain things and never bother to ask the important question.

Is there a better way? Can we improve the way we practice to get better results?

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Ways

I believe that the future of our career depends on our ability to “integrate” all essential elements together to solve the puzzle.

Say no to the fragmented pieces of the puzzle and defend our piece.  It’s time to pull it all together and make it whole once and for all.  

Maybe you’ve been in a field and feeling “stuck”, but it’s never too late to change your ways. Maybe you are afraid that of all your time, effort, and money invested will be wasted when you shift your ways, but it won’t.

It’s important today more than ever before to stand for what you believe and BE the change you want to see in your industry.

Paving a New Path Forward

Systems are failing us and it’s time to ask better questions to come up with better solutions that will have us moving forward to make generations of change to improve the quality of life for future generations.

Old, outdated model of the world does not provide any value in our fast paced world.  We must see how fast we are moving toward change and disruption. I ‘d hate to see you be left behind.

Time is now my friends, stop accepting the status quo of where you are and deafening the limitations of your industry.  It’s time to shake things up and pave a new path forward to improve humanity.

That’s really why you are listening to me right now, that’s your calling.

I’ll be hosting a brand new FREE training in a few months where I’ll share all the tools and strategies to shake things up to stand in your power to make your career a success.

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Thanks for reading and let’s be the part of the solution in 2022, not perpetuate the problem staying stuck.