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As an immigrant Asian American, I grew up believing that education was my token to success.  My parents were wealthy in Korea. But as life happened, certain events forced my father to look at alternative options to seek new opportunities in the US.

My Early Days As An Eye-Opener

I was 11 years old when we immigrated to the United States.  As a young girl in a new country without the ability to speak the English language, I remember the shame of not being able to fit in. 

Fresh off the boat (FOB) was a term that they used to make fun of us immigrants who didn’t speak the language. This was the start to my “not good enough” syndrome that would allow me to be competitive. It was also the start of my struggle with self worth issues. This caused me to do everything I can to “fit in” and belong in a culture that was not very welcoming in the beginning.

Middle school was not very kind to me. I always felt like I needed to mask my lack of communication and understanding.  

Higher Education Equals Respect and Success, or is it?

I learned quite fast. And because my parents were forced into entrepreneurship, I witnessed their hard work and their indoctrination. I witnessed that in order to succeed in life, I would need higher level education. Respect was what my mom focused on and she kept telling me to earn respect by studying hard and accomplishing more.

So I adapted this viewpoint without fully  understanding what I wanted for myself.  I put my nose to the books and “forced” myself to study when my friends would be partying because I’ve got so much to catch up on.

My Confidence in School System

During high school, I was a delinquent mainly because my parents were never around and I managed to find a circle of friends who were troubled.  But by the time I reached Junior year in high school, I realized some things needed to change.  So as a late bloomer, I applied myself to my studies feeling like I had to play catch up.

I never looked back as I got my bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Nutrition, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

During school, I never questioned the curriculum, I trusted and believed that everything that I learned was relevant and would help me through my success ladder.  When I graduated and began my real world experience in the workforce, I quickly learned how my education failed me in many aspects.

Did it provide me with a license?  Yes.  Did it provide me with credibility?  Yes.  Did it provide me with the tools to make an impact?  NO.

Our Education Limits Us

I needed to play within the healthcare system that was so limiting.  I had background and understanding in three distinct areas of study, Psychology, Nutrition, and Physical Medicine. But even though I do, I still needed to “compartmentalize” my knowledge within the system for coding and billing purposes which prevented me from expanding outside of my “scope” of practice dictated by my license.  

There were many upside down “ways” that lacked innovation and progression. I’ve seen them. But, many smart doctors and practitioners would choose to follow the “rules” than figure out a better way to make an impact.

Key was in integration.  Each discipline I studied provided me with the frame of reference that would improve my ability to help my patients. But because the health system was so specialized and compartmentalized, we were forced to stay in our lanes. We were never able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make common sense solutions that actually help patients make progress.

We were told to hold onto the pieces of the puzzle and defend the piece, rather than solve the puzzle.  

See how backwards this is?

Taking the Courage

All my life and especially within my education, I’ve always felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I would learn one subject area but when I realize it wasn’t the whole of it, I would need to learn another discipline to understand how things work.  

But heavily indoctrinated into the educational model, I tried my best for two decades to figure out how I can know more to break the rules which leads me to today. The Alkaline Method Academy was founded to provide the ultimate training solution for practitioners. This was made for them to be able to integrate the parts and pieces of the puzzle together to finally make sense of the big puzzle that hasn’t been solved for centuries.

Dogmatic understanding of each discipline and over-specialization has created a system that is ineffective and inefficient. Many practitioners are “feeling” this tension.  The tension between what they truly believe vs what they are trained to do.

The Change We All Want to See

Time is of essence to step up and stand for what you believe to deliver the best healthcare in the world. I believe that healthcare is all about integrating all fragmented pieces together to empower you as the practitioner and the patient to become self empowered healers. 

That’s the change we want to make in the world.  A world where sickness and suffering doesn’t exit. A world where we provide true power to each and every individual with a specific framework to tie the mindfulness, coaching, functional-holistic medicine, nutrition, and ancient wisdom practices to bring the full spectrum of healing tools in a way where each one of us can use to step into our power and live out our healthiest lives from the inside and out.

As many of you know, I struggled with an autoimmune condition and tried every holistic and conventional treatment with marginal results.  I know now that it’s not about the dogmatic points of views touting a special “diet” or “holistic” approach, or certain “movements”, or any supplements.

Whether you subscribe to  autoimmune paleo or plant based diets, functional medicine vs integrative medicine, yoga or pilates, meditation or hypnosis, until you as the BEING can heal your complete ecological system that include your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, you can achieve the results that you are seeking.

The Alkaline Method ™

I created the Alkaline Method ™, which is a unique solution to provide practitioners with the tools to treat effectively and efficiently as well as to provide self empowerment tools to finally take control over their health to fully heal from the inside out.

This method brings you back to who you truly are and allows you to live your live cultivating self love, self respect, and self regard to live your best life possible.  

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