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Hey everybody. It’s Dr. Connie here for Functional Yoga Medicine. Just to tell you a little bit about the vision changes that I’ve recently had. We are thinking about moving away from the Functional Yoga Medicine Certified Practitioner Program (FYMCP) to the Alkaline Method Certified Practitioner. 

The Alkaline Method™ is a unique methodology. It’s a proprietary and integrative methodology that all healthcare practitioners can use to integrate all the principles of transformation and transformational coaching. As well as modern medicine, business mastery, and ancient wisdom which includes yoga.

Change Starts With Yourself

Think differently about your career, leverage technology, and boost your confidence. Be a part of the bigger movement, and focus on becoming the change in the industry.

I’m hoping I can enlist you because we want to make generations of change. Not just talk or complain about it, but make generational changes in healthcare. We need to empower one practitioner and one patient at a time. The Alkaline Method™ is all about the premise that healing is an inside job. And you are the secret ingredient in your healing. 

Commit to Your Inner Calling

You as a practitioner must understand the spiritual aspects of the healing journey. Respect your patients, and look at them as whole beings, not just break them up into body parts. Not just break them into different disciplines like nutrition, functional medicine, yoga, physical therapy, whatever your specialty might be that no longer serves you. Plus, if you can think and expand about your career, these days with the invention and the progression of technology, you can just about have clients all over the world through zoom calls and then have your own podcast speaking about exactly what you want to talk about and get clear about what you stand for.

I really want to say that growth is absolutely necessary for evolution and spiritual growth. You need commitment to your higher calling for you to make changes. I’ve done both. I’ve been very systematic, very strategic, and working at a 3D level of what I see as evidence-based.

I thought of pushing the gas pedal a little bit more and learning all about the business. I thought about many things I knew, but the key ingredient in your career’s success is your focus, clarity, and alignment with who you truly are on the inside. I’m not talking about who you think you are conditioned to believe. Because a lot of preferences, religions, and beliefs that you hold in the stories are conditioned. We’ve been indoctrinated by our caregivers to begin with.

We got really good at following directions. And after all, that’s what the school system does. The educational system is for the industrial revolution. It wanted to make technicians out of us all. 

Follow directions, stay in the line, and do as you’re told. As opposed to creating, expanding, and stepping into your power. Elicit your own intellect to go deep within for self-evolution, exploration, and growth that is absolutely necessary for you to make work and art that impacts lives in a real way.

It’s not something that you can gain from a degree, a title, a certification, a book, or any of the didactic training. It’s gained by you going into silence and committing to spiritual growth to make sure that you’re fully aligned with who you truly are from the inside and out. Because the importance of your career or your business depends on your self-evolution and growth.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It was out of frustration why the Functional Yoga Medicine Program started. Knowing all the mishaps in the medical system and all the broken pieces that didn’t make sense. Yet all the practitioners still do things just exactly how they are. As always, even though they proved to be inefficient, they just keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

But Einstein said it best, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So it requires you and me to step out of our comfort zones and take a closer look at what the brokenness of the system is. Some of you harbor this insecurity and this inner knowing. While some of you are very vocal and complain about it, but are not doing anything.

My mission in life is to make generational changes in our so-called sick care system into a self-empowered healing system. In order for us to elicit a deeper change, we can start by empowering each and every one of you practitioners and patients. We will provide solutions to make your patients whole again. That is holistic medicine.

End the Sick Care System

Enough of the jargon, the knowledge, the confusion, and the need to chase after the information to boost our confidence. When really, if you think about it, we’re here to help heal as many people as possible. I know that you realize this too in your standard of care. As a healthcare practitioner, you know your limits within the system. For most of us, it’s dictated by what the insurance payers will pay for.

That’s what we tend to do. If it’s outside of that, we don’t dare talk to patients about it. You and I are here to get paid within the system that is already failing because it’s the big giants like the third-party pain system. 

The pharmaceutical companies perpetuate sickness. Our healthcare today is all about sick care. There’s so much we don’t know. If you think evidence-based is where it’s at, you couldn’t be wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong because as a patient for over 21 years with auto-immunity, there’s a lot of things that the doctors couldn’t answer. But the solution that they gave in blind faith to the evidence and science and to protect their liability is that they were offering me all kinds of toxic medications that they were not held responsible for. All they had were cohort studies and research studies.

Even if there were no long-term benefits or long-term studies to validate, they would sometimes say that the benefits outweigh the risks. And the risks are a lot longer in many of these pharmaceuticals. Yes, I’ve been subjected to many harmful substances in my lifetime. And I don’t know where it is leading because I’ve had such a tough year this year with many things related to COVID. 

I truly believe that it’s hard in ways that helped me to see above and beyond, and gained clarity over exactly what I need to be doing in this world to help as many of you as possible. To make sense out of this madness. Because the truth is, for as long as I’ve been in the holistic integrative and functional space, rubbing shoulders with the best of the best, there isn’t a single practitioner that I would trust my body with. Not because they’re not good, but because that’s only a one-dimensional strategy.

We need all four layers of our transformation from the inside. As somebody who’s been on this self-healing journey, without enlisting the patient as the guide and empowering them to be empowered to heal, nothing that you do would help. Whether it be yoga, physical therapy, yoga therapy, medical sciences, functional medicine, or integrative medicine, none of those things can potentially help your patients. Unless the patient can elicit there and be empowered from within to step into their own power.

In the same way, your career and business growth depend on your commitment to your self-evolution, self-study, and self-exploration. Because chances are, you’re a technician who’s trained really well in the didactic programs with a certain degree and license to cover the liability.

But that really doesn’t tell much to the patients anymore. I’ve had many extensive conversations with my practitioners, various doctors, and super-smart people. The wavelength is so far like they have no clue. All they throw at me is research after research. They don’t have this inner understanding, the knowing, the identity crisis, the trauma work that goes, the thought work, the emotions, and vibrational frequencies. It’s all about thinking outside the box and looking at the elements that make humans whole.

It’s not about what you learned, what you went to school for, and staying in your lane. I commend you for being able to follow directions. But at some point, if you see something wrong with the system and you see the systemic impact that it’s having in your own life, as well as on the people that you care about, it becomes a very personal issue.

Stand for What You Believe In

For me, it’s been a personal issue for over 20 years. That’s why I finally decided to be courageous. To step in, step up, level up, and be courageous enough to stand for what I believe. I’m here to enlist you to become a part of the movement that challenges you for self-growth, self-exploration, elevation, and expansion so that we can heal as many people as possible and end all unnecessary suffering.

I want to remind you, don’t dismiss the inner calling knowing that whatever it is that you’re doing day in and day out is ineffective at best. You know there’s so much more you can be doing. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to know all the steps. You just have to trust and be courageous enough. Enough courage to finally say, “You know what? I want to be part of the bigger change. I want to stand for something. And I want to make generations of changes in the sick care system to improve so that we can heal as many people as possible.”

Make it more meaningful. But more importantly, you can gain financial freedom. We don’t have to fear money. Success isn’t something that is intangible to us. It’s not bad to want to make money as a health practitioner. I expect that, but I also expect to provide enough value for me to grow financially. The more I can grow financially, the more reach that I can have. So I think very differently. It took probably about 16 years for me to learn the lessons I needed to learn. And I’m still learning today.

I’ve enlisted so many powerful business coaches, clinical coaches, as well as didactic education that is sound and very competitive. I learned from the best of the best in all the fields that I mentioned. 

That’s how Alkaline Method™ came to be. Integrating all the things in a way that makes sense for you and me. It’s simple, it’s practical and it’s functional on so many levels. 

Join Us

We can heal one patient, one practitioner, at a time through the methodology that I created. The Alkaline Method™ for practitioners, we do have an outlined method certification program that I run yearly. We are offering a bootcamp starting tonight September 28th at 5:00 PM EST, as well as tomorrow, Wednesday, September 29th at 12:00 PM EST. At the time of this blog, it is September 27th.

But if you are reading this at a later date, there is a link to our podcast and YouTube channel to perhaps watch the replay if it’s within a certain timeframe. Subscribe to our podcast, available on iTunes or Spotify. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram at Dr. Connie Jeon as well as on Facebook

You can also find us on our private Facebook group Functional YOGA Medicine, where I’ll be going live on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 28th and 29th, 5:00 PM and 12:00 PM EST. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Talk to you soon!