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Hello, everyone. Today I’d like to share with you why Your Client’s Identity is the Driving Force Behind the Life They’ve Created. It calls attention back to the foundation when you operate from that point of learned identity, which is the first aspect of the Alkaline Method.

Here’s the thing: as you know, I’ve been a practitioner for over 20 years, working in the physical medicine space as a doctor, a physical therapist, and in the nutritional space as a registered dietician in hospitals, wellness centers, weight loss centers, and all of the above in public health contexts. I’ve experimented with a variety of modalities, including Functional Yoga Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, Pilates and yoga, and everything in between.

How to Heal Yourself and Others

I used to be known as a “jack of all trades, master of none”. It was really my desire to improve my health that drove me to seek answers outside of myself. Having said that, I have a background in psychology, nutrition, and physical therapy, as well as functional medicine, yoga, and traditional Chinese medicine. All of this takes me back to only 25% of the puzzle pieces I needed to put together. Our health-care system, which is failing, is a massive riddle. 

What I refer to as the Alkaline Method™ allows me to finally put all of the missing jigsaw pieces together in a coherent manner in order to try to make sense of something that is so bizarre. I can tell you from personal experience that if you look for answers outside of yourself and expect someone else to mend or heal you, you’re doing it incorrectly.

You’ll never be able to recover. That, I promise you, was the core and fundamental flaw in our healthcare system. Isn’t it a band-aid solution? Only from the inside out can healing take place, and far too many of you remain stuck in this taught identity. And you keep repeating the same circle of sorrow.

How do I know I’m in the same boat as you? It took me a complete ride. It took me 18 years to finally accept the fact that it was my false beliefs about myself, my held identity, that had put me in this cycle of misery and sickness for so long.

Become Empowered Healers

My mission through the work that I do is to encourage these disempowered sick patients to become empowered, healthy rebels. In order for them to reclaim their power from the inside out and take full responsibility for the health they’re generating in their life, knowing that it’s up to them.

It’s up to you to figure out what you’re doing on a daily basis, not realizing that you’re the one who’s contributing to the continuation of your sixth cycle. And if you don’t acknowledge it, you’ll always be looking for something outside of yourself. It’s going to be a long ride for you. It’s going to be a frustrating and costly road.

So the sooner you know that the power and healing powers are within you and that you recognize the operating system by which you run your life, the better. You don’t even know what the foundation is. It’s almost as if you’re sitting in the chair itself, and the chair is the problem with the entire scene. You’re not even aware of it since it’s the most obvious thing. It’s the basis upon which you are supported.

That foundation is completely wrong. I’ve had to do it myself on time. And I learned from thousands of patients that sometimes we have to perform the difficult work of recognizing and becoming aware of what isn’t benefiting us.

It does need us to uproot our roots from where we are now in order to plant the seeds somewhere. Our roots may now have a better base in soil that actually supplies what we need, allowing us to grow all of the wonderful branches, healthy branches, leaves, and flowers that we desire.

Replace the habit with a different one

But as long as you’re stuck in the basic idea and identity that you keep hanging onto and not realizing that it’s the soil that’s killing your tree’s branches and leaves, you’ll always be sick.

You’re the one who has chosen to remain in that situation. The reason I named this a transformative self-feeding journey is because we sometimes need to uproot in order to get to a better place. We don’t even realize that it sometimes takes all of our efforts to get us into a position that will enhance our health and lives. 

I understand that change is difficult, and it comes in many forms. If what we consider to be our identity isn’t serving us, it’s time for us to take a deeper look and gaze in the mirror after all this time. Most of us have a lot of repressed emotions and memories. A lot of guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety drive us in everything that we do to the point where it’s become habituation. This means that habits are those things we do every day, day in and day out, not even acknowledging that we do them at default.

It’s the simplest route. It’s the road of least resistance. Because we’re addicted to agony and unnecessary suffering and hardships, it’s almost as though we’re married to it. That’s all we’ve ever known. To think and uproot and recreate the life we want while eradicating all symptoms appears unimaginable.

Focus on why you want to change

It’s a distinct possibility, but you won’t be able to act on it unless you believe it. I’d like you to consider your brain as a physiological system. The frontal lobes, temporal lobes, and occipital lobes are all present. You have the reptilian brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal glands, and everything else that we can think of. We have the ability to touch, palpate, dissect, and measure. But our thoughts and feelings give us energy. It causes us to vibrate at a different frequency.

In traditional Chinese medicine, they are called the Meridian channels in our bodies. While it’s referred to as Ayurveda in yoga belief systems. It is energy that enables us to truly function physiologically.

Your heart is beating as you are sitting there and reading this blog. I guarantee you’re not asking your heart to beat. We’re not voluntarily telling it to fulfill its function. It just does what it does because we have electrical impulses that exist in our bodies and travel through our brains. That force flow through the vessel, which is our tangible medium, our biological makeup is something that we can measure.

But the ideas and feelings are outside. It’s something that we feel. Our feelings are triggered by our thoughts. And feelings are really significant. Shame, worry, guilt, hatred, and fury are all negative emotions that have a detrimental bodily impact. When we think about something over and over, it produces or stimulates feelings, which subsequently have a physiological influence on our bodies.

Illusory truth effect

This loop is perpetuated by the lack of negative ideas and feelings. Our physiology, the way we were created by nature, is in a state of balance and wellbeing. It’s important to remember that the ability to recognize what you’re thinking and feeling is entirely up to you. It’s what you’ve been taught to do.

As I work with my patients, I’ve discovered that there’s more to why they do what they do, think what they believe, and feel what they feel. It was all based on delusions; not the truth. But it was what they believed at the time.

Those beliefs need to be challenged. The shift in the direction that you want to create better thoughts and feelings so that you can have a better physiological impact. Here’s the thing, your thoughts and feelings trigger your actions or inactions towards what serves you and actions away from what doesn’t serve you.

We crave a tub of ice cream when we’re feeling anxious, angry, or depressed. Something rapidly pleasant is what we crave when we’re stressed to the max.

Only when we’re in a state of well-being do we wish to help serve us. But the problem is that it’s usually those assumptions about yourself that you carry in your core identity and values that are negative. So many of us suffer from self-loathing, self-disregard, and self-disrespect to the point where we consider everyone else to be more important than ourselves. In fact, no one has ever asked you what you believe since you were a child. 

Practice mindfulness

We’ve been brainwashed into believing we know what to do. Even though I am well-educated (I have a doctorate). I was taught how to think and how to act. Complimentary behavior was instilled in me. It’s all about following the rules and regulations in order to act in a certain manner.

It’s a learned behavior. It makes no difference if it is effective. It’s just how things have always been done. And it wasn’t until I started questioning those old, outdated methods that I was able to come up with a new solution. 

To finally bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to make patients whole from a disempowered sick state to an empowered, healthy condition, I created the Alkaline Method™. That’s the path we’d like to go. I know that as a clinician, I won’t be able to achieve that until my patients are on board with whatever I’m doing.

In fact, whatever I believe to be true makes up only 25% of the equation. Be it my dogmatic approaches to my tactical methods of being or doing what I do in functional health, yoga, physical medicine, and nutrition.

So it wasn’t until I was able to take a step back and look at the lack of ego of what I thought I knew that I was able to see it for what it was. I understand the critical relevance of having this human experience. Understanding both the subconscious and conscious mind components of the aspect.

Let go of the all-or-nothing mindset

Then we’ll convert the identity from an undesirable to a desirable condition. Only then will I be able to apply all of my knowledge without resistance to make everything incredibly simple, and everything will become a collective whole. After that, you progress to the fourth element which is timeless wisdom.

To summarize, the first of the four aspects of the Alkaline Method™ that we use in transitioning from a disempowered sick state to an empowered healthy state is to recognize your subconscious identity. That is the aspect of the Alkaline Method’s subconscious mind piece. The conscious mind is the second element. The third element is modern medicine, which includes nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine. The fourth element is timeless wisdom. That is the spiritual development and evolution and the continuum of this cycle needs to be addressed holistically to make you complete.

This is something you must participate in if you want to feel powerful. You must transform into the empowered health rebel that you are and begin to elevate your being so that you can expand your mind to the possibilities and be empowered to live your best life.

That is the kind of revolutionary work that you need. It’s not about a new diet. It’s not about taking another vitamin, adapting to gen herbals, taking a holistic approach, or scheduling another acupuncture treatment. Nothing happens unless an internal shift occurs. That’s exactly what I wanted to emphasize in today’s topic.

I hope you found this to be very informative and that you recognize it as your own. The Alkaline Method™ gives you a path to a self-healing journey. Because no matter how much I know, and no matter how knowledgeable I think I am, I can’t treat you until you start your own personal journey. That transformation can only occur from the inside out. I can only point you in the proper direction; the rest is up to you. It’s at this point that I really want you to join the movement.

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